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Lima was pulled by Anthony, and her heart was sweet. I didn’t expect to say such a thing as soon as she stopped to Antony. She was humbled for a while and her glasses turned red.

"I asked you, did you call me heart breaker in public?" Anthony night unambiguous straight to the point.
"I … I … am … I …" Lima didn’t expect Anthony to suddenly ask this question and stammer out a complete sentence.
"Need you to answer yes or no" Anthony now wants to solve this matter early.
"Yes", Lima powder boxing is extremely wronged when pinched together.
Anthony’s face flashed with anger when he heard Lima’s answer. "Well, it’s as simple as that. I have just told you that I have a girlfriend, so I don’t want these trivial things to upset her. I hope you won’t say such groundless words in the future."
"You … don’t you forget what happened in the Clippers locker room? You help me file … "Lima a face of sad color.
Anthony looked at Lima and felt that he had gone too far. He said in a low voice, "To be honest, Yana, your conditions are not bad, and you and I just meet once. I know that there may be a strange affection sometimes, but it depends on fate. I already have a girlfriend. Do you understand this …"
Lima shook her head directly at this time. "Girlfriend can be changed!"
"…" Anthony almost forgot that it was in America, but when he reached out and looked at his watch, it was almost the same. He said directly, "I don’t know how to tell you that we didn’t have a fate, so I have to go back early. My girlfriend is still waiting for me. I’m sorry."
Anthony said and turned to leave directly.
"Mei …" Lima looked at Anthony and wanted to say something more. No matter what she found, the sad color in her eyes slowly disappeared and replaced it with a sinister color. She looked at Anthony’s back and said, "Don’t you dare do this to me, I won’t let you go!"
With that, she turned around and left the place to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Double happiness
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Anthony walked back to the car and followed the car to the villa. He didn’t regret talking to Lima at all. When Lima didn’t touch each other, it can be seen from the words that she and Yaliqi were together because of her once-in-a-lifetime relationship, and then she abandoned Yaliqi because of his competition. A woman like this gave birth to a charming appearance, saying that it was a femme fatale for easy virtue.
Back to the villa, Anthony put breakfast on the table floor and was ready to wake Fox.
I pushed the door and saw that Fox was wearing Anthony’s shirt and looking at her graceful figure in the mirror. She heard the movement at the door. She turned and saw Anthony reaching into his chest shirt and touching his sexy lips, spitting out the soft words, "Am I beautiful?"
Fox is wearing an Anthony shirt, with a pair of pink trousers, white and sexy body, and the looming part can’t tell the charm.
Anthony picked her up in his mouth before a brisk pace and said, "Look how I can clean you up!" "
Fox wriggled in Anthony’s arms to make him more eager to move. After throwing Fox to the bed, he jumped after him.
It was another fierce battle until Fox begged Anthony for mercy. Just as he had accumulated his strength and been drawn, he had to feel the charm of Fox, a goblin.
Beautiful figure, delicate face, forward and backward, kitchen, bed and facade. Fox is really a man’s ultimate dream.
After lying in bed for a while, Anthony remembered to call him before Andrews and told him to go to the internet to see something. Looking back, he looked tired and Fox fell asleep again. He got up carefully and went to his brain to fight, then he logged into the League official website.
In a flash, he saw a scrolling headline, and he laughed at it, too. No wonder Andrews wanted him to see it for himself.
Today is Monday in the United States, and it is early December. At this time, there are two striking news items written in the headlines of the League official website.
In the first week of December, the best list of the week was announced. Iverson averaged 35 points and 35 rebounds per game, leading the 76ers to 2 wins and 1 loss, and won the Eastern Conference Best of the Week.
West Cameron? Anthony’s 62% shooting percentage averaged an astonishing 437 points plus 65 rebounds and 43 assists, leading the team to beat the Knicks, Lakers and Jazz three times and beat O ‘Neal Gatsby to win the best Western Conference in one fell swoop.
Anthony also became the first rookie of the week in the season, which is also the first scarlet letter in the scrolling news.
The first one is followed by the second one, which says that the rookie of the month belongs to November.
The rookie is so strong that he won the best of the week, and he is still in the star-studded West. The name Anthony will surely cause another wave of heated discussion in the league.
Wave after wave Anthony is now difficult to be famous.
Watching this news, Anthony couldn’t help laughing that history has been changed by him. The name Anthony has become synonymous with surprise and magic in just one month.
"What is Melo laughing at?"
Just then a soft whisper came to mind from behind.
As soon as Anthony turned around, he saw Fox’s legs half exposed and his eyes looked at him with love.
"Good baby, come here," Anthony said with a big smile.
Fox got up from the bed and went to bed again. Anthony stripped his shirt and went to Anthony’s side. He leaned over his thigh and looked at the brain screen.