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When the teacher said this, the students in the village who didn’t have any novices felt more guilty, as if they had become poor students who dragged their feet in the class.

"Teacher, why don’t we go to the class meeting in the game tonight?" A tall man at the end suddenly said.
After he said this, many people promised to have a class meeting in their minds, so that they could show off all kinds of equipment in front of their classmates in the game.
"Then raise your hand and decide," the squad leader smiled. "You should raise your hand at the class meeting in the game that night …"
One, five, four students all raised their hands, and their expressions were all excited. The students with poor equipment looked depressed.
"Well, it’s decided," Wang Ying, the squad leader, said with a smile. "In this case, let’s write the names in the game first so that we can get together when the time comes."
The students were talking, and Chu Yun put his hands over his heart and couldn’t help saying, "A group of grown-up children …"
The squad leader Wang Yingfa sent a piece of paper one by one …
To Chu Yun, Chu Yun turned his pen to grind his teeth. "Teacher, I accidentally entered Xuanwu City …"
"Are you in the wrong place?" Wang Ying surprised way
Chu Yun nodded to admit it.
Wang Ying sighed. "That’s a pity …"
The teacher’s expression is regret, but the students are all contemptuous. Even the main city will go wrong. Isn’t it silly to read?
Chu Yun didn’t write his name on paper, but gave it directly to a person.
When the students finished writing Wang Ying’s paper, they said, "I’ll make a copy first, and then everyone will have one."
Chapter 7 Meet in the main city!
During class, many people came up to him to dig at Chu Yun, but they laughed and didn’t care about anything.
Chu Yun knows that he will be isolated by his classmates. After all, his classmates are all in the same main city, but he is now in Xuanwu City.
But this can’t be helped. If you go to the root of Qinglong City, there is no possibility of development …
In the evening, Chu Yun was forced to stay in the game. If you want to see the game Mengyao.
An appointment between two people in a secluded place is just like a real date.
To see the dream Yao Chu Yun also specially took off the mask.
Chen Mengyao arrived first when he was near.
When they meet, they smile at each other, which is very tacit.
Chen Mengyao wears a pale blue mage robe and a long shawl, which is absolutely beautiful and shiny, just like walking out of a character in sight.
I don’t know why Chu Yun thinks Meng Yao is more temperament in the game.
There is nothing happier than two people holding hands with each other.
"I’ll take you to meet the guild members …" The two men looked at each other for a while and Chen Mengyao took the lead in saying.
"This ….." Is it a woman in the Chu Yun Difficult Love Association who is not eaten and doesn’t even have bones left?
"Are you embarrassed?" Chen Mengyao know what Chu Yun heart smiling way
"I …" Chu Yun really embarrassed to ask how can a shota face nearly a hundred women?
"Although they all hide their appearance, they can all be beautiful women from their bodies." Chen Mengyao made a joke when he saw Chu Yun’s shy appearance
Chu Yun is a tingling dream Yao. Is this testing your concentration?
"Let’s go" Chen Mengyao saw that he was slow to respond and took his hand and was about to leave.
"Wait …" Chu Yun thought of one thing and said, "Mengyao, I have a baby for you?"
"Baby?" Chen Mengyao stopped to put his curious eyes on Chu Yun.
"Here …" Chu Yun gave the water of life to Meng Yao and believed that she would like it.
Chen Mengyao didn’t know anything, but this look was stunned.
[Water of Life] The life limit can be permanently increased by 1 after the Elves guard the life spring. Each creature is limited to one drop, which makes the second drop ineffective.
Permanently adding property props is a rare treasure for players.