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Cao Cao didn’t think deeply about Lu Bu’s activities at the bottom of his eyes and Zhang Miao’s. After all, they are life and death brothers, plus Feng Zhang and Lu Bu are sworn. Well, this Lu Bu has a little bit of kinship with himself, so he turned a blind eye to Zhang Miao’s abnormal behavior.

There is almost no external force to prevent Lu Bu from easily capturing Zhongmou, Xingyang and Yang Zhai, three strongholds with triangular shapes on the map. After Dong Zhuo’s rampage, Sizhou was a good place, and then Lu Bu was stationed in Yang Zhai while training. The refugees in the whole Sizhou heard that it was a long journey to bring food and help the elderly. Unfortunately, Lu Bu was in charge here, and the rest of them were armed. Every day, they just had a bowl to live on, so they could look at porridge in the mirror and distribute cultivated land to Qingzhou. Don’t even think about it.
After a year’s rest, Zhang Miao and Chen Gong both thought it was time to move their muscles. Just then, Yuan Shao appointed Zhou Ang, the secretariat of Yuzhou, to be attacked by Yuan Shu and Gongsun Zan. Although he won in the end, after learning the news, Chen Gong Ma thought it was a good opportunity to develop and strengthen his power, so Chen Gong personally sat in Yang Zhai and made moves to Lu Bu to prepare for a massive attack on Yuzhou.
At this time, of course, Zhou Ang knew what was the reason for Lu Bu’s stationing troops at the border, so he sent someone to inform Yuan Shao, and Yuzhou and Jizhou sent troops to reinforce them through Cao Cao’s state law, so Yuan Shao wrote a letter with harsh and threatening words for the fourth time asking Cao Cao to start work on Zhang Miao.
After learning the news, Zhang Miao finally couldn’t sit still any longer. Cao Cao could protect him once, twice and three times. Who knows if he will protect himself this time? It’s better to put one’s life in the hands of others than to feel at ease in one’s own hands. While the army of Zhou has just returned from the crusade of Qingzhou, the troops are scattered, and the army of Lu Bu turned its finger at Zhou.
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Lyu3 bu4 army prepared and in Chen Liu Zhang Miao is a response. Even if Feng Zhang were here, he might not be able to guard against the situation. What’s worse, he would be impatient if he came sexually, and he would be anxious if he found something. Cao Hong?
There was hardly any resistance. Lu Bu’s army soldiers cut straight into the hinterland of Zhou State in three ways, and Lu Bu took the Zhongjun to personally attack Chen Liu. Hao Meng, Hou Cheng and Song Xianling attacked the first line of Junyi, Pingqiu and Fengqiu in Zuo Jun; Zhang Liao, Seibel, and Wei Xu attacked Weishi, Yongqiu, and Xiangyi, and the three armies went hand in hand. Even if Cao Cao’s lair had been in operation for the longest time, Chen Liu fell after Zhang Miao met for half a day.
Until Cao Hong himself appeared in front of Cao Cao in Juancheng, dressed in rags, kneeling on his knees and crying about the fall of Chen Liu, Cao Cao could hardly believe that Zhang Miao, who had always treated his ears like brothers, would stab himself at this time!
During the crusade to Qingzhou, Chen Liu had 20,000 soldiers, Puyang had 30,000 people, but 10,000 people were the reserve team, and the Lyu3 bu4 army had 10,000 troops all the way! Don’t talk about the invincible all the way to the county!
The only thing that is fortunate is that perhaps Zhang Miao deliberately released water, Cao Cao and other family members escaped, and no important family members were trapped in the city.
And I was almost so angry that I vomited blood. Cao Cao ignored Guo Jia’s dramatists and others and strongly opposed personally leading straight to Chen Liu.
So he sent materials to Qingzhou and turned around and went back to Feng Zhang to learn that Lu Bu had attacked Zhou and scolded himself for forgetting this crop.
