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The company, the boss … Lin’s eyes showed a little shock. When did you have a company at home? When did your parents become bosses?

False must be false!
But as an ordinary person, no one will deceive themselves like this.
What’s more, the physical injury is not false at all … Especially in this ward, it is absolutely said that Zhonglin has never seen the intensive care unit. If Lin doesn’t know it, he will know that the high-end atmospheric medical equipment is hanging on the wall. If it is not the cold wind, Lin will be a painting (a angels in white is holding a pile of snowflakes and her mouth is gently blowing the air outlet, which is a small mouth) … This place has at least tens of thousands a day, and it seems that there is no certain status. Even if it is rich, you don’t want to live in it.
And I’m not sure if I’m injured, and I may need to live in this ward for a generation, even if it’s impossible to live for a generation for three to five days, it’s not something my family can support.
Tune … So advanced!
Is it actually a painting and then the whole tone is embedded in the wall dug behind the painting?
It must be. You can’t fool me with this little trick!
Because of those medical devices … Lin rarely goes to the hospital, even if he does, he doesn’t know these high-tech medical devices if he looks at the root of the cold and fever.
No matter what, everything can lie, but money can’t lie. There are definitely those expensive and powerful people who can live in this ward … What happened?
Lin needs to think about what happened before he was injured and unconscious, so he said to the bodyguard in black, "It’s okay. I’ll call you when I have something to do!" "
"Master, I’ll go out first. You have a good rest!" Black bodyguards and walked out of the room to the door.
Lin recalled himself.
I don’t know how I ended up injured, but I don’t have this memory.
I don’t know how I got here or how I lived in such a ward.
Lin can recall that he recently returned to his room after setting off firecrackers at midnight on New Year’s Eve and playing with his mobile phone every day, and then exchanged a dream horse for a new record of cool running … Luckily, he kept eating sprint props until the dream horse rushed into the black hole and passed through, and then there was no more.
Wait … Crossing!
Is it possible to cross …?
Thought of this, Lin was stunned. I didn’t know the name of this black bodyguard. I could shout "Come in!" "
The bodyguard in black knew that Lin was calling him. He just went out and came in again. Just after entering the ward, he heard Lin ask, "What’s the date today?"
If possible, Lin really wants to look for the calendar by himself, but the line of sight is not in the calendar at all, and he still can’t move … After seeing the number of crossings, Lin knows that the simplest and most reasonable way to determine whether he has crossed is to look at the date.
First of all, I can determine whether I have crossed.
Secondly, I can determine when I crossed, and even through the date, I can also determine whether I crossed into another world.
It’s strange that the man in black is stupefied. This kind of question needs to call himself in specially, but he still answers honestly, "Today is January 1st!" "
"January 1st …" Hearing this date, Lin frowned thoughtfully and asked, "What year?"
"A.D. 1 year!" The bodyguard in black thought for a moment and added, "You have been in a coma for nine days!"
Through … Really through!
Lin Xin immediately violently beating up.
At this moment, Lin’s mental state is very complicated … I want to believe it but I still can’t believe it.
An ordinary person wouldn’t easily believe that he had traveled through it, even if he read more travel novels, he couldn’t easily believe that this kind of thing would happen to him.
Moreover, Lin still rides a dream horse when he is playing cool running every day … instead of being struck by lightning!
You’re right. Crossing the 99 percent sign is all about being struck by lightning.
The bodyguard in black looked at Lin and looked shocked. He didn’t know what Lin was thinking. He was just a bodyguard. His duty was to protect Lin An. Without Lin to answer questions, he went on.
Lin was silent for a long time before he opened his mouth and said, "I want to see today’s news!" "
The bodyguard in black was stupefied once again. Today, he was stupefied many times by Lin for a short time. The bodyguard in black did not move, but looked up and said, "Play today’s news!"
Lin is strange!
Then I heard a mechanized sound coming from the ceiling in this room. "Please choose the news type when you receive the instruction!"
It’s not surprising that Lin is not ignorant of intelligent voice control system. He is often seen in the film, and he has also used voice dial-up mobile phones. However, Lin never thought that this intensive care unit was even equipped with such high-tech devices … The grade of this ward was promoted several times in Lin Xin.
I want to say a few hundred thousand a day, otherwise I can’t live in this ward.
The bodyguard in black thought for a moment and said, "Game news!"
The bodyguard in black is familiar with politics, economy, sports, people, science and technology, etc. All kinds of news are not of interest to this gentleman, who is the only one who can watch news, that is, game news.
There is another sound on the ceiling: "I have been instructed to play today’s game news!"
The second chapter "Time"!
Then something happened that Lin couldn’t believe and had to believe at the same time
Seeing that the lights in this room are slowly dim, there is a projection on the ceiling, just like playing a shadow, not only on the ceiling, but on the walls around the whole room.
It’s like changing Lin from ward to outside in a flash.
"Gentleman, I’ll go out first!" Black bodyguards watched Lin keep a close eye on Fang’s game news and left the room directly without staying in the ward.
Lin Zheng gaped at the ceiling and looked at the image on the ceiling. He didn’t notice that the bodyguard in black had been away for a long time before he couldn’t believe saying, "This means naked-eye 3d technology … not only is naked-eye 3d technology more advanced than 3d technology, but it’s incredible to let people blend in!"
"God!" Lin slightly upward eyes turned to see the original vertical wall surface display is blue sky and white clouds.
"the earth!" Lin slightly bowed their heads and saw the yellow sand on the ground.
"36-degree dead angle … it’s like moving from one place to another!"
"The key point is where is the projection machine? What level of technology is this * *? "
At this time, Lin has forgotten everything and devoted himself to the game news.
Game news!
"On January 1st, A.D., Time, a large-scale realistic virtual online game released by the’ God Corps’, exploded the whole universe in less than ten hours when it was launched in the face of hundreds of stars in the universe and millions of life planets inhabited by human beings. All other virtual gamers used to be popular in human society."
The universe!
Hundreds of stars!
Millions of human-inhabited planets!
This * * * is a joke … But when you think about it, it’s also a year when the population base of the earth grows up and no world war breaks out. Even if it is established, it is said that the underwater city will transform the whole earth into a mechanical planet with four underground access, which is not enough for human habitation.
If human science and technology are not enough for interstellar flight to explore the universe after the year … then human beings are not far from extinction.
"The reason … first, the time conversion technology in Time has reached the highest ratio of 1: 1 at present, that is to say, in reality, 10,000 hours have passed in the game in the past hour, and it is absolutely necessary for the’ God Group’ to be able to stand out from all other virtual games only by this technology."
Ten thousand to one … Is this possible?
If you spend a year in this game, it is not equal to living for 10,000 years!
"The second" God Corps "has promoted the cross-century giant Time, which can be said to be trying its best to make you be able to do things that ordinary people can’t do in the game, and you can get corresponding rewards. The lowest level of rewards is that money is 10,000 Taiwan dollars, and there is no limited number. How much you can get depends on the player’s game level! In addition to money, there are flying cars, spaceships and motherships … These are not just things that money can buy. "