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Two years!

Lin eyebrows a wrinkly slightly … What is this situation?
Lin glanced at the surrounding buildings, and there were several five-and six-storey buildings in the visual range. According to the exterior decoration of these buildings, it can be determined that this is the ordinary building built in the 1990 s, and it is very common to see buildings everywhere.
Didi Didi … Suddenly Lin felt something shaking on the outside of his thigh.
Looking down at Lin, I saw that I was wearing a pair of blue jeans, and there was a square long protrusion in the pocket of tight jeans. This long thing was vibrating the mobile phone … Yes, it was the mobile phone.
Lin took out the mobile phone in his pocket … Two years’ mobile phone is really rare. Generally, students can’t have it, and only students with good family background can get it. Lin is still very clear about this. After all, he came from this era. In two years, he was a flower of the motherland.
Take out your mobile phone and there is a short message … Click to view it.
Training scene phase data
S 2 years!
Location earth! (Check the admission notice in your pocket for the specific location! )
Identity student! (The specific identity is to look at the ID card in the wallet! )
Bank card 5 yuan rm password 123456! (The bank card is in the wallet. The semester has been handed in. I will enter life on the 1st of every month. Life in 1 yuan has entered the bank card in that month! )
Important Note 1. Do not physically disable the ranged attack weapon itself (determined by medical science and technology in that era). Immediately decide to die and quit training. 3. Decide to die and quit training immediately. It lasts for 4 trainings until all trainees die. Immediately stop training for 5 times and quit training for elimination (not online).
Special rules: If you eliminate a trainee in the first year of training, you will get 1 point of military merit. If you eliminate a trainee in the second year, you will get 1 point of military merit. Finally, the trainee will get 1 point of military merit reward!
Note: This information will be automatically deleted after 30 minutes.
Lin didn’t care what President Li was talking about. He read this message over and over again … Instantly Lin woke up and turned around to look around, but he didn’t find anyone else looking at his mobile phone like him. After all, mobile phones are not affordable for ordinary people, especially students, in two years.
That is to say, there should be a player here … Everyone else is a virtual game!
Delete the message and put the phone in your pocket.
Suddenly, someone patted him on the shoulder behind Lin, which startled him. "My buddy is rich at home and can’t afford a mobile phone!" "
Lin looked back at him. Behind him was a boy, about 16 years old, with yellow hair and earrings … I knew at a glance that he was a teenager.
Lin replied faintly, "It’s okay!"
After returning a sentence, Lin turned around and said, "Lend me your mobile phone to make a message later!"
Lin took a glance back at this * * boy again without speaking.
Turn around and think about your own business … I want to find a few players to team up and learn a common sense in the future. This training turned out to be a trip back to the past. This training rule is not just training, but players compete with players. What the hell is this * * *? If other players know that I am also a player, I am afraid they will choose to kill me.
I’m afraid that everyone who can participate in this training is a master. After all, the military can’t be traded, and the foundation is actually obtained by their own strength.
My strength … I am an ordinary person without a gun. Even if I have a gun, I am an ordinary person. After all, holding a gun in my body and wearing armor are two different things.
What’s more, this training still has no armor … No wonder it’s called special training.
It is important to hide my identity, but fortunately, I am not a future person after all, but the ancients in the 21 ST century are familiar with the world of this era
I want to hide my identity and live in this era so that future players can find me.
Hide … Nima seems to really count. I’m from this era. What do you need to hide? It’s not right. It’s two years now, and I’ve traveled more than ten years ago.
The game "Time" is really the same as its name. When I travel from one time to another, I just don’t know if this time is the same as when I know it!
It’s only been less than a year since I stayed here for a generation when I was one to one hundred. This business is quite cost-effective
Lin was severely slapped on the back of the head!
It hurts. This feeling is really * * * real … Wait, this is not the time to think about it.
Lin turned his head and saw the blond boy look at Lin with contempt. Although he didn’t speak, he seemed to say,’ I hit you. What do you want!’
