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Tai College is located in the southwest military college of Luoyang, and the address is chosen near the artificial lake in the east of the city. The first phase of school building construction took nearly three months, which can barely accommodate 500 people to live and study at the same time.

However … Perhaps the propaganda is not enough, perhaps the former Taiyuan College is too dazzling. The first phase of the new China Central Military Academy has recruited less than 300 students, and it also includes many students who are already working part-time in military secondary vocational schools, such as Jia Mu, Matthew and Chu Fang …
I can comfort myself. After all, this is the first time to change people’s ideas. Besides, more than 200 people will be enough to train 20 outstanding generals. Even if the horse is going to be unified, it’s no big deal to need so many military commanders.
"Eldest brother, oh b-brother …" I was wiping my sabre around the war horse. Matthew saw that I was patrolling the tinker and hurriedly accepted my sabre and said hello to me.
"Don’t change your mind." I waved my hand at him and looked at several knights on the tinker with interest. "What class is this?"
"It’s a riding class," he explained to me. "Today, the coach is General Tuoba, and he is chopping on horseback."
I watched it completely for a moment, and a group of about ten people tried to urge the horse to run at full speed, and slashed a knife at three high stakes with one person in a row during the gallop. If someone slowed down or the mark depth of the stakes was not enough, all of them were regarded as unqualified.
"Wang?" Coach Tuoba Ye did a demonstration before he saw that I jumped off the horse hurriedly, wiped my face and sweated, and saluted me with "Tuoba Ye’s visit to the king".
The students in his worship tinker also reacted. They rode horses and fell off their horses, but they saluted me neatly "Long live the king"
I’m too lazy to correct them one by one. I nodded, "Don’t bother to get up, Wang. Come and have a look. You need to pay attention and practice hard."
Once again, the students turned over and got a new set of training.
Maybe it’s because I know I’m watching it on the spot, maybe it’s because of my self-awareness. In this training, these students seem to work extra hard. Two riders out of ten can cut a wooden stake as thick as a bowl in two with one knife.
I smiled and clapped my hands. "All good men!"
"This is the first day will be brute force if the battlefield I’m afraid the root can’t live" Tuoba Ye was merciless.
Of course I know those two people. The anti-seismic force of the stake after the two powerful chopping in front of me will paralyze their arm muscles for a short time.
And in the real battlefield, one second paralysis is enough to make you die ten times!
"Then you should teach them well." I reached out and patted Tuoba Ye on the back and paced away from this training ground to visit other teaching areas.
I have hardly expressed my opinions on the curriculum arrangement of Taiyuan University, suggesting that students should sometimes learn to ride and shoot to exercise their bodies. In the military academy, I made many suggestions, such as increasing the proportion of cultural courses.
My plan for culture class is that in the first year, military students should learn the most basic cultural knowledge, be proficient in common Chinese characters, master three-digit four operations, understand important national laws and learn several classic articles that must be read-students with sufficient cultural background can skip to the second year; From the second year, I will study the art of war strategy and gradually master all kinds of necessary skills in the army. In the third year, I will strengthen and improve according to my personal characteristics. After three years, I can graduate. After graduation, I can take the national unified recruitment martial arts exam or directly enter military institutions around the country with the recommendation of the school and the selection of counties. Even in the worst case … If I can pass the graduation exam, I can mix a job with enough food and clothing through distribution. After all, this is the Central Military Academy!
I wandered outside a classroom and heard a clear voice.
"Xun Yu is now a grand court in Yingchuan." Xun Yuyin came out slowly. "Today is the first day of the military academy. Most of you come here to study and prefer brave men who want to win fame and fame. This is also good. However, judging from the current situation, the new dynasty has occupied the Central Plains, Kyushu, and the old Han Dynasty can’t survive in the southeast for three to five years. If you still expect a big war, I’m afraid it’s impossible."
I can’t help laughing. You Xun Wenre still want me to wait for three to five years?
"So," he changed the subject. "When you graduate from here three years later, it will probably be long before your fame can be won in Taiping."
"Without a fight, how can you win the battle?" The questioner’s voice is also very familiar … It’s my little brother Jia Mu impressively.
"Although the future will belong to the new dynasty, will the old Han people really be settled after a long time?" Xun Yu said slowly, "For example, when the Western Qiang in Liangzhou was in the old Han Dynasty, it was difficult to calm the three auxiliary restless at the end of the past fifty years; Another example is that Bing, Youzhou Wuhuan, Xiongnu and Xianbei Hu knock on the border and invade the border county every year. Another example is Jingzhou, Yangzhou, Yizhou, and Jiaotoe Mountain. There are more than 100,000 people, and thousands of people are absorbed by the Han people. Every time there is a local dispute, they constantly want to be naive and stable, and talk about it? "
The students in the classroom are eager to try, and I nod again and again outside the classroom. The gradual activity of all kinds of aliens in the Han, Wei and Jin Dynasties not only triggered the tragedy of five chaos, but also intensified the integration of the Chinese nation. After the reunification, the new dynasty is bound to show a series of military actions against aliens in all directions-I was rich before.
Only to hear Liang Cong whispered in his ear, "Wang Bing Department has reported that General Chu Yan has led troops to Luoyang Beidaying."
13 combine kindness with majesty’s skill
"Feihong Mi Heng accused you in this way. What do you have to say?" I took Mi Heng from Chen Lin and threw it directly to ChuYan who fell to his knees.
Has been kneeling on the ground for more than an hour ChuYan even dare not lift the head even way "sin I know … failed to live up to Wang xin …"
"Don’t you read what this recital says about you?"
His shoulders trembled and he replied, "Your dean sent someone to read it to the guilty minister before …"
I looked at his broad shoulders for a long time before shaking my head. "… you really let me down."
"ChuYan … sin to say this plainly!"
"I’ve seen Jizhou impeached those officials and even longitudinal soldiers against the people’s generals! And dare to instruct soldiers to rob women and have fun by themselves? !” I sternly denounced, "Don’t you know that the generals are the most disciplined in recent years? ! This is your Chu Yan leading troops? !”