1, Jul 2024
I also called Lao Pei.

Go to the market with yourself
But Lao Pei seems to be in a bad mood.
"Celery is the essence killer." Lao Pei saw Cynthia picking a handful of celery in his hand, which looked neither cold nor light.
"Leek is an aphrodisiac." In December, leeks can’t be seen in the ice and snow. Obviously, they are greenhouse vegetables, but Lao Pei obviously doesn’t think it is a good time to eat them.
"Come not to eat seafood" Lao Pei shook his head and looked at the frozen scallops and seafood in front of him. "Don’t eat aquatic products" and shook his head at the crucian carp in the Cynthia basket.
It’s a rare interest to buy food well, so … it’s cold.
But Cynthia is obviously a little surprised that he didn’t think of that problem
They went to buy food to buy it for three people to eat at noon. What do you care what Lin Feng eats or doesn’t eat? It’s not specially for come.
However, Cynthia, like a pupil who made a mistake, blamed his teacher for correcting the contents of his food basket again and again.
Pick and choose, divide and bargain. In the winter, they are slightly lost. In the food market, they actually spent most of the afternoon before buying a basket of food for lunch.
Lao Pei, who is in low spirits, and Cynthia, who is in high spirits, are very wonderful during this period.
Lao Pei seems angry, but he doesn’t get angry.
Cynthia seems to have stolen something, but in fact he didn’t steal anything, and he didn’t talk about repayment at all.
This kind of thing really makes people feel crazy sometimes, but sometimes it makes people feel better than being immersed in it.
What are the thoughts in these two women’s hearts?
I guess they are also very contradictory.
Or who knows
Anyway, in the end, I came to a table in front of Lin Feng, all of which were my favorite dishes, but I always felt strange when I ate them.
Actually, there is nothing wrong with the food.
Stir-fried kidney, leek, shredded pork, mapo, tofu and pearl dishes, chicken soup, braised duck and walnut seasoning, and a fried shrimp with rice wine
In particular, the last rice wine fried shrimp is accompanied by home-cooked dishes, and there is nothing special about it, but it is the first time for Lin Feng to eat it.
After eating, the rice will melt into the mouth, and the sweet and sour shrimp will make Lin Feng feel that the original aquatic smell doesn’t bother him at all.
Ate half a dish in one breath.
But it’s still awkward to eat.
Finally, in the middle of eating, I kept talking nonsense about’ The weather looks good today, and it seems that the day after tomorrow is also good. It seems that it won’t snow recently’ or’ Wangcai, who is fostered in a pet shop, and the Persian cat are getting more and more like a husband and wife ~ ~’ or’ Wangcai and the Persian cat look fat and round. I went to see them the other day’. I think I should say something nutritious.
Otherwise, I’m sorry. There are nutritious meals at this table in front of me.
"Who is cooking today?" When Lin Feng said this sentence, he specially sucked a kidney flower in his bowl and ate it with the rice, which seemed delicious.
Actually, from the fact that Lin Feng has a good appetite today, he has already added a meal. This movement is obviously superfluous.
But who will think others appreciate it more?
"Is Lao Pei and I do it together. I am responsible for buying food and washing vegetables. In fact, most of them are done by Lao Pei." Cynthia laughingly took a spoon and scooped out a bowl of chicken soup and put it in front of Lin Feng.
Two eyes smile like a crescent moon.
The dignified and generous image of Cynthia is also so cute. Lin Feng feels very strange when she is so cute.
But Lao Pei is neither salty nor light. In fact, nothing is home cooking.
But come before looking at these dishes, I still feel as if I have forgotten something.
Fortunately, at lunch, Lao Pei didn’t ask where Lin Feng went last night. You know, before Lin Feng and Lao Pei eased up, they usually slept in Lao Pei’s room.
Plus yesterday, after Lin Feng was changed by the game, Lao Pei actually wanted to comfort Lin Feng, but when he returned to his room, he found that no one had waited for a while and found that nothing had come back from the travel package in Lin Feng’s room.
Call Cynthia later to ask if you have seen come.
As a result …
In fact, Lao Pei tossed and turned in his bed all night last night without a solid sleep.
As soon as I close my eyes, it’s both Lin Feng and Cynthia, who are perfect and beautiful … Well, it’s actually golden couple.
Chief Lao Pei was jealous last night.
Especially this morning, when Cynthia and Laopei walked past Linfeng’s room before going out, when Laopei knocked at the door, Cynthia took out the key to Linfeng’s room.
If Cynthia hadn’t been her best friend and sister for many years,
Maybe there will be no Cynthia by noon today.
Lao Pei really hates her teeth itch.
Rabbits don’t eat grass beside their nests!
Is it tolerable?
But Lao Pei seems to have forgotten … Was it grass beside the nest when she lived with Lin Feng before?
When it was rare to tidy up the linfeng room together in the early days, Lao Pei still scolded himself in his heart that he had no principles and was simply a bitch, but when he bought food in the early days, he thought of linfeng everywhere.
Thinking about last night, Lin Feng probably slept with Cynthia and Cynthia was by his side.
Lao Pei always feels uncomfortable like taking the wrong medicine.
Some things, even if you are superwoman, will make you feel more tired than saving the world.
Lao Pei has this feeling.
Fortunately, Cynthia took the initiative with old Pei Shuo. Actually, Lin Feng and she didn’t do anything. Cynthia was sleeping on the sofa, and Lin Feng went to the wrong room because she took the wrong key. When she woke up the next day, Lin Feng left.
Finally, no one answered the phone. It was because Lin Feng’s phone might be gone and his phone was down.
What a coincidence …
I don’t believe it!
But Lao Pei believed it. What else could he do?
Go and smoke Lin Feng?
Readers want to make trouble!
Always picking the leading role. Isn’t that a sadistic plot? Who said that a woman who knows martial arts must always shout, fight and kill?
So come to eat the meal.
Actually, Lao Pei has his own ideas and skills.
She has never been a stupid woman.
It’s just that sometimes it seems stupid on purpose.