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"That’s gone. I guess these guys don’t know, do they?" Behind Lokas, the blade master, holding a sword of blood, said to a hundred horse thieves who surrendered on the ground at the moment, flashing terror in his ferocious face.

"Well, then kill them all." Lokas looked up and saw that blade master’s idea behind him could be mixed in Eiffel. Except for his strong strength, most of them had some abnormal hobbies and were not very annoying.
For example, once Lokas fights, he will be crazy and likes to smash people into paste, but the crazier and clearer his brain is during the battle. The bad hobby of blade master is killing, especially killing prisoners. He was almost wanted for killing prisoners without authorization during the battle, and finally he lost his military position and went to Eiffel to become a soldier captain.
Seeing that blade master pulled out his weapon and instantly wanted to gain some experience, the players were all gearing up to get a little cheaper. Soon, a large blood-red river appeared on the original turquoise grassland, and as the river flowed, it infiltrated into the whole hill where the camp was located and turned into a red earth.
"Complete the follow-up battlefield clean-up of the night encounter and calculate the meritorious reward experience gained by each player. The immaterial reward gained by the player will directly gain the justice value of another player for killing prisoners, which will be reduced by 1." Looking at the information cloud in the unified information, he couldn’t help but compare a middle finger to the unified god. He just wanted to take advantage of it and end the pain of the horse thief by the way, and actually deducted him a little justice value. God knows how many horse thieves’ heads it takes to get it back.
Chapter 193 The staff of the earth-Nice, Aarti
Compared with the players who suffered tragedy because of greed and petty gain like the cloud, other players who endured the temptation of their experience were very suspicious. At the same time, those players who died were rewarded for their joy when they came back from the temple of hades. In addition to that, they can upgrade their experience to a higher level, and now they claim to be worth nearly a thousand meritorious deeds.
Chen Kai was lying on the ground of the camp at this time. He was covered with blue and purple bruises everywhere, and various red wounds of different sizes emerged in the wound. As Chen Kai wiped the ointment, he was slowly buried in the green herbal surface.
"It really hurts, old Su. Help me to apply some medicine to my back. That guy is really cruel. He even put a spear on my back when he was dying. If I hadn’t rushed back before I went to strength, he would have discounted it." Su Xinghe, who was sitting next to him, said that although they had gained a lot of experience in this battle, they still couldn’t let them hit level 4.
If upgraded to level 4, it is estimated that Chen Kai is not applying ointment here now, but cleaning the battlefield there like a cloud.
"Find your sister to apply medicine yourself. Didn’t you see that my injury is heavier than yours?" Su Xinghe has the strength to tie the gauze to his chest and abdomen. As a result, it hurts him and he can’t help but take a gasp.
"She is busier than before and didn’t come to rest. I’m embarrassed to bother her." Chen Kai looked at Rola Chen, who was constantly dressing people, and said that because of the lack of priests, there was almost one priest as two.
"Xiaofei came to help me wipe the ointment, and now you are the most idle." ll shouted at Xu Fei, who hung a bandage on his neck. Compared with being hit by a war horse at this time, Zhao Tiezhu was almost stabbed into a honeycomb. Su Wan Xu Fei’s injury is the lightest among the wandering players.
Of course, Yun is not one of them. He can still run around. Obviously, his health is a bit excessive, or in those battles, Yun has changed from a minor injury to an uninjured character in an instant. Yun shuttles among many bodies from time to time, taking out money bags from dead horse thieves and licking all their valuable ornaments.
Or the cloud won’t touch the gold teeth that the horse thieves put in their mouths, but he will definitely not let go of their rings, especially if he is lucky, and he can get a charm with magical power, although this possibility is not high.
However, although the chance of finding the spell ornaments is not high, it still can’t stop Yun’s enthusiasm. Perhaps he doesn’t want to admit that his hands are black until the wounded in the whole camp are treated. When the troops are ready to get up, Yun is still rummaging through the pile of stripped pig carcasses.
But in the end, Yun had to admit that he was poor today. For a whole hour, he found less than two gold coins plus three red gem ring and a sapphire chain, which were not even worth his scrapped crossbow except for the equipment of the black knight.
"What do a bunch of poor people do? Horse thieves can’t even compare their money with garbage. A bunch of rubbish." Riding on a horse cloud, he kept muttering that he blamed his black hands on the poverty of those horse thieves
"Cut" for the cloud sophistry, all the people riding the war horse disdained it, even the veterans expressed their contempt in the same way, and by the way, they compared a gesture of contempt to the cloud that they learned from the players, which made Yunyi blush with shame.
