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"oh? Hehe, it’s good that Ling Zhou just came over. There are too many things. Now the group has also been established, but the position of president is still there. Ling Zhou just came over and the position of president is her, "I said with a smile.

"The elder brother of the giggle you are really bad! Everything is lazy and I find someone to do it for you, "Lulu said with a smile.
"This is called know people well! Zhou Ling has this ability. Why don’t I let her do it? I, the chairman of the board, didn’t expect to be the president and then the general manager of the branch? I don’t have that ability "I a face of course.
Chapter 414 constructio n Massage
"Liu Yang that security company over there you should also arrange people to manage? I won’t personally take care of it. No matter whether I am strong or strong, they are actually not suitable for being enterprise managers. It is actually good for us to be instructors! " Cold front suddenly smiled and said
"Well, I didn’t know that the group holds 2% of the company’s shares. You, the major shareholder, have to decide for yourself." I pretended to be Ned and said.
"It seems that we can all stop playing games and concentrate on the company, and my 500 million investment will be wasted." Cold Front also said with a face of "Nai"
Shit ~ threaten me ~ stop playing games? Concentrate on the company? Who are you kidding? Except for the widow who doesn’t play games, it’s impossible for a group of people to take care of the company ~ "Lengfeng actually learned to play tricks ~ This world has really changed ~ Don’t pretend, except for the widow, no one really looks like taking care of the company’s materials, but this widow guy really needs someone to share the management of the guild’s company. When Ling Zhou comes this afternoon, let’s discuss it again. It’s really time for the security company to arrange some people to take charge of it. If you say yes, you should be responsible for training."
"Ha ha, thank you very much, Dong Lu!" Cold front smile and said
"Cut ~ OK, let’s go and have breakfast!" Then I walked directly to the outside. When I passed the cold front, I accidentally caught a glimpse of the frost around this guy. Something seems to be wrong.
I stopped wondering, and I was curious. I looked at the pity frost face for a long time. It seems that the more I look at this girl’s expression, the more wrong she is! Why don’t you feel cold? Strange!
I was just about to sigh. By the way, what did the cold front guy do? The girl couldn’t stand it. She reluctantly said with a cold face, "Is it nice?"
While light rain several women also found that I have been staring at the flow cream seems to be very curious, one by one, like a curious baby, all leaned in. Light rain asked, "Liu Yang, what are you looking at? Is there a flower on the frost face? "
"Yes, brother, why do you look at Sister Lian Shuang like this?" Lulu also curious asked.
"Liu Yang, you are really a pervert! This is your brother, you should see it this way ~ "Wu Yun said with a face of curiosity and disdain while looking at the flow frost face.
Too lazy to listen to Wu Yun’s words, I smiled and said, "Well, ladies and gentlemen, don’t you think our face is a little different today? Look ~ look ~ it doesn’t ice, but it seems a little ~ "
I pointed to the pity frost face and I haven’t finished yet. This girl has already kicked me like a flash, and I don’t know if there was any induction before. I quickly flashed ~ "Ah ~ I know! Sister Lian Shuang, are you shy? My face is red! " I didn’t finish my words, and I was told by Xiaoyu. My face is really a little red, which seems to be really shy ~ But it is really red as soon as Xiaoyu finished her words ~ I didn’t feel cold before my skin was fine. This shy little face is really beautiful!
Wu Yun and his exposed face were suddenly enlightened when he heard the light rain. Two slow-witted girls just found out now! And the cold front face seems a little unnatural ~ "Ha ha pity cream, this is actually quite good, much colder than before!" Oh, cold front, this guy’s’ contribution’ is really not small ~ Tell me what you have done to pity Sister Shuang? " I smiled and said that the word "credit" can be focused and stretched.
