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Just now, in the water, Sun Sheng saw several snakeheads the size of a car swimming towards the water. After putting on the sky eye, he couldn’t see the level of the other side. Sun Sheng’s first thought was to escape. His second thought was to swim to the shore with both hands and feet at full power. Although there were still five timberwolves in the water, there were not so many now. Seeing those big snakeheads in the water, lost face estimated that it was born to die. If he fled to the shore, he estimated that it would be no problem to get rid of several wolves temporarily. The fruit is that those big snakeheads can solve the wolves in the water before they can land, and then chase Sun Shengan. Wolves can swim in the water, but fish can’t land, but Sun Sheng can eat all the fish amphibious. This is the biggest advantage of Sun Sheng at present, but the reality is cruel. Sun Sheng’s hope to fall is probably stimulated by Sun Sheng’s panic. A big fish suddenly increased its swimming speed, which is almost the same as that of a Ferrari sports car. Just a moment ago, it was leisurely and slowly swimming, although it was a little ugly. The sample is in the water, but suddenly it becomes a thunderous terrorist killer. Zhang is wider and grander than their bodies. The big mouth is not their reducer, but their 1,000 horsepower engine!

Sun Sheng has exerted his physical strength to the limit. Although he is not afraid of death, to be precise, he knows that his roots will not die, but he is reborn in the village. But when he thinks about being bitten off by this big fish, Sun Sheng still feels chilling. He can run and run. Although the speed difference between Sun Sheng and the big fish is too far, Sun Shengsheng is close to the edge of the black hole. Many big snakeheads can chase Sun Sheng in a black hole. In shallow water, it should not be so terrible unless it can grow a few legs.
There is still one meter offshore, and the big fish behind Sun Sheng is only less than three meters away from Sun Sheng. Sun Sheng can feel the terrible suction coming from the mouth of the big snakehead without looking back. This guy seems to be eating with the blue whale on the same route, but the blue whale has baleen in his mouth. This guy’s mouth is half a foot long and has spiny fangs!
Walking in a straight line, Sun Sheng can’t outrun it, so it’s a curved escape path. At this time, Sun Sheng has no chance to think. That is to say, Sun Sheng, a lonely hero and a fearless warrior, didn’t do that. Sun Sheng paddled with his hands and his feet at the same time. Unconsciously, Sun Sheng had a monkey jump, which surprised Sun Sheng. In his eagerness, the monkey jumped in the water and made him swim forward. The body suddenly rolled over and the huge body of the big snakehead was driven by Sun Sheng. The current made Sun Sheng unable to control his body and slammed into the big fish for an instant, causing Sun Sheng to lose more than 200 points of blood. Sun Sheng also saw the big snakehead appear in the black hole, and dozens of ferocious snakehead figures appeared one after another. Their dense bodies covered the whole black hole. Such a horrible monster is scary enough alone, but they are still social animals. Does this make people live? However, these snakeheads are obviously not interested in answering Sun Sheng’s question. The swaying figure seems to be a demon coming out of the abyss of hell. Sun Sheng was unconscious and broke out in a lot of cold sweat (sweating in the water, I’m afraid no one can consciously). Sun Sheng never dared to look again for fear that he would suddenly wake up from a myocardial infarction. Sun Sheng adjusted his direction and continued to swim to the shore.
Just in the past, the big snakehead didn’t give up on Sun Sheng’s predation plan. He swung his fin and came at Sun Sheng again. This time, Sun Sheng has a long memory. Of course, it won’t be a simple swimming monkey jump, which can make him swim at a considerable speed in the water. Although it is temporary, it can’t hold up Sun Sheng continuously, which makes Sun Sheng’s speed a lot higher. However, the speed of the big snakehead behind him is still terrible for Sun Sheng. Sun Shenggang was taken away from the cave wall by big fish. Now Sun Sheng is one meter away from the shore again, It’s very dangerous for Sun Shengke to chase after him. Once again, the monkey jumped and turned to hide, but the desire for gas made Sun Sheng a little desperate at this time. When he found the big snakehead, Sun Sheng had already looked for opportunities to kill the wolf and lurked in the water for a long time. After he found the big snakehead, Sun Sheng continued to exercise vigorously. The gas in his body had already consumed seven or seven, which made Sun Sheng spit out a lot of gas. Now he doesn’t go out to breathe. Sun Sheng is afraid that he will really suffocate. If he can choose, Sun Shengning can die with a bang.
