14, Jun 2024
For a moment, whether the president will attend this activity has become the focus of attention.

Colleagues are thinking about this problem, but they are also thinking about Qin Yue.
Qin Yue is away on business this week. She hasn’t seen him for several days. When can he come back?
Although he will call back on time every night, she hasn’t reached the point where she doesn’t talk. Many times both ends of the conversation are silent.
At this time, someone launched an activity in the company’s activity group, betting that the president would participate in this activity, and each participant would bet 500 yuan.
At that time, a lot of people responded to the Ministry, and dozens of people almost all bet whether to go or not, which was almost even.
At the same time, Lin Mei Wang Wei ran to find Jane and asked in a hurry, "Jane, do you want to bet?"
Jane made a careful analysis.
Although Qin Yue is cold-hearted, it is the first time for his company to organize such a big event and go to such a local tyrant place. It should be that he instructed Xu Tezhu to prepare and bet Qin Yue to attend with Lin Mei and others.
When I was near work, I received a call from Qin Yue knowing that he was back from a business trip, so I went home and went to the supermarket to buy ingredients, travel tomorrow and some food
When I got home, Qin Yue was still busy in the room, and said hello to him simply, so he was busy preparing dinner in the kitchen.
While eating, Qin Yue still ate gracefully without saying a word.
Jane peeked at him several times and finally dared to ask, "Qin Yue, will you participate in the activities organized by Tiangong Company?"
Qin Yue didn’t seem to hear her question, but she still ate her meal seriously.
He didn’t answer, but he was embarrassed and bowed his head to eat.
After a long time, Qin Yue put chopsticks, picked up a tissue and wiped her mouth, and casually replied, "I’m not interested in this kind of activity."
Qin Yue didn’t directly say no, but this obviously means no.
"Oh" is simple and small, and it is hard to hide disappointment in one tone.
"Why? You want me to go? " See Jane disappointed look Qin Yue suddenly come up with such a word.
It doesn’t matter whether you go or not. I care that I bet the 500 bucks.
The chandelier lights Qin Yue’s knife-shaped eyebrows pick slightly. Since she wants him to go to her husband, he can go there sometime.
Jane got up early the next day, but Qin Yue was still earlier than her.
They have been living together for some days, no matter how early she got up, when she woke up, Qin Yue was fully dressed and sitting by the window reading the financial newspaper.
Sometimes Jane feels that Qin Yue doesn’t look like a person living in this era
He lives a horribly regular life, reading newspapers that are about to be eliminated every day instead of getting information through the Internet.
"Get up!" He looked up at her and looked down at the newspaper.
"Well, it’s early!" Jane looked at him suddenly some can’t move eyes.
Today, he is dressed in white and sitting quietly in the single person sofa by the window. Long legs and long legs overlap at will. The morning sun shines gently on him through the window, making him look a little warmer.
This man is not a person at all, but a rare art in the world, which makes people want to collect him.
Jane’s burning eyes caught Qin Yue’s attention, but he ignored it and calmly flipped through the newspaper in his hand.
His appearance often attracts the attention of anthomaniac, which makes him very disgusted, but he doesn’t hate looking at him so steadily.
After a long time, Jane’s eyes haven’t left him. She looked up to see her. "Don’t you have to go to the company to organize activities?"
"I almost forgot if you didn’t tell me." Jane smiled awkwardly and casually found a story.
She was thinking that Qin Yue’s art would fetch a good price if it was auctioned. Qin Yueyin woke her up like a pot of cold water.
The company rented two buses and lost fifty buses to send colleagues to Bihai Mountain Villa for holiday.
When the department heads count the number of people, everyone’s eyes are looking around to see if the president will come in the end.