18, Jun 2024
"You’re a congressman. Dad can’t help a garbage generation like you!"

Jin Shuyu scolded Gao Xi ‘an with her head held high, and Gao Xi ‘an held her fist like it was going to break out. However, Lu Zhan went forward to Jin Yuyu.
Lu Zhanhuan looked at the South Korean team and all nodded toward several South Korean players.
He was straight in front of Kim Yu-sook, and whether he had seen it or not, he was stunned by his momentum. The other nine analysts did not dare to speak and drew a line with Gao Xi’ an.
Gao Xi’ an took a step toward Lu Zhan when he saw Lu Zhan upset, but he took a step forward and a group of people behind Li Xiuyue also took a step forward.
With Li Xiuyue, they are all tall, and Martha’s bodyguards are wearing sunglasses. The momentum is one hundred times fiercer than Gao Xi’ an, and he is too scared to move.
The bodyguard leader, Azeri, came out and sneered at Gao Xi ‘an. "This isn’t Seoul. This is my brother. If he wants to move, he has to ask Xiuyue if she will agree!"
In a word, Gao Xi ‘an stood there stiffly, and his chest heaved and shouted, "You are cruel!"
Don’t look back and go to the ticket gate.
Thank you for seeing Lu Zhan. Azeri saved the burning night at that time. It was Azeri who sent them a few cars. At that time, Azeri was able to fly into the stadium with Lu Zhan, but few people.
Azeri hey hey smiled and made a embarrassed move.
"We have a chance to meet again after we leave!" Li Xiuyue held out her hand to Lu Zhan.
"S4 Finals will be seen in Seoul!" Lu Zhan smiled and shook hands with Li Xiuyue.
It was a mistake to get to know Li Xiuyue by mistake in Seoul, but I didn’t expect so many things to happen later.
Li Xiuyue nodded and led people into the wicket. Seeing so many of them, Gao Xi ‘an was so scared that he quickly changed a keyboard.
"He said that his father is a member of parliament, and his influence should be considerable. You should be careful when you return to China!" Lu Zhan saw Li Xiuyue turn his head and said to Jin Yushu
"I have my pursuit. I won’t be afraid of them if I want to find evidence!" Jin Yushu’s eyes flashed with flashes and her expression was unusually firm.
"Well, goodbye then!" Lu Zhan nodded goodbye to Jin Yushu.
When I was in Seoul, I never dreamed that Paris would sleep in the same room with Kim Yu-sook for two days. Sometimes the coincidence is so wonderful.
Jin Yushu is familiar with Lu Zhan, and she is reluctant to go, but seeing so many people waiting in the surrounding team, there is no way to stay and catch up with Lu Zhan.
After a while, the team reporters will come, and they won’t be able to leave until they leave.
"I won’t wait until S4. Many games in China will be followed."
Jin Yushu smiled sweetly.
"Well, I’ll wait." Lu Zhan also smiled.
"Tropical wood …"
Jin Shuyu close to Lu Zhan low said, suddenly turned and led the players away.
Several South Korean players looked back at Lu Zhan and didn’t know what Jin Yushu finally said, but Lu Zhan was already in the same place at the moment.
"Tropical wood. What’s that?" Purple flower cocked his eyebrows quite strange to ask.
"How do I know …" Lu Zhan shook his head.
That’s true, but in fact, he knows purple flower, but he doesn’t know it because it’s French.
There are many people here, and all Chinese, English and Korean will be heard, but Jin Yushu speaks French.
When he first arrived in Paris, he saw this word in a Sino-French dictionary that Xiao Shengqiang carried with him.
Tropical wood I love you
Two Korean beauties are fading away. Lu Zhan is a little absent-minded. There have been too many things in the past two weeks, but the endings are all perfect.
In this romantic capital, he actually gained another confession in his life.
But suddenly some pain in my heart.
He doesn’t know how to deal with a purple flower, and he doesn’t know how to face others
"It’s a good thing she’s not in the country."
Sit in the airport Lu Zhan still wry smile.
"I like watching clouds by the window." Zihua changed seats with Lu Zhan, but when the plane reached a stable flight, she fell asleep directly.
"Maybe I didn’t sleep well last night." Lu Zhan looked at Zihua and thought.
Instead, he kept looking at the clouds in the sky
When flying over the Arc de Triomphe, he flew from the sky with Pan Sen, and when he lost the opponent’s core in two instantaneous steps, he was more excited than when he won the championship, but he was a little confused.
Champion, star race and romance, Paris finally drifted away from him.
Half a day later
Lu Zhan finally met his brother.
"Small exhibition! Congratulations! " Lu Hong, who is leaning against the white hospital bed, said
Liu Hong is still weak, but his spirit is very exciting.
Lu Zhan talked to Liu Hong, and he couldn’t say anything when he saw his sanity restored.
Lu Hong listened to his detailed account of what happened in these days, from Dai Xiong to Jinling Cup to RG reconstruction to lspl Star Tournament. Everything was like an adventure, which made Lu Zhan kill the world from campus step by step.
"You are stronger!" Lu Hong said
"Brother, when can you come back to the game? When the time comes, you can play singles and I will be a substitute!"
Lu Zhan, hey hey, smile. Only in front of Liu Hong will he be like a child.
"I … don’t go back"
Liu Hong is a wry smile
"Don’t come back? What? !” Lu Zhan was stuck.
Liu Hong stared at Lu Zhan for a while and held out his hand.
His hand kept shaking when he was in the middle, and it seemed that he would keep shaking if he didn’t put it anywhere.
"How did this happen …"
Lu Zhan’s heart seems to have been poured with a pot of cold water.
"The doctor said it would be nice to wake up, but there is nothing wrong with daily life, but it is estimated that it is impossible to play games as before."
Lu Zhan looked at Liu Hong in shock. Liu Hong is like a mountain in his heart, and he will never be knocked down. Up to now, the spiritual strength given by Liu Hong has been indispensable.
However …
"Don’t worry, I will do recovery training!"