17, Jun 2024
"Brother-in-law, do you want me to tell Sister Sunset and Sister Fengling about Dream and you?"

I wry smile unceasingly murmured
"This game is still fun, no privacy, no secrets."
Violet blue star suddenly with a sigh faint way
"Brother-in-law, I lied to you. When I was looking at your life mark, did I see it? Did you know that even Tianqing Menger elder sister was with you? Brother-in-law, your life mark has been modified by mysterious forces. "
I am surprised way
"What did you say?"
Purple blue star light way
"Brother-in-law, are you not so surprised?"
Wo boulevard
"Can I not be surprised? Think about it, the imprint of life is a creature (the most basic feature of reading 16 k n by mobile phone is the most fundamental thing that belongs to you, but now it can be changed by others. Isn’t it terrible? "
Purple blue star laughed
"Brother-in-law, don’t you earthlings have many cloned creatures?"
I stay a way
"Yes? What’s wrong? "
Purple blue star suddenly way
"Brother-in-law, what will happen if one day someone has the same imprint of life as you and the same memory as you?"
I am surprised way
"What did you say?"
Purple blue star smiled and waved a purple blue light in front of me, and I saw two people talking in a scene, but it was Xiong and me. No! It’s a man just like me talking! ……
I was terrified way
"Impossible! Absolutely impossible! I don’t believe there is another’ I’ in this world. I absolutely don’t believe it. "
Purple blue star light road
I shouted.
"If he is me, who is me?"
Suddenly purple blue star suddenly came to me and said
"no, no"
I stay wry smile way
"Can not? A person has all the same things and memories as you. Do you think you can? "
I suddenly felt a shock in my heart. Is it the truth in that silk hole?
I am busy
"Do you know the truth about that silk hole?"
Purple blue star quietly looked at me and whispered
"Is the truth so important?"
I suddenly burst into tears and rushed into the hut and hugged the sleeping girl’s avenue.
"I’m sorry I’m sorry! In fact, I should have known that you are a kind woman and always don’t believe that you can’t come when everything is in vain. "
Purple blue star quietly came in light way
"Brother-in-law, don’t cry, sister saussurea involucrata. She will come back to life. The truth is not like that."
I stay turn nasty asked
Violet blue star eyes suddenly conjured up a blue water wave surge off a blue tears a Andromeda tears light way
"It’s my brother-in-law who has a question I want to ask you."
I stay a way
"You said"
Purple blue star sighed faint way
"If my second sister Purple Worried Star can come back to life one day, will you let her come back to life?"
I wry smile way
"This is a good thing. Of course I do."
Purple blue star was silent for a moment suddenly way
"What if she can come back to life at the expense of the two closest women around you?"
I am surprised way
"What did you say? You mean Purple Worried Star has to sacrifice others to come back to life, right? "
Purple blue star nodded long give a sigh a way
"Brother-in-law, please don’t blame me. My second sister has been changed by a mysterious force like you in this life. She is no longer a person in this life."
I am surprised way
"What do you mean? Not alone? "
Violet blue star quietly looked at the crystal bed girl for a long time and never spoke.