"Fight!" Sun Sheng stepped on two monkeys in the water in an instant, and the instantaneous acceleration made Sun Sheng jump out of the water obliquely. At that moment, Sun Sheng’s head came out of the water, he deeply loved the coolness, and he loved to turn over the coolness. He felt that the big snakehead behind Sun Sheng didn’t give up and also jumped out of the water after him. His huge mouth shook his powerful tail and bit Sun Sheng with scattered spray. It was covered with scales and teeth in his mouth were dripping with cold light in the sun and water.
Sun Sheng has escaped from the black hole. If he can still be buried in the mouth of the fish, he is simply sorry for the readers. Therefore, Sun Sheng takes full advantage of the opportunity to kick the big snakehead following him obliquely. Fortunately, this fish is big enough and its head is big enough. Although the big snakehead is constantly twisting and smoothing its body, Sun Sheng is not worried that this foot can be kicked "bang". Sun Sheng’s foot is actually kicked in the forehead of the big snakehead. If the whites of the two fish are also considered as the forehead, Sun Sheng’s feet are paralyzed, but people have successfully borrowed this foot and pulled the big fish. The distance from Sun Sheng’s eagerness is not too great, but the big snakehead rushes out of the water so fast that even if Sun Sheng’s foot is not too strong, it can bring a very strong mutual force to himself and the big fish. Sun Sheng’s body is thrown out by this way, but the big snakehead has no significant change because of its too great speed compared with Sun Sheng, but it also falls after sliding for a while.
Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. Then it was really a slap in the water, and Sun Sheng couldn’t help grinning. Fortunately, Sun Sheng didn’t have the abnormal weight like a big snakehead, and his speed had dropped a lot before he made close contact with the underwater stone.
Do your best. Sun Sheng got up from the water and walked to the shore. At the moment when his hands touched the grass, Sun Sheng couldn’t hold on any longer and didn’t want to hold on to the grass any longer. At this moment, Sun Sheng knew that breathing was breathing hard and breathing contained the fragrance of grass.
Chapter 36 When running the cow is going on
A small group of people outside Linjiang City are marching slowly in the forest four miles away from Linjiang City. There are seven people in this group, dressed in messy clothes, and several people seem to be talking and laughing as they walk.
"I said mint, you see, we’re going to Linjiang City. Guys, take care of you all the way. Do you want to show your support when you get to the city?" A fat smirked wearing a western-style silver armor head but an eastern-style black silk scarf said
The girl named Mint, dressed in a red silk robe, doesn’t know when she was born. She looks comfortable in setting off a proud figure and a handsome face, but it is precisely because of this beautiful appearance that she is not fat enough to ask questions next to her. She glanced sideways at the fat and then deliberately replied in a gentle and lovely tone, "Ok, what do you want? But in case people can’t do that again, they don’t know if their spells will suddenly fail because of anxiety …" She said and touched it and held it in her arms.
"No, no, no, I dare not ask too much of such a beautiful and lovely beauty. Hey, hey … you should take care of me when fighting. Where can I resist without you to add blood to me at the back? It’s a big deal that I die a little and let our lovely and kind mint suffer. We must carry forward mutual assistance and seek nothing in return. The glorious system will persist in the end! Happy and happy ….. "This wry smile not only didn’t receive a return from the beauty, but suffered from the supercilious look of some people around.
A emaciated white man who walked away from China’s swordsman road turned his head and said to the fat man, "I said fat, why are you so humiliating to our male Han? When it comes to the key moment, I’m embarrassed to say more about your coming and letting me go." He said that he still pretended to be fat between him and the beauty, but the beauty glanced at him and let this figure like a scholar hold on to the fat hands more than a swordsman, and in turn framed the fat way, "I said fat, why are you so not authentic? You can’t say why don’t you let me say it?" Then your mind is out of proportion to your stomach, right? You let go and let me pass, "he said, clutching his fat hands."
Fat face koo looked at the people around him and the other four people couldn’t help laughing. Even the beautiful woman couldn’t help but evoke the corners of her mouth. At this moment, a short man in tight black with a long bow and arrow tube on his back said, "Be careful, everyone. The destination is not far away. Let’s be careful. If we plant it here, we will die of a sudden death." Then we also look at it. It’s not a dense forest. The cautious sample is quite suitable for his dress.
