16, Jun 2024
Tang Shiyan stepped back a few steps and frowned and tightened a little. "Are you coming out alone?"

"Mm-hmm, you know I can’t drink much wine, but I’ve been drunk today … poof …" Spit a mouthful of water into the trash can and Liao Jingjing leaned against it and said, "But I’m not drunk enough, and my mind is still clear. You have to wait for me for a minute."
"Come to our company early." Tang Shiyan took out a handkerchief and handed it to Assistant Li, saying, "You send Miss Liao back first."
"Ha ha, are you so far away from me? I won’t throw up on you again." Tang Shiyan took one look at her and turned to leave. However, before he stepped, she was hit by a woman from behind, and her center of gravity was unstable, but she quickly let go. "Oh, I’m sorry that I was unstable."
What does a snail who is used to being late need to be swollen?
Tang Shiyan sent you a blade.
Snail snatcher hum, why don’t you worry about going home yourself first?
Chapter sixty-four Wait for me upstairs. I’ll take a shower first
Shen Xinyu finished school early today and practiced the piano for a while. It was still bright in the evening. She came to the window and looked out for a while. After that, the girl went back to bed and picked up her mobile phone to brush her circle of friends.
It’s called a circle of friends. In fact, there are three friends in her WeChat, one is Xia Mimiao, the other is Dr. Jialiao yesterday, and the other is Xiaoyupao who worships her teacher today.
But fortunately, these three people are all people who like to be in a state of hair. In just one night, there are more than ten pieces of information. If Xia Miji doesn’t look at it, it must be all food pictures, while that little fish bubble is pretending to be a grown-up, sharing all the famous sayings with love philosophy. The rest is what Dr. Liao released in medicine and physiology …
Just pull a few Shen Xinyu and see one with the latest news to wake her up. It is the latest one shared by Dr. Liao.
Shen Xinyu was slightly stunned when she saw this information that was obviously inconsistent with other information. I didn’t expect Dr. Liao to look so calm that a woman still liked it.
Mature men prefer independent women, but in their hearts, they are more eager for the other person to take the initiative, such as a hug when they go home and a kiss before they go out.
Shen Xinyu came to the living room sofa to play games, with his head down and his expression seemingly serious, but his ears slightly pricked up, but he listened to what was going on outside from time to time.
I don’t know how long I’ve been waiting
Outside, a car engine, Shen Xinyu, flashed her eyes at the keyboard and fingers, expecting to be nervous.
I wonder if he will like it?
Tang Shiyan’s face was not good when he entered the door, but he quickly gathered his emotions when he accidentally saw the figure on the sofa. "Why are you sitting here?"
"You’re back." When Shen Xinyu quickly put down her mobile phone and looked at it like she was in hindsight, "it was a little stuffy in the room, so I sat here for a while and didn’t expect it to be so late."
Seeing that the girl is a little cute and confused, Tang Shiyan smiled and unbuttoned her coat and told her that "it’s best to play games less at night and hurt her eyes."
"Well, pay attention." Shen Xinyu smiled and lifted her feet and walked over to the man. "Are you busy these two days?"
Come back so late every day and still smell of alcohol.
Of course, Shen Xinyu didn’t dare to say that he saw the girl going to pick up his coat. Tang Shiyan gave a slight thumbs-up and rubbed the last button for a moment. "Are you waiting for me?"
"What?" Shen Xinyu looked up and then her white face turned red. "I, I …"
Tang Shiyan smiled and stretched out his hand and rubbed the girl’s head and bowed his head and pecked at her lips. "Wait for me, I’ll take a shower first."
"I am …" I want to greet you, but she is a little dizzy at this time. I don’t know if she is swayed by the lights or asked for a pair of them by the other party. These minutes can see through her sight, and she feels that her heart will speed up and she can’t say a complete sentence.
But she’s not the one who drinks
Stick out the tip of your tongue and lick it. The girl with some spicy lips because of alcohol can’t help but mutter, "How much wine have you drunk?"
Tang Shiyan laughed very much this time. The deep eyebrows slightly curved a charming arc. "How much are you paying?"
Shen Xinyu gawked at this close-by face and felt that there seemed to be a fire burning in her heart, but at the same time she was puzzled. At ordinary times, she looked very heroic and decent. Why could a face give birth to something different just because of a smile? This demagogic face made her inexplicably familiar.
"Huh?" Tang Shiyan saw that her long silence was getting closer.
"Ah" Shen Xinyu dodged a step back from the man’s face during the period. "Then I …" However, in the middle of her words, when she saw a pale red mark on the neckline of a man’s always clean shirt, her pupil Zheng seemed to have a pot of cold water poured at the same time.
Tang Shiyan untied his coat and handed it to the housekeeper.
"It suddenly occurred to me that I had unfinished business." Shen Xinyu didn’t know how she would say these words, so she forgot to take them without running back to the building.
Tang Shiyan "…?"
"Mr. Tang" housekeeper looked at the girl who ran away and looked at her husband’s clothes. "I have put it upstairs for your laundry change."