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Fu Jingxiao fed her a bowl of soup, and she drank too much. If Cong Wang hadn’t grabbed her neck, she would have just suffered a skin injury, but other major events would have recovered without physical strength to supplement some nutrition.

In the evening, the attending doctor came to see Xu Jinyan’s symptoms. This is the intensive care unit. She is no longer in a coma, so she can be transferred to the general ward, but she will be hospitalized for several days.
When they moved out of this ward, the family members of the next bed saw their miracle, and Xu Jinyan also heard about the patient’s condition in the next bed.
When she left, she handed the blessing bag in her hand to the other party’s family. "This is the blessing bag that my husband asked for, hoping to bring you such a blessing and hope that your fiance will wake up as soon as possible."
The girl clenched the blessing bag and nodded, tears streaming down her eyes "Thank you".
Going out from the ward is also Fu Jingxiao’s hug. He didn’t give her a chance. Even going to a health clinic is holding it.
In fact, she drank soup, ate something and had nutrient solution hanging on her body. She was probably able to walk in her own bed after she recovered, but he wouldn’t let her.
I forgot the fact that he is actually a bully.
She listened to him, and she was afraid, but she clearly knew that he was also afraid.
Everyone wants to grab each other’s energy desperately.
Love a person will become so careful and so timid.
After changing the ward, the police came and made a record. Because of the personal involvement, this ward was temporarily moved to Xu Jin.
Fu Jingxiao also quit the ward.
"Hello, we are the police station in the north district of Beijing. Now please make a record of this kidnapping case and answer truthfully." The police showed their identification documents.
Xu Jin inkstone nodded his head.
"Do you remember the whole process?"
Xu Jinyan tried to recall a "about 10 o’clock in the afternoon, I went to the medical ladies’ room to change clothes. When I first went in, someone covered my mouth and passed out. I didn’t realize it. Later, I woke up in a car and a male driver dragged me to a chemical factory. I smelled a pungent smell. The kidnapper was Xie Zhihan. She told me that she wanted revenge. There was another person who followed me in Yuncheng before she found Wang Cong. I called the police. Cong Wang pinched my neck and tried to invade me. Later, I felt breathless. I couldn’t remember it. Hr ss=auhorwords auhor= Mo Qiu ideniyid=null /&g;
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Chapter nine hundred and sixty Getting married
"Well, after you have registered, the police will ask you to assist in the investigation if you have any questions," the police said as usual
Xu Jin inkstone moment "good thank you"
"You should contact our police if you need help. Our police have special psychological counseling. You should be a doctor."
"I know I will do a trauma assessment later." Xu Jinyan is a doctor. Whether kidnapping or aggression will cause psychological trauma to people. Although it seems calm on the surface, she will be here for psychological treatment, not only for herself but also for her work.
"Have a good rest," the policeman said to her when he left.
Xu Jin inkstone moment
After the police left, Fu Jingxiao came in and poured water for her. "She said a lot and drank saliva to moisten her throat."
After a few sips of water, she was asked to lie down by him.
She held Fu Jingxiao backhand. "Both Xie Zhihan and Wang Cong are handed over to the police and they will be punished as they deserve."
Fu Jingxiao lifted her eyes.
He can hear the meaning of her words, and some words are tacit, so there is no need to be special. She is afraid that her own affairs will affect his judgment.
He clenched her hand and bent down to whisper "yes"
Xie Zhihan is involved in kidnapping, fraud, commercial crimes and many other crimes, all of which require evidence. The police have taken him into custody. At the same time, Li Weiqiang and Cong Wang are accomplices. At the same time, the cases of former Xie Zhihan and Xu Jinwen have to be retried, and the lawyer will follow up.
This is a good thing for Xu Jinwen.
Of course, in the small county town of Xu Shun Li and Zhang Yanfen, they don’t know about Beijing’s problems and don’t pay attention to online news. It’s just that these people in Beijing are always active in front of the media and will pay special attention.
I don’t know.
Fu Jingyun is arranged by his family now. It’s a meal delivery.
She asked her mother, "Aren’t you dissatisfied with her and asked me to send you three meals a day? How can it be good if I love you especially today?"
Cheng Qing gave her a hum. "Don’t laugh at me. Your mother is such a disgraceful person. I’m not a good mother-in-law. I admit it, but I’m not a heinous bad guy. Let you take it. You can comment on so many things and be angry with your mother."
"How can our mother’s adult be a good mother-in-law? Otherwise, you personally ask Wang Ma to make dumplings or you will smell incense every day." Fu Jingyun debunked her mother.
Cheng Qinghao won’t put it in his mouth, and it’s not pleasant to say, but in actual action.
"By the way, Mom, Shiyu and I are going to put the guest list before the wedding. You and Dad will discuss it and we will write the invitation," said Fu Jingyun.
Cheng Qingyuan hoped that they would hold the wedding early. By the end of October, they were already in a hurry.
Now it is near the National Day, that is, it will be done after the National Day.
"What’s so urgent is …" Cheng Qing’s keen eyes scanned Fu Jingyun’s lower abdomen. To tell the truth, she hopes to have it. After all, her daughter’s age is over there and she has reached the age of a second child. This is a way to avoid the topic.
"No, I just want to tell everyone that I’m getting married. I’m going to marry Shiyu, and I can’t wait to be his bride." She missed it for too long and desperately wanted to catch it.
Cheng Qing shook his head. "It’s not urgent before, but it’s urgent now. Can you not make me think wrong? It’s also a good thing to have children. I’m not so old and feudal."
"I know that Shiyu has included having a baby in the plan. He said that it would be good for all aspects if I had a baby earlier." Mother wanted Zhou Shiyu and had already arranged it.
This surprised Cheng Qing that "he is much more stable than he thought."
"That’s my brother can’t compare with" Fu Jingyun raised his lip angle and smiled on his lips.
Cheng Qingbai gave her a look. "You can’t compete. Don’t be too young and not too old."
"I can’t help but let Shiyu spoil me at his place. I seem to feel more and more alive." This is what Fu Jingyun really thinks. She can be herself easily.
Cheng Qing knows that for so many years, she forced herself to grow into a strong woman, but she lost it. When she was a child, she wanted to be a Snow White dream. It is happiness that people can regain this dream in their thirties.
"Come on, I’m glad you’re happy. I have nothing to say. Come back for dinner. Wang Ma makes dumplings and freezes them to take you away. You have breakfast early in the morning and your big flat bed doesn’t tell your dad, but he still wants you to live in a spacious room. The wedding room is also installed there. It’s better and more decent."
"When the dumplings are not well received by Mrs. Fu, there is a wedding room in the island, and I have already bought them. It is also close to the hospital, which is very convenient for him to have money." Fu Jingyun smiled and said, "I will get married sometime after I get married, and I will quarrel. I always have to find a place to hide."
Cheng Qingnai said, "Before you get married, you think of quarreling behind you. Do you want to save for a rainy day or do you think you don’t like your marriage?"
"Be prepared? Dad said I would keep it in mind." Fu Jingyun refuted her mother’s point of view.
"Well, let’s go to the hospital for a while. The dumplings are all burnt." Cheng Qing pushed her out.
Fu Jingyun came out from home and went to the hospital.
"I’m here to deliver the meal again." Fu Jingyun said to Xu Jinyan after putting the heat preservation box. "I’ll disappear automatically when I finish waiting for our doctor Zhou’s class."
Xu Jin inkstone in distress situation, she pulled Fu Jingyun "elder sister, he talked nonsense, I wish you could spend more time with me."