Next to a long-haired man with a wooden stick in his hand, he said, "How come you don’t scare me? It’s so close to Linjiang City. How can there be a terrible monster? I don’t believe they can get close. Let’s just be a melee cat demon, be fat in front of a scholar and spend it next to make a sneak attack. What can’t be solved?" Didn’t we just come all the way? What are we afraid of? "
A strong man with a long beard, shorter than Hou Yi, echoed, "The mage said yes, I think you are too nervous about the descendants, but nervous. After all, we have been doing this for so long, and it is difficult to be excited. My heart is still jumping. You should relax like me, thinking that it will be easy for our horse to get a reward." He said and stroked his lush beard and muttered.
The man named Hou Yi sighed, "I hope I’m too nervous. I always feel uneasy in my heart, as if something is going to happen. Maybe I’m too nervous."
At this moment, a brave man in front was wearing an animal skin waistcoat, pedaling a long barrel of animal boots and holding a mace, but suddenly stopped, so that six people who were still laughing and accompanying him almost bumped into each other. The fat man stabilized his body and said, "Hey, I said, what the hell are you doing with the cat demon? You’d say, my waist was almost broken by a knot in the wood in Mint’s hand." It turned out that the beautiful woman didn’t stop in her eagerness just now to put the French staff on the front to help her slow down, but she just stopped at the fat one.
A beautiful woman named Mint criticised "It’s good for you to die, so as to save food in the world". This smile is gone. Just pretending to be seductive and comely almost made fat saliva burst its banks. Fortunately, when she was fat, she found her ugly face and stopped it. She was about to blurt out saliva and look away from the corner of her eye. Unfortunately, no matter how well he concealed it, she didn’t escape the beauty’s eyes. She vomited at his back after the fat turned her face. This nifty and lovely appearance made her eyes stay in her body. She suffered enough and shook her mind. He couldn’ Lead a few people around to laugh hysterically.
"Shh …" The strong man turned to the six people who were still joking and made a gesture of silence. When they saw the seriousness of the strong man, the six people immediately cleaned up the lazy heels, each with sharp eyes and looking for a good position. This turned out to be a rare elite team. If an enemy appeared in their field of vision at this time, welcoming them would definitely make the most violent attack.
"Did you hear anything?" The famous cat demon strong man asked the players who were waiting for the battle
Hearing this, everyone in the team pricked up their ears and carefully distinguished the sounds from all directions. Except for the wind, several people breathed, and everyone could not distinguish anything valuable.
Fat after a long time can’t help but ask the cat demon way "I said the cat demon are you sure you hear what sound? I know you have the skill of "listening to the wind", but I can’t guarantee that you will hear badly this time. I warn you, don’t scare me. You know I’m timid. "
The beauty couldn’t help teasing him when he heard this. "Timid should resist the blame in front?" But when you see me, you are very timid … "This makes Fat very depressed.
"Yes, I didn’t hear any sound either," Hou Yi added.
"Didn’t hear"
"Me neither."
This time, the opinions of the six people are very unified, but the strong man named Cat Demon is not going to change his conclusion "Isn’t there a sound in a chaotic direction …" After a moment of meditation, the strong man went on to say "The direction is in the north, that is, Linjiang City. What is this sound? I’ve never heard such a noise before, but it’s very imposing. "
The strong man’s words made the other six people’s hearts hang up. Cat demon can’t make a mistake. When I was worried, I couldn’t help but listen carefully again. After a long time, there was finally a noisy sound. It seems that I have heard it somewhere. Everyone seems to have raised the same question at the same time
Followed by the sound, the earth trembles. As the sound gets closer and closer, people can finally tell that this is the monstrous momentum of Wan Ma Benteng’s sound, which is hard to imitate by other sounds.
"No, horses are notoriously docile, so there shouldn’t be any threat to us, should there?" The sound of fat seems to make the tone of explanation but lack of confidence sound more like self-comfort.
No one can answer him, and there is no need to answer him again, because at this time, a few red bull eyes with big horns running like crazy suddenly appeared in their field of vision, so that even if they are hundreds of meters away, seven people can see the red light in their eyes
It’s not the tame horse, but it’s a crazy cow or a big horn. This meaning is different. Seven people have a short-circuit phenomenon in their brains. After all, this scene is very rare. Fortunately, when the cat demon reacts, he greets everyone and says, "Come on, let’s find the tree quickly!" Shortness of voice indicates to the other six people that they have reached a very dangerous situation.
