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Although influenced by the blue sea tide song, Yue Yun’s offensive was sharper than before. When he made a move, Ye Shuang instantly fell into the wind, and the gap between them was too big, especially in terms of strength!

Just when Ye Shuang was in a critical situation, a finger wind suddenly pointed in the distance. When Yue Yun arrived near, he found that his palm was resisted, but he didn’t expect that his palm was instantly broken. The finger wind hit him and immediately pushed him out three feet away, but it didn’t hurt him!
The sudden change shocked the four people, and the flute stopped at the end of the song. Ye Shuang looked round and suddenly opened his eyes to see an old man walking towards here step by step as if he were stepping on the ground, while behind him he followed an old man who flew like floating catkins!
Ling Xuli, an old man, is tall and domineering, wearing a golden robe and carrying his hands, his face is thick and his eyebrows are thick. Even though his eyes are so far away, Ye Shuang immediately feels that all his secrets have been seen through his hat as if he were not there!
Behind him, the old man flew like catkins, and the old man was a pale blue-gray robe. An ordinary, wrinkled old face expression followed closely behind the domineering old man, obviously belonging to the former!
It’s so terrible that the lightness skill displayed by these two old men. Ye Shuang rubbed his eyes and found that all this is true gold robe. The old man has fallen to the ground!
"Alas, I haven’t heard it for more than twenty years!" Golden robe old man regrets way
"It’s been twenty-three years and seven months since I returned to the Lord!" Behind the old man dull voice said
The old man in golden robe glanced at the end of the song. When he saw the jade flute in the end of the song, his eyes suddenly lit up. The end of the song suddenly couldn’t hold the jade flute. The jade flute was taken by the suction force and flew to the hand of the old man in golden robe. The end of the song suddenly became anxious. "This is a gift from the junior teachers, and I hope the predecessors will return it!"
The old man in the golden robe didn’t seem to hear the ending of the song before he sighed, "Twenty-three years have passed!"
Touching the golden robe elder casually threw the jade flute at the song finale, and finally quickly took over some vigilance and looked at the golden robe elder.
The old man in golden robe nodded at the end of the song with a smile and then turned to Ye Shuang. "Where are your swordsmen? Is it already dead? "
Ye Shuang was very surprised at what he said to the old man, and then he remembered that the masked man suddenly felt bad and worried that things had finally happened for many years.
Facing this mysterious old man, he knew that he couldn’t have any other thoughts at all. The old man’s eyes seemed to penetrate people’s hearts.
"It’s true that the swordsmanship of the elder generation and the younger generation was obtained in the body of a masked master who died in black!" Ye Shuang changed a little bit, and the masked man was left with a sigh of relief. It was a recruit that killed seven people before he died, but his swordsmanship was really obtained in the dead!
The old man in golden robe nodded and said, "I didn’t hear from him for many years!"
After that, the old man in the golden robe looked at a leaf of frost carefully again and said to the old man behind him, "Old copper is not bad, but his swordsmanship is ok!"
"The old slave is white!" At Ye Shuang, the old copper said with an expression.
Ye Shuang’s heart sank. I don’t know what these two old men really mean. They don’t have any room for resistance. Let’s play it by ear!
Wanlou and Yue Yun were shocked by the powerful atmosphere of the old man. At this time, Wanlou reacted very carefully and said, "I don’t know if my predecessors have come to Wudang Mountain and my junior needs to report to the teacher!"
"Ha ha!" The old man in golden robe smiled when he saw Wan Lou’s nervousness. "No, just tell me myself. He will come soon!" "
Say gold robe elder body momentum suddenly soared Ye Shuang aside feel suffocating crazy back ten zhangs to barely watch the other three people are almost a face of horror!
Fortunately, the golden robe old man let out his momentum in just a few breaths, otherwise Ye Shuang suspected that he would probably collapse to the ground!
The old man in the golden robe put away his momentum and quietly closed his eyes there. At that time, the needle could be heard here!
A moment later, a gray figure in the distance quickly came to the front with a blink of an eye. At this moment, Wanlou was dumbfounded and said, "Songsonghe, granduncle Shi?"
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The first volume Jianghu Frost Mark Chapter 52 Significant World War I
The real Songhe is wearing a semi-old robe and a silver hair hairpin, but the whole popularity is excellent. His cheeks are rosy, delicate and smooth, just like a baby’s eyes are not as cloudy as the old people should be. On the contrary, it is very clear with a hint of childlike innocence. Even ordinary people can see that this is a character like a Taoist master and a fairy!
