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He has been stationed in the yellow croaker circle all the year round, taking bribes to oppress the people and airing the nets. He has occupied the land along the banks of the Yangtze River and rented the land for local people to farm. The local people have to pay the rent for this adult Huang every year. The people in several nearby villages dare to be angry and dare not say anything, but they already hate him at heart. "

His brother and his wife set up an oil mill in Dianyuquan.
A few days ago, Ri, the yellow croaker official sent a fisherman to his oil mill to ask for oil. His brothers were not at home, but they didn’t give him the yellow croaker official. He became angry and asked the officers to catch them in the yamen, saying that his oil mill was so noisy in the middle of the night that the yellow croaker stopped eating, and it would take one hundred and twenty silver to stop, otherwise it would have alarmed the royal tribute.
It’s a pity that Moujia oil mill has been running here since the day the yellow croaker circle was built. Never heard of the incident that the yellow croaker didn’t eat because of the sound of oil pressing for generations, and it was in the hūn section of the yellow croaker circle at that time that none of the yellow croaker had been left in the local area.
But the yellow croaker officer saw that he couldn’t squeeze money, so he threw them into prison and beat them every time.
Before arriving, the official of Ri Huang Fish heard that they were good fishermen and sent them out again.
It turns out that the original yellow croaker in the yellow croaker circle was fished out and sent to the capital as early as the New Year. At this time, the frozen river was frozen in cold weather, and it happened that the Fu Kangan guard went to Liaodong to eat this yellow croaker at this time.
The yellow croaker officer cried his eyes and went to the doctor in a hurry, and ordered him to catch a 500-catty large yellow croaker in Sanli, saying that he would present it to the Prince Laifu in Beijing. If he could not catch any fish, he would be beheaded immediately.
It is difficult to catch the yellow croaker in winter. The two of them led their families to work on the Songhua River for three days and two nights, but they never caught a fish. Naijia cried bitterly.
The two men reasoned, but they were not willing to die, so they rushed to the yamen of the main manager of the sacrifice Ula to stab the yellow adult with a knife.
They were determined to die and dismissed their families early, only to find that this strange swordsman, Qi Yufeng, fell from the sky and rescued them, only to get away with it.
Pei Hu listened and sighed secretly. It was unexpected that he had not walked among the people for many years. The corrupt official was so arrogant that he came to such a field.
When he is thoughtfully silent stroking nod.
But Qi Yufeng knows that the news is not known to him. Fortunately, once he knows that he wants to drink a lot of people’s blood in this Leng Yue nod.
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help but feel indignant when he heard that Lord Huang was so arrogant. He even drank two bowls of white wine and muttered, "I killed the Beggars last year!"
Just then, I suddenly heard a commotion outside the inn. I don’t know how many people Qi Yufeng was chased by officers and men to hold a sword and tried to gently lift the window hand, only to find that the window villa here was nailed to death because of the cold.
Qi Yufeng turned to ask Pei Hu, "Tatar officers and soldiers?"
Pei Hu shook his head and said, "It doesn’t sound like saying that a petty official without Fu Kangan’s order can make a fuss about this little thing?"
The sound is getting louder and louder. When you get near, a few people slightly open the door and look down the crack of the door to the floor.
I saw a middle-aged beggar dressed in linen and tattered with two cows with small bells in his hand, surrounded by a large group of children and idle Han are slowly coming from the street.
A young voice shouted, "Come on!" It turned out that Pei Hu and others lived in the inn with a big bowl of steaming Yang hūn in their hands to greet the beggar.
Hearing the shout, the beggar came over and bowed to the inn man.
That guy was holding this bowl of noodles in his hand and shouted, "I’ll give it to you if it’s good!" "
The beggar cleared his throat.
"Count to treasure into the street.
One street and two lanes are good deals.
There are also purchases and sales.
Li Li la la hang signs.
Jin signboard yin signboard
The big shopkeeper made a fortune.
You make a fortune, I get the credit.
You eat naan and I drink soup. "
The guy laughed, "Look carefully. I’m a guy, not a shopkeeper."
Beggars nod "don’t say you don’t say me.
Just say that there are a lot of people in Wula Street.
There are a lot of people and a lot of people.
Dude, you can turn over the sky one day. "
The man shook his head again and said, "I can’t give you this meal just by talking a lot. You don’t want it."