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The exclusive entry hall for private flights is simply two different worlds from the tarmac outside. After Cabuzet stepped into the entry hall, he quickly relaxed his atmosphere. Besides, both of them have already found their faces horribly pale. If they stay on the tarmac too much, wouldn’t they be frozen stiff?

At this time, there are two people stationed in the immigration hall, and it is obviously very unlucky for them. In this weather, which is very suitable for hiding under the bed and sleeping, these two poor people are actually arranged to be on the night shift. Even before people like Zema approach the counter, they are almost expressionless.
Soon Cabuzet Madu successfully went through the immigration formalities, and probably walked 30 steps in the immigration hall, and finally turned into a corner to reach the entrance gate. Outside the gate, it was very regular to park an advanced RV, and a middle-aged man in a formal suit came out from the driver’s seat.
"My driver has arrived! Although you insist on not accepting my land shuttle, I want to say that this is a private flight passenger terminal, and there is no rest place and no taxi coming here. Why don’t I take you to the civil aviation passenger terminal, where you will be much more free? "
Zema told the truth, Kabi’s intuition was very reasonable, and he quickly agreed. Then Zema boarded the senior RV, and the first destination was the civil aviation passenger terminal not far away.
Zema told his driver, Kabi, to thank Zema. When they finally broke up, Kabi left the carriage 30 seconds later and turned back to thank him again. Zema smiled and said, "I hope we will meet again not in the stadium but in life."
"Absolutely no problem!" Kabi gave a thumbs-up gesture for a few seconds, and Zema disappeared into the night in the distance of the civil aviation passenger terminal building in that advanced RV.
Kabi’s next move is to walk into the exit hall on the second floor, because it’s warmer and a place suitable for a rest. It’s still early in the morning, and there are fewer passengers in the passenger building, so Kabi doesn’t wear that black cap.
Then Kabi chose to sit in a rest area and replaced the sim card of the Spanish mobile phone at the first time. When the sim card was replaced and the mobile phone was restarted, the mobile phone received two short messages in a few seconds.
Kabi wanted to change the sim card immediately because he wanted to contact Cherina earlier, but he was disappointed to find that the message was not sent by Cherina. The sender of the message was Kabi’s good friend and club teammate Ma Shu.
[idiot! I saw everything you did in the competition. Although naive, I like it very much! Thank you. I’m so relieved. I’m much more relaxed now! 】
[idiot! If you didn’t guess wrong! You will give me that white sportswear, won’t you? I’m just excited to think of this. I really want to see that white sportswear soon. I’m going to hang it in the middle of the living room. Come back to Granada! I will wait for you! 】
After watching the hemp rat, the idiot sent two short messages. Kabi just laughed and disturbed the rest in the passenger building. Kabi also managed to cover his mouth to make the smile disappear.
Finally, Kabi replied a short message [Idiot! I not only brought back the white sports clothes, but also brought back the game balls for you! Please be prepared to thank me again! 】 To be continued
Chapter 327 42 kilometers distance
There are more and more passengers who want to take the early flight, and the flow of passengers in the passenger terminal building has also increased. Many passengers who need to travel are dragging their suitcases while showing their sleepy eyes. Since the airport is 2 kilometers away from the urban area, the reasons for their listlessness can be fully explained.
After sending a short message to the hemp rat, Kabi wanted to get in touch with Cherina, but because it was too early, no one wanted to receive foreign words when he was sleeping soundly in the early hours of the morning, so Kabi decided not to disturb the other party until dawn.
At this time, just before dawn, more and more passengers came to the airport to prepare for departure. Kabi thought that it would be reasonable to give it to Cherina. He made a good idea and then went to the right wing of the passenger terminal building in a low-key way and sat down in a coffee shop that had just officially opened.
Just sitting in Kabi, he put the black cap on his head and lowered the brim. This is not only a move that he hopes that outsiders will not come to disturb him during this short break, but also that he will get in touch with Cherina, which is even more disturbing.
After all, Kabi is a golden boy in Europe. After several contests with tabloid reporters, he has deep experience in how to guard against outside activities. Therefore, when he chose a seat in a coffee shop, he deliberately chose a dark corner and took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket a few steps after ordering dinner.
After sliding the lock button on the screen of the mobile phone, Kabi looked puzzled. When he knew it, seconds passed. The time for Cherina could be getting more and more mature, but his fingers were so stiff that he couldn’t press the dial button for a long time. Finally, he temporarily put the palm of his mobile phone and rubbed his face hard.