The luck of Lien Chan’s Liebhu Army has also come to an end. Lyu3 bu4 Zhongjun and the Left Army can’t attack Coss and Xu Rong respectively guarding Puyang and Zhang Cun. Feng Zhang has always heard that someone wants this place to change its surname and spontaneously contribute money to form a militia to help loyalist guarding the city.
And Cheng Yu commanded the First Route Army to lead the guards in Hua Xiong, and the one on the right side of Zhang Liao was trapped in Dingtao. Then, in the summer, Houyuan and Taishi Ci stalked each other. Although the loss was not great every time, they couldn’t even keep up with the hay for a long time.
After a slow start, the state army went to Puyang-Dingtao front line and Cao Cao, who has always been good at benefiting the people, called on the people in the occupied area to destroy the rear of Lyu3 bu4 army in Qingzhou.
Lyu3 bu4 army was not deeply influenced by Feng Zhang. Zhou state army saw the city plundering the city, saw the town robbing the town, and passed the Taiping Day. Of course, the people were dissatisfied with Lyu3 bu4 army taking over the whole village and running away. Before leaving, the village chief and the village chief ordered not to forget to poison the well and burn every grain that could not be taken away.
Soon, even Chen Liu and Zhang Miao regretted that it was not a resentment to surrender their officials when the city was broken. They looked at their necks and looked forward to cutting their heads and giving them to Cao Cao one day … Not only that, these surrendered officials took money to deal with their roots without a non-violent attitude, but they didn’t do anything. Today, it was either hemorrhoids or dysentery. What could Zhang Miao do if his family took turns "dying" and changed the law?
I can always see one or two bloody cats, dogs and other animal carcasses at the door of my house every morning. Even my family members walking in the street will suddenly be hit by rotten eggs and rotten leaves. When Zhang Fu people went out to buy some daily necessities, they either said that they were sold out or the prices were ridiculously high. When they questioned each other, the other party also plausibly said, "Don’t you know that it is a war now? That’s the price in wartime. "It’s good that a group of people look at themselves with idiots’ eyes. I don’t know who whispered" stupid B "and attracted a group of people to laugh …
How can Zhang Miao’s money be compared with Cao Cao? It won’t be long before I can’t want to buy food and grass, but no one around me is willing to sell Yuan Shu and Tao Qian, but it’s too far away from Gongsun Zan.
The war ahead was unfavorable and the rear was in a mess. Zhang Miao felt as if she had returned to liberation overnight, fearing that Yuan Shao and Cao Cao’s troops would suddenly appear in front of her eyes one day and that the people and surrender officials would rebel and kill her, making her even more unstable.
It seems that it is better not to rebel! Zhang Miao’s eyes are a little heavy when he looks at Chen Gong.
It’s all this product’s idea
Section 13 temptation
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See if there is a small JJ for men and a big mm for women; A woman can’t be a beautiful girl and a man can’t be a Edison Chen. Get some tickets to spend all the flowers.
Lyu3 bu4 is Feng Zhang sworn brother! Lv Qiling is his future wife!
Cao Cao at the moment in addition to worry about lyu3 bu4 army offensive and worry about Feng Zhang this layer doesn’t seem to worry about the problem.
Even ready to entrust family Zhang Miao can be against Feng Zhang. Why can’t you stab yourself in the back at this point?
If so, Qingzhou has nearly 100,000 troops …
Love Cao Ang was there …
There’s also a bunch of yellow turban insurrectionary drops from the newly collected Zhao Yun and Lv Qiling …
The most terrible thing is that my heart is hot and I sent him two concubines …
It’s good to keep one, so I won’t be so upset at this time.
Cao Cao sat in an armchair with a 30-degree angle and looked at the top with indifferent eyes. Several cases were filled with all kinds of articles, either in an emergency or asking for help.
It seems that the college entrance examination is about to face the desk in April and May.
The incense burner, which exudes a faint fragrance, is getting more and more unpleasant, and Cao Cao’s hand pushed over the ash on the ground.
