6, Jul 2024
A slam dunk helped the Nuggets get the first goal of the game, but the Grizzlies were able to do this this this season. It’s not the case that Miller and Gasol made a pick-and-roll and then entered the line to attract the Nuggets’ defense. After that, they hit back to Gasol’s three-point line and hit a big two points step by step, which is not to be outdone. The Grizzlies won the first point of the game. To be continued.

Chapter one hundred and sixty What is gorgeous assists?
It is quite intriguing that the players from both sides attack and assist for the first time, but this is the first round of confrontation between the two sides, and then the competition for two powerful teams quickly entered a white-hot struggle.
The Nuggets’ offensive ball was controlled by Williams, and the other players quickly picked and found the gear. Anthony and Brand made a pick and roll and quickly removed it.
Williams was carrying the ball, but he didn’t look at him at the moment. He and Bell also made a pick-and-roll and cut it in quickly. He was very fast. Grizzlies, these former Williams teammates knew that Williams had a small throw to the original defense. Anthony Posey now saw that Williams had quickly gone to make up for it and was ready to cover it from behind.
Williams has made a deep jump and has taken the ball to raise his hand. It really looks like he is going to throw Posey. The former teammate has the advantages of his former teammate when he sees a smile on his lips after he moves.
However, just as Percy jumped up and threw the ball, Williams suddenly moved in the middle. Just as Percy came to me and was ready to throw the ball, he suddenly picked up the ball from the front and threw it back along his head.
Williams’ sudden move startled Percy, and it also made the line rush out to make up for Gasol’s surprise. These former teammates with Williams didn’t expect him to make such a move now.
In fact, not only the Grizzlies players but also the Nuggets players were shocked. What the hell are you playing with? The back of the head doesn’t have eyes, so isn’t it throwing it around?
Even the audience on the sidelines hissed, and the two commentators were stunned.
But just as everyone was throwing Williams around, the ball flew straight towards Anthony.
Anthony has been in position since he came out of the front pick-and-roll. He catches the ball and makes a quick shot
"Shua" a ball firmly fell into the net bag and reverberated in the FedEx arena.
"This ….." Cyrus looked at the scene in front of him and suddenly didn’t know what to say. This ball is really incredible. Maybe Williams really has eyes behind his head.
Wharton, a 50-year-old, said with deep emotion at this time, "Melo’s reaction is really not like a rookie at all. Why do I have the illusion that this guy has been playing for at least ten seasons? Williams’ incredible ball seems to be taken for granted when he receives it."
The fans calmed down after seeing Anthony hit the shot and then saw the ball. Williams didn’t know what it was. They felt cheated. You know, Williams had never done anything like this in the Grizzlies. Suddenly, the ball was stunned and went straight for Williams.
But in fact, it’s no wonder that Williams used to play fancy and famous when he was in the Kings. Many of the balls looked quite gorgeous.
But since he was traded to the Grizzlies, his style of horse has been criticized by team coach Hubie? Brown was overruled. When the coach heard that the team was going to trade Williams, he didn’t even coach him for a game, saying that his game was too fancy. When Williams came, he forced him to play the ball step by step.
In terms of effect, the Grizzlies did make a breakthrough, but Williams was also ruined. Wait until this season, he put Williams on the bench to make the point guard more stable. Earl? Watson came to play the starting point guard of the team, which directly led to the inevitable conflict between the two.
In fact, in principle, both of them are right, but Williams should not enter the Grizzlies, so it is not good for anyone to attack the home team at half-time
Of course, these are not players or coaches who can decide what they can do is to learn to adapt to the situation and further win the game.
Others don’t know Williams, but Anthony obviously knows that attacking Princeton in the splendor of King Adelman is a feast for the eyes, and it can definitely be called gorgeous. He is not surprised at Williams’ ball.
What is the so-called gorgeous assist? This is the ball caught by gorgeous assist. He is a little surprised and has no mentality. Naturally, he is a steady shot.
This is the benefit of foresight, except Anthony.
"Follow people!" Just then, on the sidelines, Hubie? Brown couldn’t help shouting Williams’ former coach, and now he has a very unhappy feeling.
Anthony is a person who shakes his head with a smile. Sometimes it’s good to meet someone who can’t lose anything. In fact, from a certain point of view, Williams’ ball ability is very abnormal, and sometimes his teammates can’t keep pace with him, which also leads to some balls becoming mistakes. Of course, it’s not that this kind of ball is good, because like Nash in the peak period, he can control the ball according to his teammates’ movement, so the point guard is the strongest. Many of Williams’ balls are based on his own ideas and predictions, and sometimes his teammates can’t keep pace with him.
It is said that Brown really has high hopes in the Grizzlies. After such a roar, the Grizzlies players’ faces became more focused. This wave of attack fell to the frontcourt. After several times of pounding the ball in the frontcourt, everyone pulled it to Gasol’s singles.