Although the whole team was full of sadness, at this moment, everyone gave the most heartfelt smile since meeting the strange man.
split line
Nice, Aarti, the last city where the eternal green holy land, the Great Wilderness, passes to the northern great plains, is the last port connecting the whole Great Wilderness and the prosperous area in the northern part of Hansting. Compared with cities such as the wasteland, Eiffel and Nice, Aarti, it has a different urban form from the wasteland.
First of all, when I saw Nice people in Aarti, I thought it was a huge forest instead of a city. The eternal green holy land, Nice, Aarti, was supported by a huge giant tree. In a green Yuan Ye, such a huge tree city was like a large natural barrier blocking everything in the wilderness. Not far behind it, the passage to the Grand Canyon in the northern plain was safe and smooth.
Of course, the biggest miracle in Nice, Aarti is not the huge trees that make up the city, but the big trees, which are directly grown by trees to make up the icon of the goddess of nature. The icon, which is 100 meters high, stands quietly beside the big trees like a giant god, snuggling up against the thick stems of the big trees and quietly guarding the whole city.
Therefore, Nice, Aarti is the most powerful city in the whole Hans Temple, and it is also the location of the main temple, a branch of the temple of the goddess of nature, and the main temple of the whole church of the goddess of nature is located in the actual goddess Altia, who is planted with the eternal holy tree Anfala. It is said that she is still asleep, so her Ministry is shared by the earth goddess Anfala and the goddess of life.
Altia, the first goddess of natural life and the earth, fell into a deep sleep at the end of a calendar year and never woke up. Therefore, the goddess of nature church was in a low tide for a long time. Many times, the goddess of nature church would have been crowded out by many temple churches in mainland China if it had not been for the life church and the earth temple church.
Of course, due to the huge statue of the goddess of nature in Nice, Aarti, and the green light constantly flying around the icon, Nice, Aarti has become one of the few parishes with many believers.
At the same time, Nice, Aarti is also the city with the largest number of druids. Among the twelve elders of the Druid Presbytery, five of them are resident here, including Augustus Emerald Dragon Tyral, the Lord of the Red Dragon. Not long ago, they all stayed here for a long time and they still made their home here.
So when ll they gradually approached Nice, Aarti, the first thing they saw was not the green divine goddess dancing in the middle of the story, but the little girl who swooped over a dozen huge red dragons and had been held in her arms by white Sasha, and her eyes were red again and she cried loudly.
"It will take a long time for that little ancestor to stop crying. Whose turn is it to dress up as a clown this time?" Hearing my little girl crying, Ll quickly woke up from a nap. He asked that no one responded. Everyone, including Lokas, was afraid to watch the dozen giant red dragons gradually reduce their height.
"A lot of dragons!" Yunlai uttered such a sigh, just like everyone else, even the horse was pushed to the ground by the huge Rowen. There was no one in the whole team except Lokas and that blade master.
"Lokas, tell me who killed my husband." Two burning pillars of fire erupted from the nose of the leading red dragon, showing the anger of the huge red dragon at the moment. Everyone can tell her identity from the tone of the other side, the wife of the red dragon Lord Augustus and the red dragon queen Ollia.
"I’m sorry, Mrs. Ollia, but adults Augustus and Tejral have fallen and killed three cyclops who don’t know where they came from." Even Lokas had to bow his head in front of the Red Dragon Queen and put up with the hot breath of the other body to answer her question.
"It’s impossible that the cyclops have been accepting the command of the temple of the earth. How can you kill my father and what do you think of my father as? Can the strong in the cyclops group who doesn’t even have low-order strangeness hurt? And fell with uncle Tejral? " Flying behind Ollia, a young red dragon suddenly landed on the ground and said in an extremely angry tone
"Shut up, Traodus." The burning flame in Aurelia’s mouth scared the player not far from his feet in an instant and climbed a long way with limp steps.
"I will trust you for the time being, Lokas, the Moon Shadow Knight? Hakkasku hopes that you can only have knight honor to ensure the correctness of your words, or even if you escape to the magic door, I will take you back. "Ollia spat at Lokas in a threatening tone with fireworks, and then grabbed her little granddaughter from Bai Shasha’s arms and slowly flew away.
It seems very naive for Ollia to move Lokas, but he knows that he can’t blame the other side at all. It is normal for an old woman who has lost her husband to be hysterical. Even if the other side is a dragon, she is still the late Lady Augustus, the Lord of the Red Dragon, from the common sense of wisdom and biology.
