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Moreover, the team is now in a winning streak. If these teammates are in this state, I am afraid that after seven consecutive victories, it will not be a winning streak or even a seven-game losing streak.

With this in mind, Anthony raises his eyes and has a memory of two generations. He is also the soul of the team. He thinks it is time for him to say something to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and sixty Advertising shooting
Perhaps I felt that Anthony’s eyes were shining and the four people sitting opposite him all looked up and saw that he was going to speak. They all paid attention.
Anthony glanced at the four men in front of him and said, "Hey, guys, you really think too much. You don’t need to worry after all."
"What do you mean?" As soon as Anthony spoke, Miller went on to ask that he would be the first to be sent away if the deal was to come.
Anthony shook his head and said, "Guys, although I am not the boss of Kroenke and I am not Kiki, I know that a team makes a deal for one reason."
Camby swallowed and asked, "What reason?"
Anthony smiled and continued, "The team keeps losing! Haven’t you ever considered this most basic common sense! What is the purpose of the transaction? What is the reason for the change? Losing is so simple, simple and easy to understand! "
Opposite the four people in silence didn’t speak.
Anthony saw that they hadn’t responded yet, and then continued, "You are really worried that our record this month is so good. We have become more and more proficient in cooperation before, and recently we have won seven consecutive victories. Why do they want to trade us for change?" Then lose? "
Now he shook his head and said, "Melo, your idea is still too simple to get Buelton. I believe the boss and general managers will not hesitate. In their eyes, Elton is much better than us!"
"I have no doubt that Elton is better than you," Anthony nodded and said, "but …"
He then turned to the horse. "But who knows if you will be stronger than him in the future? Don’t you forget that you are a second-year rookie! "
"And Marcus’ performance this season is not his peak. Andre is also the boss and general manager, but you have to believe in yourself!"
"Look at me, I have always believed in myself! So I am not worried at all! " Anthony finally vowed to say
Hearing Anthony’s speech, the four men gave a wry smile. Although they knew that Anthony’s team status was different from his, what he said was indeed reasonable. Although Brand was good, the team that wanted him must be the one whose situation was not very good recently. They are now in a winning streak, and the probability of team trading is not very high.
Thought of here, their faces suddenly became better.
Seeing that four people’s faces turned better, Anthony laughed and stood up and said, "That’s right. We are professional players. Our duty is to play well. I finally know that most of you play longer than me. You should have known that you should not let this affect your performance. Even if you are really traded, you will definitely go to a good place and stop worrying."
Anthony just fell down and burst into laughter. He came over and patted him on the shoulder. Then he said, "He’s old. We’re as frightened as that. It’s not as calm as you, who entered the league."
Camby is also a little ashamed at this time. Of the four people, he plays the longest game. He is also embarrassed at the moment and says, "Yes, I am the oldest here. I should inspire everyone. I didn’t expect Melo to think farther than an old man like me."
"Your sister old man!" Anthony looked at Camby and said directly, "You are still young. Come on, let’s practice again. What are you worried about?"
Anthony said and walked to the field again, but he had persuaded them to laugh and walk to the field at this time.
Anthony was right. Steve? Smith has never been in contact with Williams again, but Williams really admires this handsome man, and the Nuggets have made great achievements now. He hoped to join the Nuggets and fight for the championship. You know, he also played for so many years, even if the Kings were in full swing, he couldn’t break through now, and of course he wouldn’t refuse.
Moreover, he has not considered that the follow-up thing is to tell his agent what he thinks, which is why the Nuggets lead Williams in the battle.
Moreover, the team owner Kroenke will definitely not consider the team transaction at this time. The team is winning in a row now. Who would be stupid enough to destroy the chemical balance of the team?
The idea is Vandewich, and now he has received a consultation from Williams’ agent and the Grizzlies, but he has been dragging his feet. After all, the boss has nothing to say. Although he is a general manager, he is also employed. If he goes his own way at this time and loses the game, he will probably have to pack up and leave.
This is a business alliance, and everyone has to weigh it out for themselves.
All this didn’t come true in the end, but the Williams deal was always delayed. First of all, the Lakers, the Spurs, the Pacers and the Pistons didn’t show interest in Williams. The Nuggets were the only ones who didn’t really refuse. Secondly, they were interested in recruiting Williams. The ultimate goal was that Brand was based on some fishy teams. Even if Williams got the deal, he couldn’t get Brand. At this time, the Grizzlies must be white. Both sides have been deadlocked.
It can be said that all the teams are still in harmony, and it is in January, and at this time, because the star competition will be held in February, the voting will be closed in January, and at this time, all the stars will vote for themselves.
Anthony’s sponsor Jordan brand also asked the protagonist to promote it at the right time. At this time, Jordan Company has designed Anthony’s unique combat boots and signed sneakers. This time, two things come together and the result is that Anthony is going to shoot an advertisement!
