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However, after all, Zhe Bie was not hit by this arrow. Ten iron shield infantry immediately lined up and raised their shields in front of Zhe Bie’s horse. At the same time, ten other infantry jumped and stepped on the shoulders of the top ten soldiers and raised their shields in front of them.

Huang Yaoshi just put the second arrow on the bowstring, and these twenty soldiers have lined up in this three-foot-wide wall, blocking Huang Yaoshi’s sight like a barrier!
Huang Yaoshi couldn’t see Zhe Bie’s position, so he had to move his foot to shoot a direct shot of a shield in the middle. This person was immediately shaken out, and the whole human wall collapsed immediately. However, after the human wall, Zhe Bie had already left the bow and arrow range!
"I can’t blow Zhe Bie’s heart and then want to kill him …" Huang Yaoshi’s heart is worried.
Tens of thousands of Mongolian soldiers continued to launch fierce attacks on the city wall. Ten masters, Ling Feiyang, Huang Yaoshi, Ying Gu, Huang Rong, Wu Gangfeng, Zhu Liu, Wu Santong, Gu Nanyun, Dian Cang Yu Yin, Lu Youjiao Song Guo and Dali, respectively held the city wall in ten different positions and led 3,000 beggar brothers to fight bloody battles and beat back the Mongolian army wave after wave.
Because of the extra 3,000 beggars’ younger brothers, Zhongxing House finally persisted until dark. However, Zhe Bie did not withdraw its troops, but continued to burn the midnight oil in an attempt to break the city.
At this time, there are less than 53,000 defenders of Xixia in the city, and more than 1,000 beggars have lost their brothers. What’s more, the arrows in Zhongxing House have also been exhausted. According to Huang Yaoshi’s estimation, the defense of the city wall and the north gate can last for four hours at most.
However, it is gratifying that according to the Xixia agent’s report, it will take about an hour for the Emperor Yan Hong Shou-xu of the State of Jin to make a personal expedition of 100,000 troops from the south gate of Zhongxing Mansion.
The walls of Zhongxing Mansion are built near the mountain, and it is easy to defend but difficult to attack Huang Yaoshi. It is clear to me that if the Mongolian army takes the city first, it will inevitably tie the army to the south wall to stop the reinforcements of Xu Jin. As a result, it will become the Mongolian army guarding the city and the gold team attacking our terrain advantage will be completely reversed.
"After the fall of the North Gate of Zhongxing House, there is not much left. Our troops must show street fighting in the city and never let the Mongolian army occupy the South Gate easily!" Huang Yaoshi thought of the art of war recorded in Wu Mu’s legacy, and immediately found Yu Qiao to plow and read four people to explain it in detail
Before I knew it, the night was deep, but the northern wall of Zhongxing Mansion was illuminated by bright Chinese pine and lanterns and torches. The Beggars’ Brothers transported the remaining oil, poisonous water, giant trees and lime to Chengtou in a large array of 20 stars and five elements, and exhibited a final defense battle. The Beggars’ Brothers and Xixia soldiers fell down one by one, but they fought to the death one after another. It was another night that the North Gate Tower finally passed. Although it was already bloodstained, the Xixia military flag flying at the top was still standing!
It is estimated that four hours have passed since Huang Yaoshi ordered that more than 1,000 Beggars’ Brothers and 3,000 Dorsey soldiers suddenly leave the battlefield together!
The north gate was immediately hit by a Mongolian car, and tens of thousands of Mongolian soldiers swarmed in from the city gate and entered Zhongxing Fucheng!
"The general has ordered that Xu Jin’s reinforcements will arrive soon, and our army will quickly occupy the south gate of Zhongxing House without delay!" Mongolian soldiers who entered the city immediately received orders from Zhe Bie, so they didn’t have time to burn, kill and plunder, and immediately went to the south!
The city of Zhongxing is full of houses, most of which have already been evacuated, leaving tens of millions of houses at the front, and 1,000 Mongolian soldiers have to disperse and walk through the houses and alleys.