"It’s terrible, Rowen. Why isn’t Rowen so terrible around Tejral Pavilion?" The cloud finally got up from the ground. He gently covered his nose to dispel the faint smell of sulfur around him.
"Because he controls himself, Rowen, otherwise you can eat and sleep beside him at that time?" Chen Kai slowly got up from the ground and stroking Lal’s scalp to calm the frightened Lal, but soon he found that he was a little redundant because almost all the Andean war horses were the first to wake up from Rowen, and they were very comfortable and shook their heads, which seemed very relaxed.
When Chen Kai and his party took their horses into Nice, Aarti, they found that the fall of Tejral and Augustus was even more significant for the city. Little white flowers could be seen everywhere, and all hotels hardly saw the meat department fasting to pay homage to the two dead strong men.
Almost the whole city is in a state of sadness, and the air is filled with sadness, which fills almost all people who enter Nice, Aarti with sadness. This is an indescribable sad atmosphere, like the whole nature is in a state of sadness at this moment.
What surprised Chen Kai most was that they saw the tears slowly emerging from the eyes of the icon of the goddess of life like all the nice people in Aarti, and it is said that these tears have been flowing quietly for a long time, and almost every evening, the icon will slowly flow a few drops of tears.
Although the whole of Nice, Aarti is immersed in sadness, it can’t stop Chen Kai from taking a good rest. After all, they have traveled hundreds of kilometers to get here and almost haven’t slept well for several days. The most important thing is to make the little red dragon princess stop crying. Almost every once in a while, a clown has to tease her.
"Well, we have to stay in this small place for 12 hours, and during this time, almost all the shops in Tynys, Rihal are doing business except living shops, so we can’t buy supplies or the high-protein food we need to restore our strength, and we can’t leave this city. This is really not good news." Chen Kai looked at the papyrus scrolls that had just been handed to him. There were not many hotels in Nice, Aarti, and there were few hotels doing business during the mourning period when two strong people fell.
One of the most depressing things for Chen Kai and them is that they have to spend an unhappy time in Nice, Aarti, because the canyon leading to the northern great plains is temporarily closed.
"God, I miss Afella’s barbecue. Although I will be bored if I eat too much, it’s better than vegetable salad with toast. The worst thing is that I won’t let honey say that it’s not a sweet day." Yun looked at the vegetable salad in his hand and missed Afella’s tempting barbecue with various sauces.
"If you eat too much nonsense, you can eat it now. Nice in Aarti is a fasting period. Naturally, there will be no meat. If you are greedy, climb into the tent and bite sausages, but you are not allowed to go out all day." Llewellyn frowned and put a piece of vegetables wrapped in yogurt sauce into your mouth. Although yogurt sauce tastes good and vegetables are extremely delicious, you will feel bored even after eating this salad twice in a row.
"Xiaofei, what about the study of the magic circle and spells you got from Otto?" Ll wiped his mouth, and the bowl of vegetable soup tasted good. After drinking it, he asked his side. Xu Fei was still bandaged. Zhao Tiezhu recovered almost. Su Xinghe had already rested in her room at this time.
"It’s not bad, but it’s impossible to master the base. Even if my magic crystal replaces the magic spell, it’s impossible to cast this joint spell. Because MD sings this spell, it has to sing three syllables and twelve different tones at the same time. NND No wonder Otto agreed to exchange it so easily." The thought of the cast mode and spell of the arcane thunderstorm joint spell Xu Fei can’t help but clap the table and swear.
Even if Xu Fei becomes a saint, it is impossible for the strong to cast this spell, because it is impossible for him to sing the spell with different syllables and tone.
Looking at the banging table, Chen Kai knew that the joint casting spell killer plan was officially dropped. This spell is estimated that no lone mage can learn it except selling it to the big guild for those big guild mage groups to learn.
"It’s a pity that when I got this spell, I signed a confidentiality contract, otherwise I could really take it out for some money." Chen Kai said with a sigh that the confidentiality contract in his mouth was that the player named Otto asked Xu Fei to sign the contract when exchanging spells. It was not until after the contract was signed that Xu Fei discovered that the target of signing the contract was actually a game company and was asked not to sell the spell in form.
"I think we should consider upgrading to level 4 as soon as possible. Do you think it will be a simple matter if the canyon is closed? Don’t seal it early or late, but wait until we get here before it is closed, and it is still closed hundreds of kilometers away from the canyon exit. "Su Xinghe knocked on the plate and said a word that made everyone extremely worried.