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The captain of the Four Dragons is engaged in fierce fighting with the enemy, and the gods of Tianxin have swept their knowledge of the sea. "The boss is back! Don’t have to play, "the dragon shouted. Dragon 2, dragon three and Dragon 4 are fierce. After the White Order was issued, they woke up. It is true that only retreating now is the best way.

Captain Four Dragons was a little excited and annoyed. The excitement was to knock down all the demons in the other large array. To my chagrin, I didn’t pay attention, so that the other side combined into a magic malefic coagulation array, and I could only use a strong laser column to deal with it. Although I was not beaten, the attack was ineffective.
Previously, Long Da used to make a determined effort. After taking a seat with hundreds of space-based fighters, he jumped from thousands of miles away, killing the tiger and malefic with dragon horns, but the star coagulation array composed of hundreds of monty was so tough and elastic. The invincible dragon horn, which was always white, was like a top on a thick rubber layer. Although the dragon horn was neat and not, the huge dragon body of the black dragon starship was stopped. The Black Dragon Starship was ejected far away, and something gave the dragon a hard blow from the side, which made the Black Dragon Starship turn over several times in the air. Rao is a hundred space-based soldiers who are very experienced, and so on. It’s already a quarter of an hour later, and it’s still the Dragon Starship, the Red Dragon Starship and the Huanglong Starship that are desperately entangled in the magic malefic condensate array to win them a chance to stabilize in such a short time.
Next. The four dragons and starships use every means to pick the dragon horn. Dragon’s paw strokes, dragon’s tail strokes, but the star coagulation array that almost solidified the monty Shaqi doesn’t care, no matter how big the hole and scratch are, it will be closed in an instant, not only that. The Star Coagulation Array also extended a big sword, broadsword, big stick and sledgehammer that was simulated by Monty Shaqi, and pressed the near-earth four dragon star ships. Finally, the four dragons jumped and struck the star condensation array with a strong laser column, and fought a resource war with the other side in a way of consumption. But at this rate, the four dragons will surely fail, because there is more energy. There are also times when it is finished, but all the monties in the star condensation array can be arranged in array, attracting endless vitality and transforming it into monty Shaqi, so as soon as Tianxin arrives. At first glance, people suffered from this drawback and recalled the four dragon star ships.
The magic star formation is one of the strongest combined fighting formations in the northern deer community. According to the star position, the star formation is not only strong but also huge if there are many deer. If there are few demons, the star condensation array is small, but it is still equally strong. Hundreds of monty demons, such as Wanhei, Keegan, Gade, Wuyang, etc., were put into a star-condensed array composed of all monty demons at the cost of all the demons being injured and losing their combat effectiveness. It goes without saying that their power is powerful. After gaining the upper hand in the first few rounds, they are ambitiously going to use this ultimate giant ball array against the Arctic Dragon to beat the four dragon starships, in order to avenge the previous humiliation and the pain of all the demons being injured.
In the long-term confrontation after that, they found that the four-dragon starship was completely different from the Arctic Tianlong. In the face of the star condensation array, the Arctic Tianlong never collided with the star condensation array, but was quite clever in adapting all kinds of attack weapons to the enemy at a long distance. The four dragon starships seem to be lacking in this respect, and they are still foolishly trying to shake the stars with their horns, claws and tails. All the monties are laughing in their hearts and patiently and quietly waiting for the opportunity to crack down on "these stupid dragons". The four dragons starship thus became sandbags, but the monty was also uncomfortable. The four dragons starship often jumped from thousands of miles away, which was much faster than the Arctic Dragon. Moreover, it was a pure physical impact, and it was impossible for the star condensate array to completely unload the blow. Therefore, at the beginning of the opening, the star condensate array was almost knocked away, and finally the monty walked up according to the star position. Holding the star condensate array, it was one-sided and would hit the four hard bumps.
However, they still can’t help it. The strength of the rebound of the star coagulation array and the various blows to the ground can make the other side hit far away, but the four star ships don’t seem to be dizzy like the little dragons in the Arctic, so they fiddle with each other a few times and then bump into each other alive. Where did they know that when the space-based soldiers were in the deep blue asteroid base, this kind of "dizzy" training was tried hundreds of times. The seven-spirit instructors with advanced star wars experience hit harder than them, sometimes hitting tens of thousands of miles on the whole star ship, and even using the true spirit Xuan cyclone a few times. Compared with training, the plucking of the star coagulation array launched by hundreds of monty is pediatrics. As long as the four dragons do not break down and fall apart, the space-based soldiers will not be dizzy.