This is a martial arts school, which is equivalent to a technical secondary school … All the teenagers here are 15, 16 and 17 years old. If they are good students, they can’t come to this school. They should be ordinary high schools.
Lin is not a hot-blooded teenager, but an otaku with an adult mind in his thirties. In reality, he is just as resigned and resigned as ordinary people … But this is a game?
Yes, it’s a game!
However, this game is too real to see the game data, so real that each of them has the same intelligence as a real person.
Lin stared at the boy without saying a word. He didn’t strike back. He reached out from his pocket and pulled out his wallet. When he hit the wallet, he saw that there were ID cards and bank cards in the wallet and five hundred-dollar bills (there were five in the monthly life bank card, and naturally there were five that should have been taken out and put in the wallet).
Lin leans slightly, which just allows the * * teenager to see the hundred-dollar bills in his wallet, but he can’t see how many sheets are in it.
Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the young boy’s footsteps moving behind him, and the corners of his mouth slightly tilted up.
Yellow-haired * * teenager took a step forward and grabbed Lin wallet like a handful.
Lin wants this effect. Just * * the teenager hit Lin Yilin and didn’t say anything. * * The teenager naturally felt that Lin was easy to bully. Even if he robbed his wallet, he wouldn’t do anything. After robbing the wallet, he broke the wallet to see how many hundred-dollar bills were in it.
Lin turned and threw his fist at the boy’s face and shouted "robbery!"
Fist mercilessly kissed * * young cheek Lin but ready to this one punch is d to punch directly to * * young Lin fist himself or a little clear for not practiced body fist strength is not very strong, at best, will be a little bit.
* * The young man fell to the ground and his wallet fell to the ground. At this time, he didn’t pick up his wallet, but took two steps forward. His feet were a little confused with his head. * * The young man was kicked in the head!
Just kicked the first, this * * teenager obviously had the experience of being beaten like this, and immediately curled up and held his head in his hands.
Bang bang!
Lin took aim at the waist and abdomen of other places after kicking for two times … It was another fierce kick.
Kick when Lin mouth didn’t stop yelling "I let you rob my wallet I let you rob my money … I let you rob! I let you grab it! "
The students around you saw the fighting here, but instead of breaking up, they gathered around … Ah, it’s still a bit difficult for this school to find a timid guy.
Everyone just entered school and didn’t know each other. No one came out to help Lin, and no one went to save this * * teenager.
However, Lin didn’t kick for long, and there was a seemingly weak body but very flexible. The teacher broke through the wall of onlookers and stretched out his strong arms to drag Lin … Lin is not a passionate person who always pays attention to the surrounding situation. If he is angry and furious, he will definitely struggle violently and even fight with the teacher.
The headmaster’s speech was naturally impossible to continue. When there was chaos in the face, he jumped from the podium very neatly … The farce soon ended
Chapter 29 Choice!
Martial arts schools are like comprehensive teaching buildings, physics laboratories, chemistry laboratories … these are not available, but the medical room is essential and the doctors in the medical room are absolutely qualified.
Medical room!
There are several teachers and principals near the sick * * sick * * in the clinic, and the teenager with blond hair can lie in the sick * * and stare at the same side with a very calm expression.
The doctor in the doctor’s office did some simple tests on the teenager and reported to the principal that "the principal’s classmate has nothing to do but a little bruise and a slight concussion in his brain, and he will be fine after a few days’ rest."
"Nothing is good!" After the headmaster replied, he turned to look at Lin in awe and asked, "Why did you hit him?"
Lin replied, "He robbed me of my wallet!"
The headmaster looked back at the boy and asked, "Is that right?"
"Principal, we are classmates. It’s a joke!" It’s obviously not the first time that a teenager with blond hair has a clear tongue and fluent answer. He said, "I think his wallet card is very strange. I can’t help but take it and have a look!"