Pau Gasol is a 21-year-old rookie. This season is his third season after entering the nba. His typical European technical style has quickly made him a foothold in the Grizzlies and has become the core of the Grizzlies this season. This achievement is indeed a great achievement for a European who plays overseas.
It is said that Gasol is a skilled worker, but his body is the size of Europe after all, and his fat content is not very low. The defensive end will suffer some losses, but he will naturally not fall behind by attacking and coordinating.
He quickly leaned over to Brand after holding the ball at the moment. In the nba, he paid attention to tit for tat. Brand just passed so easily that he had to get back on the court.
Posey now sees Gasol’s back-hitting, and he quickly rushes to the line to prepare for a cut, but someone knows Gasol’s offensive characteristics better than Posey, and that’s Anthony.
Anthony saw Percy running instantly, and he was also a horse, so he wouldn’t give him a chance to catch the ball.
Percy rushed into the line and felt Anthony running after him. He could swing a shot and go around Gasol.
Anthony is also pretending to bypass Gasol at the moment, but when he enters Gasol’s side, he abruptly stops and suddenly swats at Gasol’s hand to catch the ball.
Gasol saw that Percy didn’t have a chance to pick up the ball, and then he chose singles after Percy brought Anthony there, but just as he was about to lift the ball, Anthony’s hand slammed as if he had predicted his move
In Gasol’s stunned eyes, Anthony slapped the ball in his hand.
Grizzly bear fans were in an uproar at the scene. Anthony’s judgment of breaking the ball was too accurate, even exceeding their reflex arc
Anthony quickly grabbed the dropped ball after hitting it, and then Williams threw it at the perimeter without looking.
As soon as Williams caught the ball, he ran out like the wind.
Anthony didn’t stop chasing Williams after throwing the ball, and his back ran towards the grizzlies half-court.
Almost at the same time, Bell also pushed forward quickly.
Almost at the moment of breaking the ball, the Nuggets quickly formed a three-line fast break
This is the quick reaction ability of the shelling team!
But at this moment, Miller reacted. After all, he stayed in the Nuggets for so long and knew how the Nuggets played, and he had a very thorough understanding of Anthony’s ability. Anthony intercepted the ball and greeted Mike around him. Miller two people quickly recede.
Williams pushed forward quickly, and Miller retreated while defending. Miller also defended Anthony from rushing over. At one time, four people struggled with each other to push forward, and soon they arrived at the backcourt of the Grizzlies.
It is reasonable to say that Miller has defended Williams, but Williams’ dribbling at this moment can be said to be fancy, dribbling behind his back and dribbling around his hips, which makes people unable to judge what his dribbling is, so Miller can try to delay his dribbling as much as possible.
Miller is really experienced. Although he can’t break Williams’ ball in this way, he has always put himself in his way, which can be said to be very successful.
The four men just pushed forward and soon entered the Grizzlies three-point line, when Williams suddenly made a three-step basket move.
Perhaps the previous ball was too strange. Miller didn’t make up the defense at the moment, but still blocked Anthony from catching the ball.
Williams has jumped up, and Miller jumped up at the same time as him. This Williams seems to have a basket and a way to choose.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Both offensive and defensive run away
At this moment, Burroughs saw the situation and said, "It’s very experienced to watch Mike and Andre defend these two people. This has blocked Jason’s ball and Jason’s basket will become very difficult."
As soon as his voice fell, Williams suddenly made another move. He dragged the ball to the basket, suddenly pulled it to the right, pulled it down to the right of his head, and then his right hand suddenly slammed it to the left.
The ball just flew straight to the left.
There’s a Grizzlies bench swinging on the left
Grizzlies bench players couldn’t help laughing when they saw Williams’ ball. Did Williams see them as former teammates?
But at this moment, a figure suddenly killed the ball, and the sudden change made those players who were laughing suddenly speechless.
Bell is the Nuggets’ fast break team, but he consciously ran outside the three-point line after seeing Anthony and Williams both hit the basket.
Bell is not Anthony after all. He didn’t expect Williams to see the ball. When he made a basket, he really wanted to basket, so he slowed down involuntarily.
But I didn’t expect the ball to come out, which scared him, because the root of the ball didn’t come at him, but went three or four meters in front of him. It was a rhythm that forced people to die!
He cursed in his heart and then sped up quickly. Fortunately, he ran so fast that he finally grabbed the ball before it flew out of the court. There was a thrilling scene, and he was relieved at this moment.
In fact, this ball fully reflects the characteristics of Williams’ ball. When he entered the Grizzlies’ backcourt, he observed Anthony and Bell running and predicted their forward route. When he was at the basket, he also saw Miller’s defense against Anthony. Anthony’s ball route would definitely not last that long, leaving Bell all the way.