"Husband, are you worried?" As soon as Ding Furen heard it in the room, he saw that Cao Cao was losing his temper, and the maids and servants were far away-it was a bit scary for the black-faced Cao Cao to be angry
"I’m worried about repairing the machine over there …" Why does Cao Cao’s right hand rub his temple and feel a faint pain when his mood fluctuates?
"Sloppy" Mrs. Yiding laughed and walked behind Cao Cao to massage him.
"At the beginning, my husband knew the opportunity to vote for my husband; Now, the people in Zhangzhou want it, and you know that you have an engagement, but your husband is suspicious. Why don’t you tell me about this? When did my husband not receive a secret message from those officials, big and small, who had to surrender to Lu Bu? Even these small officials know that their hearts are turned to you. What’s worse? Besides, I like this kid who knows the machine. He is good-looking and literate. Don’t you always say that he treats his concubine like a bodhisattva? This child will certainly be blessed in the future. "
Some reasonable words made Cao Cao’s frowning brows ease a lot. I have to say that the possibility of Feng Zhang’s rebellion is quite small from all aspects. At the beginning, Cao Cao was only a few thousand rebels. When Feng Zhang didn’t swallow himself, now the palm of his hand and the two States are disloyal. Feng Zhang shouldn’t be such a fool, should he?
"If my husband is not at ease, you can ask Feng Xiao and Zhong De to worry alone here?" Ding Furen smiled and let Cao Cao rest his head on his full two peaks. The soft jade suddenly made Cao Cao feel a lot clearer.
"Yes!" Cao Cao suddenly woke up with a clap of his thigh and shouted at the timid servant in the corner outside the door, "Somebody please invite Mr. Guo, Mr. Cheng and Mr. Xi to come."
I was busy planning a counterattack against the Lyu3 bu4 army. I heard that Cao Cao called for three people to lose their hands and live in a hurry, but I saw Cao Cao’s eyes in a daze.
"Cough," Guo Jia coughed a few times. "Your master called me here in a hurry. I don’t know what’s important?"
"Oh, oh," said Cao Caomeng, saving his time and not folding it up. "All the gentlemen are here? Sit down! "
The three men bowed their hands and took the robes in turn. Guo Jia, the youngest, took the first and the oldest Cheng Yu.
Looking at three pairs of eyes and six eyes staring at themselves, Cao Cao was embarrassed at the moment.
Said he was suspicious of his future son-in-law? Don’t even laugh at yourself then, will you?
"This ….. today, I still hope you can keep it a secret." Cao Cao’s face rarely floats with a layer of red, although the chassis is too dark to see clearly.
"Master, rest assured that I will rot in my stomach." Three people have expressed their ears to listen to Cao Cao. What secret things do you want to ask yourself? Which lady do you want to see? Cao Cao doesn’t love virgins and mature women, which seems like everyone knows that Feng Zhang once said that a woman named Huang was crazy.
Cao Cao struggled to swallow a mouthful of saliva and move his throat. "Dare to ask you what you know …" There was a long pause.
Three people qi qi breath air conditioning to see Feng Zhang woman? After this crazy and famous beauty lover doesn’t love Jiangshan, Lao Cao always talks about asking everyone not to provoke Feng Zhang women-didn’t you force Feng Zhang to fight with you? Although you took advantage of him when he was young and said …
"… will you be negative to me?" Cao Cao had a hard time giving the words to the end, and the three of them went to the heart of their throats before they were released.
All right, don’t worry about infighting
At first, Cao Cao saw that the three men were pale, but he thought they were the same. Later, when he saw the three men smiling, he was a little puzzled-why didn’t he want to think that the problem was his own sentence?
Three people, holding a word, I advised Cao Cao never to doubt Feng Zhang. If Feng Zhang is against it, it will be against it. If people don’t mean that, how hurtful your idea is? No wonder we were told not to tell.
In the end, Guo Jia was a man, patting his bony ribs and saying that if Feng Zhang turned my head against me, he would put it in your case! Old Cao waved his hand and said that Guo Jia didn’t hear clearly whether it was "forbidden" or "not allowed to die"