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"My skirt was burned by him. Leave me some dignity before lending me my clothes!" Jin Qisini explained

"Will your flying skill be burned by him?" Khalifa Luna sneered and didn’t believe Jin Qisini’s words.
"Master, whether you believe me or not, everything I say is true!" Jin Qisini said, "All I didn’t have the strength to fight just now was to repay his gift of clothes, and there was no emotion in it!"
"Will you and I believe your sweet words?" Khalifa Luna shouted, "I asked you to kill Ling Feiyang, but you loved this man from the Song Dynasty and slept with him in the sauna!"
"Master, how can you do this to me!" Jin Qisini, after all, is still a teenage girl who suddenly burst into tears when she heard this sentence from Khalifa Luna!
"Khalifa Luna! You are so wrong about her! I really didn’t do anything with your female apprentice. She was bent on killing me. I defended myself by throwing vodka at her and setting his clothes on fire! " Ling Feiyang suddenly beside said
"You are her lover, of course you have to protect her!" Khalifa Luna is already furious and doesn’t even believe Ling Feiyang’s words!
Ling Feiyang’s heart was so silent that Jin Qisini was already flustered and suddenly cried, "Well, I admit that this Ling Feiyang and I did that because I like Ling Feiyang and I am willing!"
Once a woman gets angry, it is often unreasonable. After what she said, Ling Feiyang has a hard time arguing. Even girls such as Bing Xin on the chessboard and Yang Kang, Yuan Liuli, Yuan Jun and Han Xiaoying outside the chessboard are sincere and jealous.
"I killed you!" The anger in Khalifa Luna’s livid chest is hard to suppress. Turn the wheelchair rocker with both hands and charge at Jin Qisini!
"Master told me that this woman is not worth getting angry!" Bahar, the last Persian soldier on the chessboard, shouted.
Khalifa Luna also knew that he had no chance to foul again, and he was about to rush to the sideline of the square, but suddenly he calmed down and stopped the wheelchair abruptly!
"Master, you want to kill me? Ok, I’ll quit the game! " Jin Qisini has a full face of tears, burying his face in his hands and running out of the chessboard!
"Is it a foul for you people to leave without authorization?" Ouyang Ke immediately shouted.
"What rules! This woman’s betrayal of her master no longer belongs to us, and her actions can’t represent our wishes at all! " Khalifa luna is also shouted
"It turns out that the famous person who teaches the Buddha will also argue irrationally!" Yang Miaozhen sarcastically.
Ling Feiyang knows clearly in his heart that the head of the six sects of the Song Dynasty and many younger brothers were also left by Khalifa Luna in the prison of Kiev City without permission by Jin Qisini. Since Khalifa Luna refused to admit the foul, you didn’t argue with him and completely defeated him, which is the root solution to the problem.
"Good brother and righteous sister, don’t argue with him. Let’s continue to play chess!" Ling Feiyang suddenly said
Khalifa Luna was ungrateful to Ling Feiyang’s self-effacing line and shouted, "Just now, you and inverse acts were at war. It’s your turn to go! Ling Feiyang, I want to kill all of you! "
"Then you can try!" Ling Feiyang’s mouth moved forward to the left, and once again made a general of Khalifa Luna!
Khalifa Luna is still moving the wheelchair to the right and front to avoid the Ling Feiyang attack route!
Ling Feiyang’s method directly confronted the "king" and suddenly saw the Persian "right car" in the left corner of the chessboard just on the same diagonal line!
This Persian "right car" just came to the bottom line of the Song Dynasty and threatened Tang Zhiqiu, the "left horse" of the Song Dynasty. However, because Khaliluna didn’t give him a chance to play chess, he never fought with Tang Zhiqiu. Although Ling Feiyang appeared in the battlefield five squares away from him, he can still attack him obliquely all the way because Ling Feiyang’s identity is the "queen"!
"After three, retreat five!" Ling Feiyang’s mouth said that at the same time, he ran out of the hundreds of meters and entered the square where the Persian "right car" was located!
Ling Feiyang hasn’t rushed to the crowd. The black warrior has driven the armored chariot to slam into Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang quickly cast Lingbo’s micro-step shape and slipped to the side. The black warrior immediately turned his chariot around and rushed to Ling Feiyang again!
Ling Feiyang is still dodging the chariot from the side and then turned around again and rushed to Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang didn’t have a head-on conflict with this chariot by relying on clever flying posture. Although it is also very flexible, its agility can’t be compared with Ling Feiyang, a martial arts master. After all, it has hit Ling Feiyang for more than a dozen times, but it has been hidden by Ling Feiyang!
