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Zhang Long quietly said in the team channel, "Ma, I shouted 123, let’s attack which demon Taoist priest is called to fight for it once and send him back to the city."

"Are you going to pay or not?"
"I think you want to die."
"Kill all his doorknobs, the horn of Woma ┅ ┅"
It’s a pity that before his words were finished, the Taoist priest, Red Poison and Green Poison, roared the fire wall and sent it back directly. How can he resist so many attacks with so little blood? It’s a pity that someone next to him picked it up.
"Brothers kill all their bosses for revenge!"
Zhang Long’s men also quickly greeted each other and found their opponents. Zhang Long chose a little soldier with frost in his hand. Zhang Long hit the soldier head-on to frost. An assassination forced him to step back and stand up, while a fire hit the frost sword and another assassin. Every time Zhang Long was repelled, he always kept the distance between the two people in the previous step. The best effect of assassination was less than three rounds. The blood volume of the soldier had dropped to 5. Zhang Long’s previous step was another assassination soldier fell to the ground and the battle ended.
Zhang Long’s second opponent was a Taoist priest with a silver snake waving his hand and ruling that an assassination attacked his opponent head-on. In the second time, Zhang Long made the assassination firm but gentle drop by more than 6 blood points. When the opponent got a genial smile, he immediately added blood. Damn it, it was frost for ten thousand years. What a wave! Zhang Long wanted to return to his hometown, but he didn’t stop giving his life to the other side. This is a savage collision of samurai’s advanced skills, which can make the level lower than his opponent’s.
However, the other party is a veteran who actually flashed in the past. Zhang Long was angry from embarrassment. The fire ruling brought a piece of white light. It was the warrior’s second-level advanced skill that he waved his own firm but gentle. The machete quickly pulled away from the other party and hit the Zhang Long "12". This little amount of blood floated to Zhang Longlai. After that, Mao Mao Rain ignored the opponent’s soul. The fire ruling Zhang Long waved his hand and continued to cut the silver snake in the hands of the Taoist priest, calling out a dance with a small axe. ) When I wrote about summoning skeletons, I not only remembered one thing, that is, only when one person brought one to play odd MM leveling did that MM see the fierce fire wall of the mage, and the Taoist summoned a skeleton and said, "Wow! The mage’s fire wall is so powerful! I cann’t believe I burned people into skeletons and everyone fainted! )
Looking at this skeleton, Zhang Long disdainfully skimmed the pie mouth, and looked at this skeleton, which is in brackets after adding the name. Is it a skeleton practice? Three by five divided by two, Zhang Long quickly solved the problem that the skeleton rushed at the Taoist priest and pressed F1. It seemed that the whole body was covered with flame sticks and smashed it at the Taoist priest. It was the warrior’s advanced skill, fire fencing, and the senior warrior’s nirvana that could instantly attack the sword. After this fire, the Taoist priest always fell to the ground.
Suddenly, a lot of things came out, and the waste was profitable. Zhang Long quickly picked out the corner of his eye and flashed a soldier with a ruling in his hand. The senior soldier was secretly preparing to leave. Suddenly, a large number of monsters were brushed, and a Wal-Mart guard blocked the soldier’s retreat
Zhang Long rushed to take advantage of this warrior Wal-Mart guardian’s ruling on chopping and kept saying hello to the ground.
"Stop … soldiers shouted.
"Yeah, you stop first." Zhang Long didn’t stop and continued to cut at the soldiers.
"Come on, big brother, I’m blaming you for chopping me. Why?" Warrior road
"Didn’t you cut me?" Zhang Long Road
"Big Brother, don’t cut it. I can’t hold it."
"Wow" soldiers are always violent, and even the ruling in their hands comes out.
"Ah! It seems that you really didn’t cut me. I’m sorry! " Zhang Long Road finally stopped to pick up the soldiers and drop the verdict.
"Despicable and lewd …" The soldier lying on the ground spoke.
"Thank you, thank you," Zhang Long returned.
"…" Warrior
Chapter VI Creating a Guild Monster Siege
When Zhang Long and his party finally came to Biqi Palace, they had already waited here for a long time. Oriental Sword hurriedly greeted them and said, "Boss, no, you kept me waiting for an hour!" I seriously demand compensation! "
"Good" Zhang Long gave the memory of the just-awarded battle and power ring to the Oriental Sword "Wow!" Come on, boss, you can give away this kind of thing casually. Thank you so much. I just got promoted to level 3 and haven’t decided to take it yet! I love you to death, boss. "Don’t, don’t love me. I don’t love you, Xiaodong. Forget it. I’ll call you Dongfang in the game. How about Dongfang coming to our guild?" "Good boss."
