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However, he quickly adjusted his mentality, took a deep breath and entered the broadcasting hall door.

Although prepared, Lu Zhan was still scared by the luxury of the broadcast hall
This is a hall as big as a venue, full of thousands of seats, and the whole broadcast hall is decorated with gold and silver and murals to the extreme
Several cameras were installed at the top of the relay hall, and ten searchlights lit up the field.
The main stage is also very large, as if it is equipped with lifting equipment. There is a small land exhibition on each side of the stage. I know that is where the players stay during the competition, and the players can not be disturbed by the outside world.
"How about it?" River and others said in front of the land exhibition, "Be shocked!"
Lu Zhan nodded his head. He really didn’t expect to play in such a broadcast hall. This venue is even the place where all professional players dream of fighting!
What is it that there is no audience?
Seeing Lu Zhan’s doubts, River explained, "This broadcast hall can be used for various meetings, but the number of competitions is relatively small. All kinds of equipment have to be debugged for the time being and will not be released to the public until the real application for national competitions is made."
"It’s expensive to play in such a place, isn’t it?" Lu Zhan wondered, it’s already very expensive to stay in Zifeng Building. It’s not scary to rent such a conference venue. Who will pay for it? RG or fire cloud?
Finally, I followed the pace of the previous people. When I heard Lu Zhan’s question, the soldier turned around and said with a smile, "You don’t have to worry about it. The organizers of the test site allow some exhibition games to be held here, but the specifications of the exhibition games must be high enough. RG and Huoyun are called Jinling Derby, which is the hottest confrontation in the League of Legends circle!"
Derby was originally a match between two deadly enemies in the same city in football.
RG and Huoyun were born in Jinling and both reached the lpl top league. The two teams have several fans in the capital. Their confrontation is not the Jinling Derby, but the Jiangsu Derby. Every time they collide with each other, they attract the attention of several lol fans.
Their battle is much more intense because of the hatred than the ghost team and their game.
It is with so many elements injected into lpl League that it becomes more exciting.
Just thinking about this brand has already made Lu Zhan fascinated.
By the time he got there, they had all taken their seats, and Xiao K chose a seat at the venue.
Qian four people sat on both sides and left a middle position.
"Is this for me?" Lu Zhan asked some doubts
"Of course, this is a single position in RG. Naturally, it is for you." Qian adjusted her glasses and said.
Lu Zhanxin was so excited that he sat in his seat. "Didn’t you bring your keyboard?" Sitting on the right side of Lu Zhan is arrogant and arrogant. This is a young man in his early twenties who is not much bigger than Lu Zhan.
Lu Zhanwen looked up and saw that money and others were carrying their own mouse and keyboard, which made him embarrassed.
He is familiar with Xia Lingyao’s brain, but the notebook keyboard can’t be touched with eyes, but the organizer is a big unit after all, and this keyboard feels very comfortable.
The worker is still in the debugger exhibition, checking his brain and waking himself up to be calm. Slowly, his mood is finally calm and waiting for the battle.
The ghost team, RG substitute Xiao K, Huoyun analyst and others all quietly found their seats, but these people were far from all the spectators in this game.
Because the game will be delivered to all places with network coverage through live webcast, if you pay attention, the audience of Jinling Derby can watch the game through the network.
Soon the device was debugged, and the workers clicked their fingers and a searchlight ray skipped the field and shone on the main stage.
A long table rose on the main stage, and two people, a man and a woman, sat at the long table.
"Enjoy the competition and love life. Hello, everyone, I am Xiaoyue." The girl spoke first. She is soft and graceful, with her own goddess aura. Sitting in the broadcast booth, she is still charming.
"Hello everyone, I’m coach Liker. It’s been a long time!" The man also talks to me. He wears a pair of thin-rimmed glasses and looks very knowledgeable.
"Yes, it’s really been a long time. It’s been a month since the S3 finals narrowly lost to South Korea." Abortion said.