"Haha, Songhe Road, you finally came!" The old man in the golden robe smiled very heroic and loud.
Songhe heard the words of the Golden Robe Old Man, and Nai said, "Will you set foot in the Central Plains again?"
"Your tenth birthday is coming to the old lady to celebrate your birthday!" The golden robe elder raised his eyebrows and said, "Why don’t you welcome it?"
"I haven’t celebrated my birthday for many years, and I can’t remember it myself!" Pine crane reality wry smile a few said
"Hey, hey, you can’t say that you have been ten this year, and your body and spirit are still so good!" The old man in golden robe sneered, "I’m looking forward to your early death. You are proficient in Taoist health preservation. I’m afraid it’s no problem to live for another twenty or thirty years. It’s natural to be happy to have you in front of those little monks!"
"My younger brother didn’t live up to expectations. My old bones had to help watch Wudang Mountain!" Songhe, a real person, said, "You didn’t just come to Wudang for my birthday this time, did you?"
"What do you say?" The old man in the golden robe said, "Speaking of which, I admire the old Taoist priest the most. You have practiced pure anode skills for more than 70 years, and you have abruptly cultivated this skill to the point where it is unique in ancient times. I’m afraid that Zhang Sanfeng will not be the second person to think that this pure yang is really pure and pure!"
"Ha ha, you can’t praise the old man so much. Growing up in Wudang Mountain with one heart and one mind is a world of mortals. How complicated things are and you can’t be really quiet. Wouldn’t it be better if you are interested in buying me and talking about it and fading out of the river’s lake disputes?" Pine crane real tone with exhortation way
"Haha, I can’t do it. I’m still a layman!" The old man in golden robe laughed. "Cut the crap, Songhe. Let me see if you have cultivated in Tai Ji Chuan in recent years!"
Seeing the irreparable Songhe real person sighed and said, "It seems that you are still unwilling to be lonely. Are you sure to beat the old road this time?"
"Hey hey, I have lived in seclusion in Tianshan Mountain for more than 20 years, but I dare not forget it for one day, so I’m not sure I’ll fight you later. Don’t you know?" The old man in the golden robe said
"No one has done it for many years, and I don’t want to make an exception this time. Why don’t you and I each choose one person to do a contest?" Songhe real discussion
"good!" The old man in golden robe promised, "Here is your first brother in wu-tang clan, so I will choose him!"
Say his right hand toward Ye Shuang a recruit Ye Shuang immediately felt a strong resistance to other methods to attract him to fly towards the golden robe old man!
However, when flying halfway, the leaf frost fell on the golden robe old man and the pine crane, and the floor fell on the opposite side of the leaf frost for a moment!
"Songhe shot!" As soon as the golden robe elder spoke, he felt a pure and powerful qi rush in from the big hole in the vest, and it entered his body along the big hole behind him, wandering among the limbs, and then Ye Shuang’s body moved uncontrollably!
The true qi first entered the legs, Ye Shuang rose up, and his legs broke out in a sharp offensive and kicked toward the opposite Wan Lou, but Wan Lou’s fists seemed to catch Ye Shuang slowly and steadily, and at the same time he launched a counterattack. It was Tai Ji Chuan who cast his talents!
At this moment, Ye Shuang was terrified in his heart. He felt that his body was completely out of control. Like a puppet, he was manipulated by the old man in the golden robe. The feeling of being out of control made Ye Shuang extremely frightened!
Wanlou was pale and scared, but he was not as scared as Ye Shuang. After all, it was wu-tang clan Optimus Prime Songhe who was nervous behind this situation for a moment, so he could rest assured!
Don’t dare to move around. Yue Yun and Qu Zhong also opened their eyes wide. When they saw the old man in golden robe and the real pine crane, they sent out a series of qi to enter Ye Shuang and Wan Lou, and then they began to "violently" fight. This situation is so weird!
Ye Shuang soft sword has already been inserted into his waist belt. At this time, his fists, palms, feet and fingers are unpredictable but seemingly simple, and he is fighting with the opposite side to display Tai Ji Chuan Wanlou.
Ye Shuang also slowly calmed down after the two men met for several moves. He saw that the ten thousand floors across the street had calmed down and squinted as if wondering what he was suddenly white. At this moment, he was taking this opportunity to understand wu-tang clan Juexue Tai Ji Chuan!