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Qin Chu saw the abnormal eyes of the big man in black and said faintly, "People who want your life." With that, he walked straight forward.

The big fellow’s face changed, his body retreated, his whip was covered with flesh and blood, and a black snake exploded, and there was a sharp chirp in the air. Whip mercilessly rolled to Qin Chu’s neck.

Chapter 227
Chapter 227
"Get out of here. Qin Chu held out two fingers, with incredible speed, caught the tip of the whip, and then gently pulled it. The big man in black only felt a terrible force coming from the whip, and he didn’t respond. Then he felt a sharp pain on his arm, and then his huge body, like a shell, was thrown out.
The big fellow didn’t say a word, but fell directly on the cliff above his head, shaking for a while, and the whole dungeon seemed to collapse. This sudden change made those who were executing stunned. They have never seen anything like this happen here.
The big fellow didn’t come down. He had already penetrated the stone wall above his head and went to the upper floor. It’s just that his body has become mud once.
"Brothers, someone wants to die, give it to me." I don’t know who shouted, and those men in black who were being executed, grinning and holding the instruments of torture in their hands, gathered around directly.
Qin Chu was just about to make a move when Rheinhas stood up. He respectfully said, "Don’t bother to make a move on such a small matter. Come on, old slave, so as not to stain your clothes."
Qin Chu stopped, nodded, took Beibei’s hand, stood there, and watched Rheinhas go ahead.
Rheinhas went to the front, looked at the men in black who gathered around, twisted his body ridiculously, and then said slowly, "You people, why do you want to work for the Temple of Light? Oh, it’s a pity. I have to explain everything here today. Remember, don’t be a bright dog in the next life. "
Where do those people care about this? Qi Qi rushed up, even Qin Chu and Beibei didn’t let go.
"Don’t mess around, didn’t I say that? If there is anything, forget me and say hello. " Rhine Haas cried, "You don’t listen, but you dare to attack my master, so don’t blame me."
The prisoners looked at Rhine Haas here in surprise and said this as if he were having a cow there. These men in black had already started to do it, but Rhine Haas actually just said this there.
Is it really ignorant and fearless?
But what happened the next moment, but let them see how horrible this middle-aged man who looks a little crazy is.
With the power of the law, even if it falls, the realm will be much stronger than those who practice to the super-nine level. What’s more, at this time, the strength of Rhine Haas has rapidly recovered a lot.
Those who attacked Qin Chu and Beibei were the first to feel something was wrong. They only feel a strong suction coming from their own side, that horrible attraction, but they can’t control their bodies, and then they lean sideways.
"Come here for me." Rhine Haas grimaced, a small ball like a black hole appeared in front of him, and that powerful attraction came from the black hole. Just the attraction of the black hole seems to be only effective for those men in black, while the other prisoners, as well as those for Qin Chu and others, have no effect at all.
Those men in black don’t have the ability to struggle. Even if they are strong, they will only be killed in the face of Rheinhas, the god king who controls the devouring law in the dark power. Those men in black were swallowed directly into the black hole, and there was no sound anymore.
Rhine Haas, what is much faster. But the breathing effort, the men in black who gathered around, were all solved. After all this, Rheinhas clapped his hands as if he had done a trivial thing. And then respectfully returned to Qin Chu’s side, grovelling, full of minions.
Those sane prisoners, when they saw this scene, only felt so incredible and surprised.
How is it possible? How is it possible?
The strength of the men in black here is not extremely superior, but most of them are also at the stage of level 6 and level 7. No matter what, it is impossible to start work with people, and there is no chance to strike back. However, the middle-aged man who claimed to be a slave, but between breaths, killed all these men in black in a ghostly way.
So, what is the identity of these three people? Especially that young man, so young, can have such a skilled slave? What is the identity? Is it the master of Longgu?
"The elder, but you practice dark system achievement method?" At this time, in a corner, there was a cross, and the man who shouted had been nailed to it. His body was thin like a skeleton, but his voice was full of gas and loud.
"Huh?" Qin Chu looked around, and the man was eagerly looking at this side.
"Rheinhas, he is practicing your dark skills." Qin Chu saw through why the man was so excited. "Go and save him."
Rhine Haas quack a smile, he also saw the car-scrapping guy, uniting the dark system of achievement method, you should have perseverance, this guy was nailed to the cross, but still so tenacious, is a stubborn guy. However, I like this guy.
Rhine Haas went over and looked at the special nail nailed to him, which was engraved with complex symbols, and the man nailed to the cross was also covered with symbols, like a forbidden force.
"hmm? There are doorways, this prohibition technique is really good. "Rheinhas couldn’t help but be surprised. This prohibition was drawn here, using the power of this crucified person as a primer, and then suppressing himself. In other words, if the crucified person wants to do something, then this prohibition will also play a corresponding role. As soon as he uses his own strength, he will be immediately pulled out and put into the ban, and then form a repressive force to suppress him.
"Dare not deceive predecessors, this means of prohibition, is the pervert, director of the referee’s office. Ha ha, however, Lao tze is not so easy to be tortured to death "the skeleton, ha ha laugh. This kind of smile is not the smile of ordinary people, which seems to be mixed with the power of the soul.
"Dare to call yourself Lao Tzu in front of me?" Rhine Haas gave that guy a slap, but his eyes flashed with a look of appreciation. This man is very in line with his taste. He would rather die than surrender. He looked at the ban, but he felt a little tricky. He used his own legal power to devour the ban formed by those special forces. On that ban, he suddenly lit up with dazzling light.
"Ah," the skeleton-like man suddenly cried out in pain.
Rhine Haas got a fright. He didn’t expect this ban to be so weird, and his own law power could devour most things, but he didn’t expect it to have any effect on this ban. The power of his own law was about to devour it, and this thing automatically fought back. Rheinhas was worried that if he used brute force, the guy who was crucified would be tortured to death by this ban, so he stopped busy.