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Chapter one hundred and ninety-six Infatuated children three generations.
LingYueHua black unintentionally quickly got up and went to meet them.
Just as the people struggled to resist, the four paws of the dog king headed by him jumped several meters from the ground and rushed through Zhou Yinlong’s defense line to pounce on Zhou Lishui’s back. Zhou Lishui only noticed that there seemed to be something behind him, and hurriedly turned around but it was too late.
The vicious dog roared and threw Zhou Lishui to the ground, opened its jaws and bit Zhou Lishui’s throat.
Zhou Yinlong was shocked and shouted: "Be careful, little brother; ; ; ; ; ;” It’s too late at this time.
Zhou Lishui pushed the dog king to one side, and before the dog king could react, he silently said, "The butterfly treads on the swallow" disappeared in front of the dog king at the speed of lightning meteor. The dog king still refused to give up, and his sensitive sense of smell rushed to the place where Zhou Lishui was about to appear.
Just as Zhou Lishui was about to appear on the edge of the cliff, the dog king rushed over without hesitation.
Zhou Lishui only felt that her feet could not help slipping. With Zhou Yinlong’s regretful exclamation, both of them fell into a bottomless cliff.
At this time, Ling Yuehua suddenly looked back, only to see her beloved fall into the abyss, with a firm expression of double suicide in her eyes. She rushed down the valley regardless of the siege of wild dogs, and at the same time threw a ribbon around her waist into Zhou Glass Water.
When Zhou Yinlong saw it, he was even more indignant and went to support him, but he was blocked by dozens of vicious dogs.
It’s too late. Zhou Yinlong shouted: "No; ; ; ; ; ;” Like losing a loved one, I shed anxious tears. At the same time, I condensed all the internal forces to urge Jin Juye, and a panic of life and death penetrated every nerve of wild dogs. The whine filled the whole night sky, and dozens of wild dogs scattered. What’s more, the bodies scattered and fell into the valley. ; ; ; ; ; Before all the wild dogs left, Zhou Yinlong flew and grabbed Ling Yuehua’s clothes. Suddenly, the sinking body of Zhou Glass Water Ling Yuehua suddenly stopped; ; ; ; ; ; Black unintentionally has exhausted the last strength, and finally killed the last wild dog before it came.
Black inadvertently did not take a rest, turned and ran to the edge of the cliff, only to see Zhou Yinlong Ling Yuehua’s glass water hanging in the air in turn. Black unintentionally took out the ribbon around his waist and threw it at Zhou Yinlong, and then tied the other end to the boulder on the edge of the cliff. ; ; ; ; ; Staggering Zhou Lishui looked at Ling Yuehua’s amorous eyes: "Yuehua; ; ; ; ; ;”
Ling Yuehua’s eyes burst into tears as soon as Zhou Glass Water was spoken. For a long time, Ling Yuehua gave Zhou Glass Water all his kindness, but it was never accepted by Zhou Glass Water. In Zhou Glass Water’s heart, no one came into his heart except Younger as a coral.
For a long time, Zhou Lishui called Ling Yuehua a school sister, which shows her position in Zhou Lishui’s heart. Today, Zhou Li can be called by his first name. It seems that Ling Yuehua’s kindness has finally been rewarded.
"Yuet, thank you for your concern for me for so long, I; ; ; I know; ; ; You have a deep affection for me; ; ; However; ; ; However, I; ; ; I can only do glass water; ; ; Can only be reported in the afterlife; ; ; ; ; ;”
Zhou Lishui hanging in the air said intermittently.
Ling Yuehua had already burst into tears: "No; ; ; Don’t; ; ; ; ; ; Brother Li Shui; ; ; ; ; ; Don’t; ; ; ; ; ;”
Zhou Lishui clearly knows that if she continues to hold on to Ling Yuehua’s ribbon, then the consequence is that both of them fall off the cliff. At this time, Zhou Lishui has to sacrifice herself for the comfort of Ling Yuehua and Hei unintentionally Zhou Yinlong.
"Yuet, glass water elder brother I’m sorry you; ; ; ; ; ;” Zhou Lishui looked at the weeping Ling Yuehua and shouted: "Senior; ; ; You and I know each other by fate. ; ; May I have your name before I die? ; ; ; ; ; ;”
Words didn’t say that finish, only heard the ribbon "squeak" in his hand, and Ling Yuehua, who was put in Zhou Yinlong’s hand, couldn’t help sinking.
Zhou Yinlong quickly replied: "Little brother, it’s a pity that you and I met at first sight; ; ; ; ; ; It turned out to be such an acquaintance; ; ; ; ; ; ;”
At this time, a slightly hoarse voice echoed in every corner of the valley.
"Ju Xiang Gu Zhou Yinlong; ; ; ; ; ;”
Before Zhou Yinlong finished speaking, I saw that the ribbon was broken. With Ling Yuehua’s black heart and Zhou Yinlong’s sad cry, Zhou Glass Water fell straight into the abyss of darkness. Through the clouds of fog, I saw his desperate eyes, and vaguely appeared a proud school sister turned into a coral, serious and solemn, and amiable Jenny Cheng Yuru; ; ; ; ; ; Zhou Lishui’s figure gradually disappeared into the darkness; ; ; ; ; ; LingYueHua sobbing was pulled up by Zhou Yinlong, nestled in the arms of black unintentionally into a coma.
After fighting all night, and the loss of Zhou glass water like a loved one, Zhou Yinlong’s toxic hair suddenly spurted out one mouthful blood and fell to the ground unconscious.
Black inadvertently dragged his weak body to the crowd, observed for a moment and sighed: "It turns out that Zhou Gu is highly toxic; ; ; ; ; ;”
Then he took out a glass bottle from me, fed several pills in the bottle into Zhou Yinlong’s mouth, and Zhou Yinlong gradually woke up in a moment.
Hei unintentionally whispered, "Why didn’t Zhou Guzhu say something earlier about the profound spider poison for thousands of years? Otherwise, the virus will not corrode the heart. "
Zhou Yinlong wry smile for a moment, will first see Zhou Lishui and the loss of seme after all spoke 1 time.
Black inadvertently said silently: "So that’s it, it’s really hard for Zhou Gu’s master;" ; ; ; ; ; Valley owners also want to mourn; ; ; I’m sure Yidi won’t go easily, and he will definitely come back. "
Zhou Yinlong said painfully: "I hope so; ; ; ; ; ;”
While Zhou Yinlong was grieving, Hei unintentionally thought of something and quickly interjected: "As Gu Zhu said just now, you have been deeply eroded by the poison of a thousand-year-old poisonous spider, so there should be a method to detoxify Hua Tuo’s residual pages. Why do you have to travel thousands of miles to find me?"
"shame; ; ; Ashamed; ; ; I, Zhou Yinlong, don’t know a few big words, although I know a little about fur, but it’s profound; ; ; ; ; ;” While Zhou Yinlong repeatedly shook his head and sighed, Ling Yuehua, who had no heart in black, suddenly woke up and saw that the gas was similar. When they were delighted with Ling Yuehua, Ling Yuehua’s face changed greatly, and his livid face and godless eyes looked at the black unintentional two people with a sneer. That laughter only made the black unintentional two people in the night feel a quiver.
There was no time to stop it. The LingYueHua jump up straight toward the abyss jump down.
Zhou Yinlong was shocked by this scene, and got up in a hurry to rescue him. However, it was too late. Ling Yuehua, who was far away, was like a stone thrown against her, and gradually disappeared into their sight.
Chapter 197 Jian low canoe sorrow and joy.