This black knight’s energy field is extremely strong, so that he can control this chariot which weighs more than 1,000 kilograms. However, after many violent impacts, his energy field is not small after all. The black knight has to stop the chariot to prepare to re-accumulate the energy field.
However, Ling Feiyang’s micro-steps will not consume too much physical strength. It is found that the energy field of the black-robed warrior is not followed. Ling Feiyang will definitely not leave it to him. When he recovers, a dark cloud suddenly appears in his palm and quickly floats to the top of the armored chariot!
"Boom!" The sudden thunderous sound in this dark cloud was deafening! Dozens of flashes suddenly appeared from the dark clouds, accompanied by a blast of lightning to this armored chariot!
Thunder is rolling! This is the ultimate thunder magic of Archbishop Gonzalez of the Lion! Before Ling Feiyang’s energy field strength was insufficient, it was always used to make this move, but now Ling Feiyang has got three archbishops in red, and the energy field can finally come out!
The black knight quickly made the energy shield protect himself, but he has already protected himself from this chariot! With the "crackling, sparse crash" sound, these dozens of flashes and thunder split the chariot apart, and the springs and gears flew all over the sky!
It took the black warrior twenty years to build this heavy chariot, but in the battle of Ling Feiyang, even a machine didn’t come, so the chariot was completely destroyed by Ling Feiyang!
"You destroyed my chariot and I will kill you!" The black knight was furious and rushed to Ling Feiyang with a palm and slapped Ling Feiyang with a huge wind direction!
Kang Long has regrets! Ling Feiyang is also a palm to meet the past!
"Bang!" Ling Feiyang’s figure did not move, but the black warrior flew backwards!
Persian "Left Car", the black-robed warrior, had a fight with Huang Yaoshi at that time, and both of them were equally successful. The Persian "Right Car" was even more successful than the "Left Car", but it was shocked by Ling Feiyang!
The reason for this is that after more than a year’s practice of the first feat and all kinds of coincidences, Ling Feiyang has now surpassed Huang Yaoshi!
The black knight felt his chest churning with blood and knew that he had been injured. Then he looked down and found that he had been hit by Ling Feiyang and flew out of the square! to be continued
Chapter 47 Buddha energy field
In the late battle of "Killing Chess Array", the Song side was on the verge of despair. After Ling Feiyang arrived at the battlefield, he successively ate the Persian "left phase", "left horse", two "soldiers" and the right "car", and the Persian "queen" Jin Qisini left without authorization. The whole war situation has undergone a shocking reversal!
Today, the Song side still keeps the original five chess pieces, while the Persian side has only the last two chess pieces, namely "King" Khaliluna and "Soldier" Bahar!
If this is a real chess game, the Persian side may have been able to admit defeat, but in Khalifa Luna’s heart, it simply doesn’t recognize that it has failed!
Because he still has a chip, a very heavy chip.
See their own "right car" was killed by Ling Feiyang Khalifa Luna, but still calm and push the wheelchair to the right and go ahead.
Khalifa Luna has reached the Persian frontcourt after stepping out of this move. Ling Feiyang, Bing Xin, Ouyang Ke, Tang Zhiqiu and Yang Miaozhen are all very close to him.
"Back three!" Ling Feiyang’s mouth said that he had regressed three times and continued to Khalifa Luna. General!
Khalifa Luna spoke Persian in his mouth and then went straight ahead to avoid the attack route of Ling Feiyang and entered the square where the diagonal of the word "day" in Tang Zhiqiu was located!
Khalifa Luna, a chess "king" who is very slow in action, personally rushed to the front line. What does he want to do?
Ling Feiyang was surprised that he was about to continue to pursue him. "Thousands of hands are born" Tang Zhiqiu suddenly cried, "Brother Ling, take a rest and give me this battle!"
Tang Zhiqiu’s voice has not fallen, and he has rushed to Khalifa Luna!
Ling Feiyang wants to stop it, but Tang Zhiqiu’s war horse has already rushed out of his square. If he is recruited back, Song Guofang will foul! Song Guofang’s number of fouls has been finished, and he will be sentenced to lose again!
At this time, Tang Zhiqiu has entered the square where Khalifa Luna is located. Ling Feiyang quickly woke up to him. "He must have a variety of hidden weapons Tang brothers in his wheelchair. Be careful!"
"I just know that because he is a master of concealed weapons, I want him to compete!" Tang Zhiqiu mouth said at the same time take out the pocket bow!