Chapter 37 Heroes Save the Beauty
"Not to say that cattle are very docile animals? How come I didn’t find any tenderness in this group of red bulls? " Fat looked crazy and ran like a bull. He said nonsense, "That’s because you haven’t seen bison!" " The beauty gave him a white answer, which was very simple and capable, and then turned and ran to a thick tree.
"There are so many mint whites!" Looking at the beautiful woman’s back, I complimented her with a fat compliment, and then I looked at a big tree and ran three times and two times. I hugged the trunk tightly and it was deformed. I really can’t help but wonder if he would bounce off the tree because his belly was too close to the trunk.
The shaking of the earth is getting worse and worse, even when the tree is still climbing, everyone can feel the tree. Those old leaves that are already a little withered fall from the tree in this way, and there are more and more cows in the eyes of a few people. Red hair, red eyes, bent horns and strong muscles are not showing their strength to outsiders, but they are obviously too excited.
Some "red-eyed" bulls rushed forward regardless of the obstacles ahead, so they kept getting arm-thick. One by one, the young trees were all smashed by the red-haired bison, but they didn’t have the slightest counterattack. Some of them broke the young trees. After running for a long distance, the red-haired bison also started to shake and then flopped to the ground. The blood on their foreheads was left to them as a souvenir. For these red bulls, breaking such an arm-thick young tree was a little something, even if it was a little dizzy, and they could recover after a short rest.
If you can’t see the young trees hitting the red bull, you will turn a blind eye to the companions who fell to the ground. If you don’t have a chance to recover from dizziness, you will be trampled by countless black hooves. The horns are hard and the bulls are strong, but this doesn’t mean that they are as hard and strong as other parts of their bodies. After being trampled by countless hooves, they will be strong and their bodies will be powdered.
There are constantly red bison that are trampled into paste by later companions, and pink blood splashes everywhere. Gradually, a piece of cowhide wrapped in broken bones can be left intact, and there are strong horns. When countless cattle hoofs trample and die, the minced meat of red-haired bison is evenly coated on the ground, the grass green grass and bushes pink blood and various colors dirty together form a bright wild painting.
It’s still good to have those bison who are more wronged. They have seen the trunk in front of them and tried to hide, but they were squeezed back by their companions who were on their way, so they never stopped braking. They are kind and unwilling to watch themselves bump into the trunk. Relatively speaking, the head of the red-haired bison is much stronger than the trunk, but that depends on when. At present, the red bull has little advantage in high-speed movement, for example, the 10,000-meter-high falling glass ball is enough to break through a few centimeters thick steel plate. In the stillness of the trunk, the glory of the red bull was ushered in. Bang, a bull’s head crashed into the trunk. The two corners of the trunk were inserted into the trunk like cheese, but the bull’s head connected with the ox’s horn also bloomed in red and white in an instant, and the trunk was almost as thick as the two legs of a person. It shows how strong the collision was.
How can we beautiful women be calm when we see this situation? But all girls have a natural aversion to this kind of flesh-and-blood scene, and beautiful women are no exception. She has not climbed the tree yet. She can’t manage the many dangers. As soon as she slips from the trunk, she holds the trunk with one hand and bends down to retch with the other hand, but she also knows what will happen if this situation falls into the herd. After slipping from the tree, she is very clever and hides behind it.
Several other people are already in good shape in the tree. At this time, they can’t help but be anxious to get along with each other for so many days. Let these people have a good friendship and watch one of their companions be in danger, regardless of it. Even in the game, they can’t bear to be fat. Just after greeting several other companions who are still in the tree, the tree will be stopped by the swordsman-like scholar.
"Why didn’t you see that she was in danger?" Fat is really some nasty tone is not good.
"What’s your hurry? If you want to go, I will go. Can you avoid the red bull collision if you go at that speed? " The scholar’s tone is also unquestionable.
"I …" Fat can’t help but choke. The situation is really so fat. Although the blood is thick, there is nothing if the blood can’t escape from being hit by a red bull in this torrent. Even if the fat level is much higher than the red bull level, the scholar is the same. Although it looks thin, it is really the fastest among these people. If he can’t hide any more, the rest of the team can’t hide. "Well, be careful when you go to the scholar!" Fat only patted the scholar on the shoulder.