Flow frost heard my words eyes can kill people staring at me cold front is also a face to kill people looked at me and my heart laughed, "oh, you two really have a tacit understanding ~ expression is not the same as before but still almost! It was a natural couple! Congratulations! Congratulations! Haha, when Lin Hao and Ling Zhou come in the afternoon, let’s all celebrate together. Hey, hey, Lin Hao and Ling Zhou seem quite good now, and you two are worth celebrating! "
"Hum!" Cold front heavy hum a I stared at this guy, "I said what are you humming? Are you too strong for sister pity frost? Then don’t want to be responsible? "
"Go to hell!" Flow cream is really can’t stand the red face to kill me ~ "wow ~ cold front take care of your wife ~ I can’t stand her a few ~ ah ~ damn it ~ help ~ oh ~" while being beaten for help ~ I really learned that flow cream this girl can’t be provoked! But just when I realized it, the performance of several girls next to me made me speechless ~ "Come on, Sister Frost! Kill this bastard! " Wu Yun, this girl, not only didn’t come to save us, but also cheered ~ "Wow, Sister Frost is so fierce! Ah ~ Brother, you are so stupid. You should shout don’t hit your face ~ Oh, my face was hit ~ "Lulu is the audience’s mentality ~" Sister Xie Shuang, please be careful not to be killed ~ "Xiaoyu is still very kind ~ Meowed ~ After a while, I was black and blue all over. This guy at Lengfeng finally refused to talk ~" That’s almost enough. I have to eat ~ If he can’t walk, we have to worry about him too much ~ "
Damn it, I found your conscience ~ it turned out that I was not involved ~ Oh, my God! What kind of friend is this? Careless friends!
It’s not ambiguous that pity frost stopped when he heard the cold front ~ Of course, it’s not ambiguous to start work on us ~ I can’t see any injury after watching this body for a long time ~ But it’s painful to be sore all over ~ "Ouch ~" Just want to get up from the sofa and the horse fell down again ~ The root was powerless ~ "Liu Yangxiao, aren’t you pretending too fake?" Their Wu Yun said
"I depend ~ psst ~ this feeling wife uncomfortable ~ flow frost wench what did you do to me? It hurts all over ~ "I asked at Wu Yun rubbing my legs depressed.
"Elder brother, you won’t be really broken? I don’t think Sister Lian Shuang can help either. Even without red skin ~ "Lulu looked at me with a puzzled face.
I looked at the cold front. This guy coughed twice and turned his head to one side. The face was red with pity and frost. "You rarely start. Many stiff muscles are also shrinking. I just stimulated you in a special way for a while, but it won’t hurt. It can also help you swim for half an hour. After five minutes, it won’t be sour again."
Shrimp? Is this relaxing us? Let’s be friends. However, this beating is really nothing but a little sore, and there is really no place to be red and blue ~ is this the so-called ~ kung fu? Acupuncture?
"Five minutes? Ok ~ if it takes five hours, it’s worse than death ~ "
"ah? Sister Lian Shuang, you just didn’t clean up this guy and gave this guy a massage by ancient martial arts acupoints? This guy is really cheap ~ "Wu Yun a face of pity that Nima is too hard ~" Gu Wu? Constructio n? Sister Yun, you don’t mean what martial arts are really there, do you? " Xiao Yu asked in surprise that Lulu also had a curious face.
"But don’t be as casual as looking inside, so people can’t move casually, but it’s not that simple. But massage, massage and acupuncture are all done through acupuncture points to stimulate people’s bodies, which also has a good effect. I said that the technique of Xie Shuang Guwu University is actually equivalent to a Chinese medicine massage technique, which can regulate the body, promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, relax muscles and activate tendons."
Wu Yun explained it in detail and looked at the pity cream curiously and asked, "Sister pity cream has very few people who can teach you this technique. Who actually taught you?"
"This is an organizational grant!" Flow cream suddenly turned cold light replied
"This technique is good! Hey, hey, thank you for your pity! " I don’t want Wu Yun to ask again when I see the expression change of pity cream. Everyone has his own secret identity of pity cream killer. Let’s not ask too many things. "Sorry, sister pity cream, I shouldn’t ask." Wu Yun also found the change of pity cream and apologized with a smile.
"No, I don’t want to do anything before," replied the flow cream lightly.
"About the same? Let’s eat! " Cold front looked at me and said with a smile
I stretched my arm and seemed to feel nothing ~ I tried to get up slowly and it really didn’t hurt. I still felt quite comfortable. I shook my arm and twisted my waist. No problem. I smiled and said, "It’s really quite comfortable. I didn’t expect to feel so good for the first time to enjoy a massage! Let’s go eat. "
They returned to the villa after breakfast together, and they also came. As soon as the widow saw me, she asked, "Flying boss, why didn’t you upgrade the guild earlier?" The honor value of our guild has been upgraded enough! "