"This time, the battle between RG and Huoyun team can be said to be that the two top teams in China are fighting against the top three teams in Lpl. The ghost team has to prepare for the WCG China qualifiers. Without the participation of RG and Huoyun, it will be full of the strongest confrontation in China." Liker echoed.
"Here, we still wish hunder, an old captain of RG who is still awake, hope that he will get better soon. At the same time, we are also looking forward to RG’s new China-China solo exhibition and what wonderful performance he can make." Xiaoyue said and made a heart with his hands.
This scene was broadcast live to the screen of lol fans in China through YY on GA official channel.
YY live RG team fans have also presented red flowers, and they are also looking forward to the recovery of the old captain.
"I miss that feeling today. About 30,000 people got up in the middle of the night to watch our live broadcast in the S3 semi-final. This is something that has never happened in China. It should only happen in the football match." liker was a little excited here, and that feeling really inspired him at that time.
It is a kind of resonance that people with the same hobbies do something together, which is difficult for people who don’t play games to experience.
Then, in Liker’s infected abortion, I said that it would become a classic line. "Yes, there is no doubt that this is the best time for China to compete because this is our time!"
Chapter 65 showdown from the candidates
"That’s right. It is because of the influx of several players into lol that the game has become prosperous. China has become more brilliant. I believe that in S4 season and the upcoming WCG World Finals, we will definitely achieve better results and take the champion home." Liker also went on to say.
"Well, let’s watch the game and enter the Ban/Pik interface. Let’s watch the candidates from both sides." At this time, the game ended with a sentence from Xiaoyue, which drew everyone’s attention to the game.
Ban is the forbidden hero, Pik is the choice, and now both captains have considered the candidate.
"As we all know, a game is from the ban people. I believe that their analysts have already done the pre-game analysis for the opposing team. The first game is the fire cloud team. The first game is the ban people. They ban the policewoman, which seems to be aimed at the combination of omorrow Road. You know, before the game, RG was aimed at the RG middle road. It seems that the absence of the RG captain has a great influence on the candidates of both sides!" Liker said that he was a very serious person when explaining the game.
"Well, RG doesn’t have an analyst." Although Xiaoyue Friendship woke up as an explanation, she is a loyal fan of RG. Lu Hongshen is also an analyst and captain of RG, which is well known in the industry.
"Yes, yes, I made a slip of the tongue. I don’t know who is analyzing and leading the RG array now. The first ban of the RG team dropped Vayne. This is the hero that the fire cloud night watchman is best at, but this ban person is a little unnecessary and a little blind, because as far as I know, the night watchman has something temporary in the first game and will play in the second game."
After the two sides, the ban people turned into a cloud of fire, and continued to ban ez and Hammer Stone, while RG ban dropped Jiela.
"RG’s last ban was finally not aimed at the road, but ban lost the blind monk. It seems that RG is very worried that Huoyun will choose the blind monk first to fight the situation in the early stage," Xiaoyue explained
If there is no such explanation for a game, many people can’t see the mystery of the ban selection of both sides when they watch it alone, but well-known explanations like Xiaoyue and Liker can easily guess the thoughts of the captains of both sides
"The election of Liana Huoyun seems to want to get the hero in the middle. After all, RG Middle Road is the weakest now," Liker went on to analyze.
It was RG’s turn for them to take Shen and Huang Huoyun, while crocodiles and spiders were chosen. The targets on both sides were roads and wild fields.
"The next step is to combine the roads and ban the strong heroes on both sides. Now there are not many heroes to choose from."
"Yes, this baggage has been thrown to RG again. omorrow, a player who has always been known for his steadiness, generally likes a hero who needs solid reinforcements like a policewoman, but now this hero has been eliminated by ban, and I don’t know if RG will choose again."
In the cubicle, the money is really hesitant. Lu Hong is always in the way. The other party usually wants ban. The three policewomen are rarely targeted. Even if they are targeted, they can take ez and Vayne. But now there are three ad’s in the field, and he has not many heroes to choose.