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It’s almost nine o’clock when we get to Hengyuan.

I came from a taxi, but I saw a few reporters around the gate of Heng Yuanda. I couldn’t help but twist my brows. It’s so difficult that what’s the bad news?
I hurried through those people and wanted to enter the gate. A man suddenly stopped me. "Hey, isn’t this Miss Lin?" He said that the reporters circled over.
"Miss Lin, do you know about Hengyuan’s violent tax evasion?"
"Mr. Zou was about to get married with Miss Yuan of the Wynn Group. Why did he suddenly get engaged to you? Is there any scene in this?" A woman asked sharply.
"Do you know about the bribery of Hengyuan executives?"
The door is right in front of me, but I can’t move a step
"Excuse me, everyone." I protect the paper bag in my hand for fear that the cakes in it will be crushed.
"Miss Lin, please answer us" is the female reporter again.
I didn’t know when I pushed off these people. Xiao Chen ran out from the inside with two security guards to help me block the reporters and protect me from entering the gate.
"Miss Lin, why are you here?" Xiao Chen and Liu still habitually call me Miss Lin.
I turned my head and looked outside. The reporter didn’t answer the rhetorical question, "What happened again?"
Xiao Chen frowned. "At five o’clock, someone anonymously reported Hengyuan on the industrial and commercial network that Hengyuan had serious signs of tax evasion in the past two years and sent screenshots to the network to attract these reporters."
Uh … This thing is endless.
"What about manager Zou? Is he in the office?" I asked.
Xiao Chen "shouldn’t have seen him come out"
"Then I’ll go upstairs first." I turned and walked up the stairs. Chen trotted over to help me brush my card and said, "Manager Zou may be at the meeting."
"Nothing. I’ll wait for him in his office."
My brow tightened when I entered the ladder.
After thirty floors, no one came out of the secret desk. The whole floor was very quiet, but the lights were still on.
I took a look at the other end of the secret room, and no one thought it was difficult to work all the time. When I turned my eyes and saw Zou Chen’s office light was on, I walked over and gently pushed the door. He was not there, but I saw him lying on the sofa with his arms in his eyes, and I didn’t know if he was asleep or not.
I tiptoed over and put the paper bag on the glass coffee table and squatted down beside him. I just wanted to lie down and hear if he was asleep. He suddenly sat up and scared me.  I wish you all a happy weekend! !
Chapter three hundred and thirty-nine Wave after wave
I tiptoed over and put the paper bag on the glass coffee table and squatted down beside him. I just wanted to lie down and hear if he was asleep. He suddenly sat up and scared me.
"Why are you here?" He raised his hand and pinched the eyebrows, which seemed a little uncomfortable.
"I don’t trust to come and have a look." I got up and sat down beside him and reached out to explore his forehead. "Are you uncomfortable?"
He let go and looked at me "nothing but a little tired"
I touched his face lightly. "Did you have dinner?"
"I was at the meeting just now." He held me down and touched my hand in his face.
I gave him a cross look, withdrew my hand, turned to hit a paper bag and took out a few snacks. "You eat something to fill your stomach first." Then I got up and went to his desk and took his special tea cup and coffee cup. "I’ll make you a cup of coffee."
Zou Chen leaned back on the sofa and looked at me with tired face. "Just don’t pour a glass of water."
I glanced at him without saying a word and went out with a cup. The secret room should have been off duty. I went into the tea, washed the cup first and poured him a cup of warm water.
Back in Zou Chen’s office, he had sat back behind his desk and was banging on the keyboard. I didn’t frown at all when I saw the dim sum on the coffee table. I put the water cup on his desk, walked to the sofa and took the two dim sum to his desk.
"Eat first." My voice sank.
"My hands are dirty." Zou Chen didn’t look up and stared at the screen, and his hands didn’t stop.
I lightly sighed and handed the cup to him. "Then you should drink two sips of water first."
At this time, he was obedient and took the water cup and drank more than half of it. I really drank it at first sight, and I felt sorry for him.
Picked up a piece of coconut cake and handed it to his mouth. He stared at the screen and opened his mouth and took a bite. I took the cup from his hand and stuffed the remaining half of the cake into his mouth.
He looked up at me with a dim sum in his mouth and smiled vaguely and said, "This is delicious."
I glanced at him angrily. "Didn’t Yuan Ni send it to you every day a while ago? You’ve never eaten it?" My tone is not a little sour.
Zou Chen added a mouth and squeezed his eyebrows at me. "She gave me a bite and gave it to Allen and Jenny."
"That’s more like it." I picked up another snack and handed it to his mouth.
After feeding him four small snacks and letting him drink the remaining half a glass of water, I turned around and went to tea to make him a cup of coffee.
While grinding coffee beans, I thought that when I met Bai Jie today, her face smiled. If I hadn’t washed my hands and heard that, I wouldn’t have believed that she was such a sly person.
Section 262
If she’s really behind this recent incident, what does she want? If she is afraid of Zou Chen arguing with Gu Yisheng for Guggenheim, then she can rest assured that Zou Chengen has no mind and is not interested in Guggenheim. She really doesn’t have to make such a big deal.
Or … I can talk to her.
Thinking about this, I have a plan in my heart.
After making coffee, my cell phone suddenly rang in my pocket. It was a strange number, so I pressed it without thinking and went back to Zou Chen’s office. He was talking.
"I have to check myself once every three years, even if I stay up all night."
"Then bring back all the people on vacation."
"Well, it’s hard for you late."
Hang up, he went on talking.
I put the coffee at his desk and retreated to the reception sofa. It’s a little far from his desk, and playing games won’t affect him.
I sat on a sofa with my back to him, took out my mobile phone and called Sister Lin to ask her to prepare some food taken late at night. After the conversation, I looked back at him. He had hung up, lowered his head and frowned slightly.
I turned back to my mobile phone. Sina. com suddenly had a lot of malicious attacks on Hengyuan. It was said that Hengyuan started in less than ten years and flew from a contractor with less than ten million registered capital to a large company with a market value of billions. There must be shady collusion in secret, such as Hengyuan’s habit of bribery …
There is also news that the former section of Hengyuan Xiamen project was also investigated, and someone cited Shen Hengyuan for improper means when bidding.
At one time, the network is as degenerate as flowers and snow for the information of Hengyuan.
Bribery is a very sensitive and disgusting thing now, and it hurts the reputation of enterprises if it is not handled properly.
"Xiao Chen, you personally take someone to the construction site to check it for me. I suspect that the accident may be human."
"Well, it is very likely that the contractor’s background will also be given to me in a detailed investigation."
I suddenly turned my head.
Zou Chen took a look at my side and continued, "Give a message to officer Lu and let others help. The scene must not be destroyed."
I got up and walked over in amazement.
"Well, this is a secret check in advance."