8, Jul 2024
Wen Pin smiled and Huang Xu shook his fist in front of him with a stare. "Why am I wrong?"

Feng Zhang couldn’t resist the letter hand pulled out a brush from several cases and threw it at Huang Xu, who smiled and took it.
"If you are a yellow turban insurrectionary, you must be a stupid thief! They are just playing for us! Nine times out of ten, that Li Yi was acting to show us that if I were a yellow turban insurrectionary and some people were entangled outside the Zhang Cun Gate, the other 150 people’s soldiers would go to the village to plunder. Although we soldiers could finally drive them out after they got married, they must have robbed a lot of things by then-almost every family in Zhang Cun had food and surplus money! "
"Since they don’t have money, they directly look for militia, which means they didn’t come for money this time, but wanted to attack our militia first and then let this’ Li Yi’ pretend to be a good person to get our letter and then-"Feng Zhang made a gesture of sweeping the net.
"Oh, that’s it. Mom, this Li Yi is so insidious." Huang Xu thought for a while and shook his big head. "Old … master is the master’s so insidious scheme. You can see at a glance that the problem is severe. I don’t recognize this boss."
Huang Zhong once said slang and stared at him mercilessly. Unfortunately, Huang Xu was chastened this time and didn’t look at Huang Zhong’s side.
"Hey hey, this is a series of tricks that can fool me? However, if there is a mistake in this way, no one will dare to surrender voluntarily in the future in case of Han Sheng! "
"Go and send an agent to Zhuan Gu to inquire about this Li Yixu!"
"Whether this Li Yi is true or not, let’s eat and drink him well first, and forbid him to run around in the end until the news comes back."
"Who is this commander in the other afternoon? Still be calm and cultivate a maybe a talent. "
The master book gave a gift and replied, "Hui’s adult is the commander of Zhang Cun militia."
"He’s coming"
A little while later, a soldier came to the house with Wu Bing’s head as a pledge and bowed down to Feng Zhang as a gift. "See Feng Shao!"
The soldier winked at him to wake him up. "It’s Puyang’s order to call an adult!"
"Yes, I have seen Lord Feng!"
Crazy adults? Interesting. This neither fish nor fowl name makes Feng Zhang smile lightly.
"Commander Wu, please get up!"
"Lord Xie"
"Commander Wu, do you know how many brothers died and how many brothers were injured in today’s battle?" Feng Zhang asked coldly.
It’s bad, it’s still guilty. When Wu Ke heard it, he knelt down again. "If you are guilty, please punish your adult."
"Answer my question!" Feng Zhang a roar frighten wuke shivering.
"It was an adult who injured 32 brothers and killed 19 brothers."
"Hum, a total of 150 people went out, but less than two-thirds of them were not injured. Do you think I trained you for nothing these three years?"
"Adults belong to …"
"I know you must be angry if you don’t say it. You want to say that this is your first actual combat, and brothers are afraid to die so much, right?"
"My Lord, this is the case."
"Well, even so, don’t you know you made a mistake? I’ll point it out to you one by one! Somebody get the sand table! "
Two soldiers wheezed from the backyard and carried a wooden board with the size of three weiqi disks into hills, cities, forests and rivers, which were lifelike.
"You all come near, you come too." Feng Zhang pointed to Wook.
Everyone is curious. Come close and form a bunch of candied haws with their heads around the sand table.
"This is the gate you just attacked position is here? What enemy came from the south and you let the enemy surround you? Don’t you know that the enemy is many times as many as you? Why don’t you guard the west gate after the peasants withdraw into the city? On the one hand, you can prevent the enemy from looting in the city, and on the other hand, you can avoid being attacked between Scylla and Charybdis. Do you think it will reduce some casualties? "
Wu Ke listened as if he were stupid and guilty, and finally he nodded and said yes.
"And I’m not finished. What are you doing nodding like a chicken? When you retreat into the city gate, on the one hand, the enemy’s bow is greatly reduced, and the defenders of Jiacheng can also use bows and arrows to help you kill the enemy, right? If I don’t hurt a person, I don’t know if I’m withdrawing troops. "
Wook nodded like a garlic and repeatedly said that he had unconsciously knelt down to the ground again. Now he is really sincere. Even if he really cut off his head, he feels that he deserves it.
"Good good you remember my words? Remember, I’ll tell you all the brothers who went to war today. Remember every word I said! "
"Is a word! My Lord … You won’t kill me? " Wook has been stabbed in the face by Feng Zhang’s rapid-fire words. He was about to ask for a will before he died. What?