When naming the guild, Zhang Long was in trouble again. What name should he choose? This one is called "Crazy Overlord" and that one is called "The First Group of the East", which is the most spoof. It is said that the Wolf Corps was hit by a brutal collision in Zhang Long. After thinking about it, Zhang Long decided to say, "Why don’t we just call it’ Hero Gate’?" "Yes, boss, this name is so great that it’s like a stroke of genius! I admire your old man like a raging river, like the Yellow River flooding out of control. "Everyone fainted!
Determine the name of the guild, and the rest will be easy. Zhang Long came to the king with the Woma horn and 10 thousand gold coins in his bag, clicked on the application guild and entered the word "hero gate"
It shows that "People call me Dragon Shao and successfully established the first guild-Hero Gate".
In order to celebrate the establishment of the first guild, it will be held in the three-hour monster siege area of Fengmogu, Cangyue Island, Biqi Province from now on. I hope everyone will participate actively and wish you a happy game.
Zhang Long quickly joined all the people in the guild and said, "Monster siege, everyone go to Anqu and remember the guild mode."
The others in Zhang Long came to Biqi ‘an District and were dumbfounded. There were monsters all around them. The small Woma monster Zuma monster archbishop monsters were everywhere. It was possible that monsters attacked the city too suddenly. Everyone was not prepared. There were heavy casualties among players everywhere, but no one took care of picking up the equipment before they died. Of course, before that, you ignored those monsters who were worried.
"Still stare blankly? Monster siege is not to send me equipment! Hurry up and start work, Taoist priest, hurry up and give everyone a sign. "Zhang Long saw that everyone was staring blankly and shouted down the Taoist priest to force the horse to play physical defense and magic defense for all. He also summoned his baby, including a skeleton and a god beast mage, and also jacked up energy shield’s own best attack means.
Zhang Long, on the other hand, took a few advanced players to select those BOSS attacks, but unfortunately there was no good equipment.
More than two hours passed in a flash. "The boss is brushing monsters. It should be the last batch. I don’t know what level monsters it is this time?" A younger brother said, yes, it’s been two and a half hours. It should be the last batch of monsters to brush, Zhang Long thought
"Brush the brush" Oriental sword shouted to sure enough, the original surroundings have been cleaned up, and a batch of strange things have been brushed out in the security zone. This time, it was actually a red moon monster, a moon magic spider, Kouga spider, Sirius spider, black spider, phantom spider, and a kiss spider. These red moon monsters and several blood giants, double-headed King Kong, double-headed The Hunger, this red moon senior monster, but the most terrible thing was that a red moon demon was brushed out. In the attack, a few blood-less mages suddenly came and horses were hung back. "Good! Don’t pay attention to other mobs. Several wizards have led these King Kong The Hunger departments to other places, leaving the attack range of the Red Moon demon. The Taoist priest quickly prepared for the assassination of the Red Moon demon poison warrior. "Zhang Long spoke.
After the distribution, several bloody warriors immediately cut King Kong The Hunger to attract the monster’s attention, and then led it to other places, and then quickly made the returning soldiers prepare their own assassination positions, so that the lunge swordsmanship could attack the Taoist Sect of the Red Moon demon, and while busy performing group therapy, they gave everyone a high magic defense and physical defense to see if it was Taoist group therapy plus physical defense or demon attack.
However, after a while, the result was finally revealed as a soldier fell to the ground. The soldier fell to the ground and forced his horse to die. A Taoist priest who cared about adding blood to others but didn’t care about adding blood to himself.
Everyone looked at the instant loss of two comrades-in-arms, and their hearts became even colder. But things have reached this point, and they have insisted on fighting the Red Moon demon to the death.
In the face of such a grim situation, Zhang Long hurriedly shouted, "Be careful that soldiers must drink potions themselves. It is impossible to resist Taoist priests by relying on group therapy alone. We should also pay attention to adding good blood to ourselves. At this point, everyone insisted on it, or those two people would have died in vain just now." Zhang Long’s words and doubts drove everyone to a dead end. last stand, a warrior, knows that he has a great responsibility, and can eliminate the Red Moon demon as soon as possible to reduce casualties as much as possible. He is also not stingy with adding blood to his body, for fear that if he eats less, he will die.