15, Jun 2024
The whirlwind flew close to the metal master, but it crossed the metal master and missed.

"This …"
Dade’s face changed immediately.
How can you play Q close to your body?
But he is. The whirlwind flies farther and farther, but he can’t come back.
A Q throw is nothing, but without Q, he can’t hit the target and the big move can’t be released. He was in a dilemma for a while.
For the first time, he realized that it was agreed to explode in three minutes, and now it’s three minutes, but he may be killed by Lu Zhan alone
Dade’s face is not so obedient, and even a drop of sweat has been left.
Talking to peke before the game, peke has woken up. He has a strong land exhibition. He didn’t take it to heart. Even if Morgana is very bright in the second land exhibition, there is no name of this person in the strongest known single.
But now a close flash has made Lu Zhan rise a lot in Dade’s mind, and finally put him on the same level as his opponent.
If Dade just flashed through experience, the flash of this land exhibition is simply a stroke of god. Dade has been ready for a long time and can’t let it go after fighting back.
"How did he do it? This hand speed … "
"Flash too long and it will be blown up later."
"This fuck is amazing …"
With this flash, the station has been exclaimed.
In the camp of foreign students, Chen Nannan looked at the big screen with a full face of surprise and said to Zihua, "How can this hang up? How can the game be played like this? I also play Yasuo when I know Yasuo Q, but the attack frequencies of the two are different and I can’t be accurate enough to flash my skills! Is it D when you look at the right corner? "
"Not so close, I’m afraid even God can’t hide by hand speed. In fact, Lu Zhan explained this truth to me in the first double row, but I didn’t quite understand it at that time. Now I finally understand it after watching his actual exercise."
"oh? Then how to fuck? " Chen Nannan came to the fun.
"It’s very simple. When Yasuo hangs a Qbuff, it’s 1 second. If Q can’t continue to hit the target, the effect will disappear. Yasuo Level 6 has three levels of Qd5 seconds, which means that Buff is good at half Q skills. Of course, I may have to eliminate and subtract D, so I don’t know the specific algorithm of Lu Zhan." Zi Hua said leisurely
Chen Nannan listened to it and stayed for another time. It looked very fantastic. It turned out that with such a simple judgment, many people would stare at each other’s blood stripes when they were fighting, buff they ignored the blood stripes. The information there needs their own experience to discover.
The land exhibition is actually summed up by several experiences, and when it is implemented, it becomes such a stunning effect.
"Really … competitive" Chen Nannan can’t help but admire.
When the two men finished talking, Yasuo’s blood volume had reached double digits.
Lu Zhan’s flash just now was actually a flash in situ. After all, he just had to avoid that Q anyway, but if he flashed away, he didn’t have the pursuit skills to watch Yasuo escape.
In fact, Yasuo was ready to escape after Lu Zhan flashed away from Yasuo’s strike.
He knew that he couldn’t beat Lu Zhan’s general attack. E went behind Lu Zhan and decided to run in the direction of Lu Zhan’s family.
However, he has the effect of igniting Lu Zhan’s big move, and his blood volume has been dropping.
Dade thought out a retreat for himself long before the attack. He first e-recruited a small soldier, and then e-recruited another soldier near Lu Zhan. With a soldier line, Yasuo can feel at home.
However, his distance can also be limited to Lu Zhan, near Xiaobing, who pursued all the way without giving up.
Yasuo dragged more than 9 blood E and killed three soldiers. He didn’t fight casually but was afraid of Lu Zhan E.
E-skill is a remote skill. If he is rubbed against the side, he will die and keep moving.
Dade finally relied on blind monks coming from the river.
Purple flower has been assured that Lu Zhan will win, but the appearance of blind monk in the video makes her nervous again.
The metal master has more blood than Soto, but he is only 3 blood. The blind monk still has a chance to take the metal master’s head.
"What can I do!" Purple flower is holding Chen Nannan’s hand nervously, and it hurts Chen Nannan.
"Hey you male god can do this time? Maybe if you can’t kill Yasuo, you will give it away yourself! " Chen Nannan deliberately teased.
As a result, Purple Flower Pinch hates Chen Nannan more and can’t help but "ouch".
Next to someone exclaimed.
Chen Nannan hurriedly looked up and saw that Yasuo was dead.
"How to die …" Chen Nannan was surprised.
"The metal was hit by an E-edge," someone else replied.
Chen Nannan swallowed saliva and just finished Lu Zhan, but he didn’t necessarily kill Yasuo and actually killed him.
In fact, even Dade didn’t react. He jumped three soldiers and delayed for a while, just waiting for the blind monk to come. When Lu Zhan almost reached the distance of E skill and the metal master had made a pressure, he immediately jumped to another soldier.
There is a distance between the two soldiers, and it is reasonable to say that E can’t hit it.
However, the metal arm made by Lu Zhan’s E skill reached Yasuo’s foot.
It turns out that his actions have been guessed by Lu Zhan.
Chapter 659 Say 3 minutes to blow up!
In the eyes of Lu Zhan, his own soldiers are divided into two types: those who have been passed by Yasuo E and those who have not been passed by Yasuo E.
Yasuo’s six-level E skill can only be E once every one second. The more E soldiers he has, the smaller the range of options.
Although there are seven soldiers around, they can pull away by two. These two are still together.
The hammer drop target of the land exhibition is directed at the position of these two soldiers.
Looks like it was hitting his own soldier, but Yasuo jumped halfway and was killed by Lu Zhan.
"LPL and Wind killed OGN and Dade!"
"Ok" Lu Zhan finally breathed a sigh of relief.
If both of them didn’t have shields, it might not have lasted so long, and when Lu Zhanma was about to kill, Dade dragged the residual blood away
Lu Zhan knew that the other side had prepared a posterior approach for himself. At that time, he still had some doubts. The effect of the big move continued to kill Yasuo. There was a good chance, but he still needed some blood. He put an E at the two soldiers, which was also a guess. It was not necessarily that the other side’s mind would go there.
This time Dade was guessed by him.
"Say 3 minutes off? How did you die! " Aso died as soon as the blind monk appeared from the middle road. He was very speechless.
"…" Dade didn’t speak. He could spell the land exhibition by himself, but the metal master’s skills were too restrained. Yasuo couldn’t make a big move and was stronger than him. Adding another wonderful stroke of genius to calculate the land exhibition overwhelmed him.
"Look at me! Finally, I have to clean up the mess with you. "The blind monk is full of confidence. He will be able to kill Lu Zhan with a set of skills if he kicks 6 blood and 3 blood.