Soon, there were more than 30 taxis waiting in line at the airport. It is said that in any part of Madrid, Cherina can appear in front of each other in an hour. This is even more true that Kabi himself is very white, but he is very stupid. He is still struggling in vain.
"sir! Please order black coffee and muffins slowly! " The coffee shop student laid out the meal and Kabi said thank you. After a few steps, Kabi couldn’t wait to take a sip of pure black coffee.
Pure black coffee is stronger, more fragrant and more bitter than Colombian alpine coffee, which can not only give people a stimulating feeling in taste, but most importantly, this kind of instant black coffee has a unique effect on God. Besides, Kabi just woke up from an early morning flight, and pure black coffee is exactly what he needs.
Then Kabi chewed off half of the whole muffin at a time and took a sip of coffee for a long time. Finally, he exhaled the atmosphere and wiped the napkin clean. After sticking to the crumbs of muffins on his fingers, he slipped the lock button of his mobile phone and dialed the number of Cherina.
Kabi deliberately weakened the breathing sound, and the "beep" at the other end has become the most noticeable thing for him at this moment. To be honest, if Coach Coboni shows up here now to discuss the details of the future game with him, he will definitely not pay attention to it.
"DuDu" rang for about six or seven, and then there was a movement at the other end. Naturally, it was Cherina and Kabi dialed the Spanish national news number. At least it can be said that Cherina has not left Spain. She is still in Madrid!
This card is a little more excited than intuition. Cherina is still in Spain, which is more important than anything else. When Cherina greeted her at the other end of the conversation, it was Kabi who instantly felt that the other party’s current place sounded strange from the receiver.
First of all, Kabi heard the noise over there. According to the current time, Cherina should have just woken up from the soft berth, but it wasn’t like that. Soon Kabi said doubtfully, "Yes! It’s me I’m back in Spain. I’m at Madrid airport now. Where are you? Why do you feel so noisy over there? "
Although they were separated from each other, Kabi noticed that Cherina was a little surprised when she said, "Uh ~? You, you finally came back, but I’m very sorry that I’m not in Madrid at all. I’ve been in Granada all the time. I’m now preparing to check in at the local airport and then go back to Marseille! "
At this moment, Kabi was greatly surprised. He immediately rounded his mouth, and his expression looked like he had just finished a frightened roller coaster ride. He didn’t react until Cherina answered a few words at the other end and said, "But you were in Madrid before I boarded the plane and entered the gate that day? How did you go to Granada again? "
Cherina has arrived at the passenger terminal building of Granada airport, and the environment is getting more and more noisy from the handset, but this does not prevent Cherina from sighing before saying, "Actually, there is no so-called volunteer exchange group. I sent it to you that day when I just arrived in Granada. Maybe we were separated by a layer because you were at the boarding gate and I was in the arrival hall, but immediately after hearing that you needed to go to Scotland to participate in the national team competition, I didn’t have to lie and say that I just arrived in Madrid for a volunteer exchange meeting, but these are all lies. I’m sorry.
After listening to Cherina’s explanation, Kabi’s mood gradually sank, and his look was even weaker, which made him very discouraged. The reason was not that he missed meeting Cherina again, but that Granada and Madrid were 42 kilometers apart, and even if he drove quickly, he could not arrive before Cherina boarded the plane.
Kabi realized that a lie made by Cherina directly sent him to the wrong place, and it was impossible to recover it from time to time. So Kabi adjusted his mood and asked, "Don’t say sorry, I know why you lied at that time, just because you were worried about affecting my performance in the national team competition. I really understand this, but do you really need to go back to Marseille now?" If you are willing to stay a few more days, we will definitely be able to meet a few times! "
Kabi heard Cherina laugh and Cherina said, "At that time, I thought you would finish the national team soon, but I didn’t expect you to come back to Spain today and finally went to the wrong place because of my lie." I’m sorry I have to leave here today, because there is a condolence activity for the volunteer team in the afternoon. I have to attend and take care of everything. Please rest assured that this volunteer team is really true! "
Then Kabi reluctantly accept that fact that he and Cherina missed meet again.
However, Kabi doesn’t want to talk. He can take the opportunity to show his love to Cherina, but he really doesn’t want to talk. He is a little sad and angry, and his anger is complaining about why Granada and Madrid are 42 kilometers apart.
