22, Jun 2024
I am moved by tears, and I want to know our wind chimes.

"Well, I’m reluctant to tell you because you are good at asking questions and being kind. Keep your ears upright and don’t fan mosquitoes!"
I hurriedly quick way "is! Yes! "
Do you think my ears have this function? I have to pay attention.
Looking at the young lady who cleared her throat and listened to her, she said
"I have a very good friend, remember that it is a same-sex friend!"
"yes! Yes! Same-sex friends! You continue-"
"Hum! She loves a very bad and stupid guy! This guy wants to look, not look, have a temper, have a future, and have no future! ……”
As soon as I stayed, I heard Xiaoqiang in the empty pocket let life slip past him and muttered
"This is simply impossible than a male egg!"
"Did you hear clearly?"
A nu scold me hurriedly said
"You continue, you continue"
"Where did I say? Yes! I said that this stupid guy misunderstood my friend but didn’t want to know what happened, so he left the earth angrily and came to another place … "
I suddenly felt a pain in my heart and said coldly
"Do you think a friend’s name is sunset glow?"
She looked at me like I had never seen this before, nodded her head and said
"well! Why don’t you listen to her explanation? I just saw you at the moon base and you were still together. I didn’t know I sent a message to ask-"
My heart is not strong anger chung stopped her words way
"Please don’t leave her in front of me. You don’t care about the two of us! Just mind your own business. "
"But she and I are very good friends and you-you and I are also-very good friends. I really hope you love each other-you should listen to her explanation."
I finally unbearable anger said
"Love in the game is false. Do you believe it? Even in reality, how many people dare to say that he or she really wants a generation to love and give true feelings? How many people can stick to pure love? "
"But what! Please don’t remember her in front of me later, otherwise our friends didn’t do it either! After that, we will pretend that we don’t know each other! "
"You! You! You used to be such a cruel person! "
The flag wind chimes suddenly squatted down and cried. I looked at crying and suddenly she couldn’t bear judo.
"I’m sorry I may really be a heartless villain. I didn’t really want to be mean to you just now. "
"You bully me! Woo hoo! "
The flag wind chimes began to cry even more. I was at a loss and didn’t know what to do. I quickly said
"I didn’t!"
"You have it!"
"Do I really have it?"
"If you do, you do. Don’t say you don’t."
She covered her eyes in the corner and said, "I’m sorry."
"Well, I am a wolf and a sheep. I apologize to you!"
"Snow! You are such a big bad egg and fool! Come and help me up! "
"Can’t you get up by yourself?"
"I just can’t get up by myself! Who told you to bully me!"
I walked over with a wry smile and held out a hand in the past, and she said loomed.
"You are so stupid! You have to bend down. Put your hands down. Do not grab my hands. Grab my back! ……”
The flag wind chime suddenly got up and clasped my head tightly with both hands and buried it deeply in my chest.
I looked at her eyelashes with glittering and translucent tears in my arms, and I asked gently.