A Mongolian centurion led hundreds of soldiers to walk dozens of feet in the lane before he found that there was a dead end ahead. He just ordered the soldiers to turn around only to find that more than 20 beggars in rags stopped the way, each holding a big iron paddle in his hand.
"kill!" Dian Cang Yu Yin shouted that more than 20 Beggars’ Brothers brandished weapons together to kill the 100 Mongolian soldiers who were stuck in the alley and had no chance to escape, and all of them were killed in a short time.
Another Mongolian Hundred-member Team was passing through various hidden weapons from two houses and suddenly flew out of the doors and windows of the houses, according to these Mongolian soldiers! Mongolian soldiers fell to the ground and died one after another. Seeing that the situation was not good, the centurion ran with a sharp finger wind, but it hit him from behind and hit him right in the middle of the back!
Wu Santong one Yang refers to!
Beggars’ brothers are all skilled in martial arts, and they are naturally good at this kind of street fighting. In less than a quarter of an hour, the 1,000 Mongolian vanguard troops were killed.
"Withdraw!" When the Mongolian commander grew up, he called a horse and ran back, but suddenly he found that a dozen guards around him had been interrupted. Across the leg, a beautiful girl of fifteen or sixteen stopped in front of his horse with a green stick in her hand.
"Looking for death!" The commander of a thousand troops rushed at the little girl with a horse, thinking that the horseshoe would crush her into a pile of paste. However, the little girl’s body was as light as a butterfly, and she jumped up with a stick in her hand and hit the point in the chest of the commander with a flick of the stick.
This Zhongwan point is less than an inch away from Shanzhong point. Huang Rong doesn’t want to point someone to death. Ying Gu, next to the point, has long looked away and cried, "Rong Er, if you don’t kill him, I’ll kill him for you!" Jump and jump!
Before the commander planted the horse, he suddenly felt that a stinger had pierced his middle of the back as soon as his vest cooled. It was the seven unique needles of Ying Gu!
The first captain of the Mongolian Thousand-Men Team was killed and less than 100 people escaped, but four or five Mongolian Thousand-Men Teams were killed immediately! Huang Rong immediately asked the Beggars’ Brothers to hide in the houses again and wait for an ambush.
A commander with thousands of Mongolian soldiers just rushed to the road and a small stone suddenly flew out of nowhere and was shooting at his chest!
Huang Yaoshi flick the avatar!
This thousand-man team grew up and died. The leader of the thousand-man team was in a mess at once, and another thousand-man team rushed to the crowd and mixed with this thousand-man team.
"A group of 500 people should be careful not to ambush and advance step by step!" As soon as a commander rode a burly horse and entered the north gate, he immediately reached the order.
"Go to hell!" A figure suddenly swept from the gate Fangcheng building like an eagle. It was Ling Feiyang!
Chapter 21 Turn to Defend and Attack
Fei long is in the sky!
Ling Feiyang’s palm is more than a foot away from the head of the commander. The commander’s brains poured out from the ear holes and eye frames, and a horse fell to the ground with a long hiss, which was also broken and dirty!
This commander-in-chief was an invincible Mongolian warrior, but now he died inexplicably in this gate. Next to him, several commanders were so scared that they pulled their horses and ran away. The soldiers also fled backwards and then rushed in. The soldiers crowded into the gate and trampled on each other for a while, killing and injuring one another.
Although there are less than 5,000 beggars and Xixia defenders in the city, tens of thousands of Mongolian soldiers have been annihilated in this street fighting. The masters of the Great Song Dynasty have emerged in an endless stream. Three commanders and a dozen commanders have been assassinated successively. Every step forward, the Mongolian army must pay a blood price!
However, more and more Mongolian soldiers are still flocking to the defenders in the city. After all, they were outnumbered and fought and retreated for more than two hours. Most of the houses in Zhongxing were occupied by Mongolian troops, and a few defenders in the city were gradually pushed to the south gate.