"mom! We can’t make it! Cherina is going back to Marseilles! Damn it! " Kabi kept saying in his heart that he hated the 42-kilometer distance.
Cherina Bai Kabi’s attitude is even more clear about the reason why Kabi was so upset. Instead, she comforted Kabi and said, "I came to Granada this time just to meet you, but I didn’t find out where you played as a player. I’m really sorry, but once you played against Real Madrid and this time against Holland, I watched the live broadcast by the video camera. I like it very much that you embroidered my name on your sneakers. The live camera told me all about it. Of course, I like you very much!" to be continued
Chapter three hundred and twenty Stupid
The idiot knows that Cherina meant that last sentence, but she has no choice but to board the flight back to Marseille, France. It seems that it is more important to host the volunteer group than to wait for Kabi’s direct reply.
To make matters worse, Kabi didn’t show his true attitude before Cherina boarded the flight back. The European golden boy was so stubborn that he could turn the situation around by saying a word, but he was obsessed with this and couldn’t catch up with the reality.
It’s natural for Kabi to stay put outside the city, but there’s no reason for Cherina to wait. The boarding gate broadcast was already awake, and the passengers were ready to board the plane, just like that time when Kabi was urged to say goodbye to Cherina several times before going to Glasgow.
"goodbye! I have to board the plane! " In the face of Kabi’s terrible reaction, Cherina suspected that she was disappointed, but she still concealed her feelings when she said goodbye to Kabi.
Kabi sent Cherina back to Marseille, France. When Cherina took the flight as early as thousands of feet, Granada, this idiot Kabi woke up from all the bad reality. He let go of an excellent opportunity alive, just like kicking the ball in front of the goal and losing the goal foolishly.
When Kabi left the coffee shop, he believed that Cherina’s flight had left the city of Granada. He walked out of the store after checking out in a dull mood, facing the passengers traveling in the passenger building again.
Kabi clearly realized that he was still in Madrid, and maybe in a few minutes, Cherina’s flight was completely out of Spain, and soon this man, who is not only a European golden boy but also an idiot, sighed deeply.
Although the noise in the passenger building was very noisy, Kabi clearly heard his sigh, which was very annoying to him. He really didn’t know what the noise in the passenger building couldn’t hide his sigh, so he looked up and saw passengers with different actions in front of him.
Kabi stood there with dementia. The European golden boy was like a European idiot. He wanted to see Cherina in the crowd of passengers. At that time, he was convinced that he would give Cherina a hug. But as his eyes kept moving in the passenger building, he naturally didn’t find Cherina and finally stopped at a counter.
[Instant Ticket Office] Kabi saw the name of the card in front of the counter, and he read the line of English gently without a standard English accent.
Everything came so fast that Kabi stared at the counter card for a round and suddenly his brain flashed, just like seeing his teammate in front of him on the court and preparing to send a long-distance direct ball.
"mom! I should also go to Marseille! Go now! " Kabi’s face tightened and he gave back a snap of his fingers. From his disappointment, he seemed to wake up and he saw hope again
Now that I’m awake, there are many things for Kabi to plan. First of all, it’s not natural for Cherina to arrive in Marseille for the time being, and then when Kabi is most worth arranging, it’s with coach Coboni.
Because of coach Coboni’s arrangement, Granada will have four drills in the afternoon. Even if Kabi makes two trips back and forth quickly, the fastest transnational action will take him back to Granada in the early hours of the morning.
The key problem is that coach Coboni has already ordered the players to return to the local area where the club is located within 24 hours after completing the national team, and if necessary, he should inform coach Coboni that he has returned home and can’t travel abroad again to prepare for the next day’s training class.
"Damn the team rules!" Kabi lightly scolded 1: It is the first time that he really realized the horror of coach Coboni’s military style. If he wants to go abroad again 24 hours today, he will be punished by coach Coboni.
I can vividly remember the suspension of the Ministry, and Kabi couldn’t help shuddering at this moment.
However, based on his own obsession, Kabi was still at a loss. He took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket and gave it a brief moment. He found himself holding the mobile phone and the palm of his hand was trembling.
Kabi dialed the number of coach Coboni. If he really wants to get to Marseille in France at that time, he must ask coach Coboni for advice and get the consent of the other side.
Kabi knew that coach Coboni’s military style naturally estimated the other party’s answer, but left Kabi with anxiety and waiting before the final result appeared