After entering the league for so long, Anthony has already known all the bases of the league, but because of Andrews’ strategy, he has been in the state of endorsing the contract until Jordan throws it out, which has always made people refuse the contract. Although Jordan is not as competitive as Nike and Adidas, it is obviously a bloody investment for Anthony. They can’t help but dig their brains.
On this day, a game will be held on a rest day in three days’ time. On such a fine day, Andrews will drive Anthony to Jordan Brand Company. This time, the advertising design is exclusively designed by 4a Advertising Company, a well-known American advertising company, and it is said that the front is strong and Anthony, a super star in the alliance, can be said to be full of boos.
Anthony didn’t tell him anything about Jordan before he went to shoot the advertisement, which also made him full of curiosity.
Drive directly to the Jordan brand company. Anthony entered the advertising company through the gate. When Anthony saw the photographer, he was also shocked because there were two women he knew, Lima and Longoria! There’s another little girl he doesn’t know!
Even Jordan wore his No.23 ball on the court.
Anthony didn’t know what the advertising company was up to at the moment, but he could resist seeing Lima appear. Although he explained it to Fox once, Fox was relieved, but it would definitely be a bad thing to have another advertisement!
At first glance, Jordan looked different when he was wearing a ball. When he saw Anthony coming, he came over with a big smile. "Hey Melo, you finally made it!"
When Anthony saw Jordan greeting himself, he quickly put away his unhappiness and said with a big smile, "Hey, Michael, the traffic is a little blocked, but fortunately, I came here, but you …"
Anthony gave Jordan a puzzled look and said, "What are you doing with a ball on?"
"Well ~" Jordan suddenly smiled mysteriously and said, "Jack will tell us when he comes out!"
Anthony is also stunned. He didn’t expect Jordan to sell it at this time, but he has been waiting for so long. Just wait for a while.
"Hey, guys, come here. I’m going to announce my great advertising idea." At this moment, a man with a white beard looked at it. More than fifty people shouted at the advertising booth. It looked like a senior advertising designer. It must be Jack Jordan said.
"Let’s go over there." Jordan said hello to Anthony when he saw Jack calling and went over there.
Anthony looked up at Lima at the moment, but she was very comfortable. She seemed to notice Anthony looking at her. She smiled and waved and walked straight towards Anthony.
"Hey Melo!" Lima seems to know that Anthony came back to meet and greeted him with a smile.
After all, it is impossible for Anthony to show too much in public places. He also smiles and says "Hey Yana, what a coincidence"
"Merlot!" Just then a scream Longoria seems to have no idea that Anthony will come and shouted directly.
"Hey Eva ~" Anthony also greeted him with a smile.
Lima saw Eva’s face smiling and then looked at Anthony with interest and asked, "Melo, your girlfriend?"
Anthony turned black when he heard Lima’s words and said directly and seriously, "My girlfriend’s name is Megan? Fox you know this. "
"Ha ha, a joke, you must care ~" Lima said with a smile at this time that her posture is enchanting and she can’t say how charming she is.
Longoria is quite embarrassed at this time and his face is reddish there.
"Hey guys, I’m about to announce my great design. Come here, everyone." Just then Jack shouted again.
Anthony and Lima and Longoria looked at each other, and they all gathered there to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-one Shooting accident
Chapter one hundred and sixty-one Shooting accident
"Guys, I called everyone here today to give you a chance to create a sensational world advertisement together. This advertisement will make us a hit in the United States." Jack turned it up very high in one bite.
Anthony smell speech some nai smiled, I don’t know what this guy is so confident in front of him will be an advertising idea.
In fact, Anthony was not the only one present, and two beautiful women, including a little girl, were curious and looked at Jack.
Just then Anthony inadvertently turned to look at the little girl. He didn’t look carefully when she came in just now. Now she was suddenly surprised to see that little girl. She looked about thirteen or fourteen years old, but her brown curly hair, round doodle face, deep eyes and beautiful face turned out to be Emma, Hermione in Harry Potter. Watson!
Darling …
Anthony looked and turned his eyes to Jordan. It was really bloody this time. Now Watson has starred in the first and second Harry Potter films, and the popularity is already very high. It is bound to cost a lot of money to invite her.
"Guys, let’s watch an advertising simulation animation." Just then Jack asked the sideline workers to turn off the lights, pull up the curtains and then play the simulation animation on the projector.
Anthony also looked up at the projector and said that this way of simulating animation is really intuitive and convenient, which is much more effective than explaining it by mouth.
"I am a rookie, I have my destiny, I have my challenge, and everyone thinks I will be the first person selected by the league in 23 years, but in the end …"
The first advertisement is Anthony’s monologue.