Hundreds of monty were anxious and quiet for several times, anxious about each other’s resistance to beating. Calm is that each other’s energy shield will be slightly lost after each hard touch, and the magic malefic condensate full of their breath sensitively examines the earth to reduce the energy shield of the four-star ship.
Any war is about resources. The biggest energy consumption of the four-star ship is not the strong laser column, but the bright dragon horn, the 100-meter dragon claw awn tail and the soft dragon tail, which are the big energy consumers. Four hundred space-based soldiers found this problem in the later stage of the war, and had to reduce the hard work with huge consumption, although it was too hidden.
The four dragons and starships changed their tactics, and used strong laser to strike the magic malefic to condense the array. Hundreds of monty didn’t feel strange, so fierce touching and assembling would make adults tired! However, the four dragons will jump away, which makes hundreds of monty feel strange and very uncomfortable. Wan Hei Monty immediately cursed, "Shit, coward!" Scold to scold, he dare not go out to pursue. Just like the hundreds of monty who stamped his feet, he could only watch the four different colors of the four dragon starships disappear.
"Alas, go home, this face is lost this time, but finally find a way to deal with these dragon-like guys, and talk about comfort," said the tired Keegan Demon Road.
It’s their luck that they didn’t chase it out. If they chase it out, Tianxin will definitely offer a nine-day lotus flower, and play a light-born nine-leaf lotus that has a natural ability to be magical. It’s hard to melt their Dreadwind magic seeds directly, but in that case, all the people in the northern underworld will say no to Chu if they escape or stay.
In January 2004, some space-based soldiers, star-based soldiers, internal energy soldiers and black armor special soldiers returned to the maritime entertainment empire, and 2,700 fish-skin star ships sailed into the ship storage area within the special training boundary of Star Wars. However, space-based soldiers, star-based soldiers, internal energy soldiers and black armor special soldiers did not have much leisure, so they immediately put on security clothes and, under the leadership of Jiwu, joined the security team of the maritime entertainment empire.
Tianxin stood by the window of the Empire State Building facing the street. In the released gods, he was very angry by the crowded sea entertainment empire. This is still the original entertainment empire with beautiful scenery, which can inspire people to be literate and poetic at first sight, and the whole residential area. It is a simple small building near the mountain and Guishi. A little flat, has become a field. Only the urban area barely maintained its original appearance. In the past, the famous scenic spots were turned into residential areas or cultivated land except for a few hard and steep rocks that could not be destroyed.
Too many people. Mountains and lakes account for half of this 2 million square kilometers of land. Originally, there were only 20 million permanent residents, but now there are nearly 600 million people, all kinds of people, and various problems emerge one after another. Hundreds of thousands of black armor security personnel are as busy as a bee just maintaining normal order.
Everything that changed in the empire made Tianxin very unhappy. Although under the three-system system, the black armor protects the soldiers’ blood, so that the residents dare not mess around, but in such a small place, after a long time, accidents are inevitable. Fortunately, the circulation of materials was basically under the control of the empire, which barely solved the problem of eating, and nothing else.
He turned to the eight presidents, Tielin and other ten deputies behind him. "From tomorrow on, register. From near to far, arrange for them to go back to their homes, those homes, and call them back if they want to. The maritime entertainment empire stays out of it. If they entrust the Imperial Garden to fight back for them, the empire will trust the homeland for five years, and all systems will be carried out in the current way of the entertainment empire, that is, the empire will own the land for five years. In these five years, anyone on the land will have to pay the land rent. After five years, it is up to them to decide whether to buy back their own management or to be permanently managed by the empire. In addition, Milan will issue a notice tomorrow. In view of Japan’s repeated violations of the maritime entertainment empire, the entire island of Japan belongs to the group and implements a three-system system. "
"Boss, there is a problem. If those black devils still exist on the North American continent, no one may dare to return to their own land." Milan speaks.
"Don’t worry about this. I will go to North America in half a month. During this period, if they dare to attack, they will be called to come and go." As cold dense tunnel.

Chapter one hundred and forty-one Make a cocoon bind itself
On the North American continent, the base camp of the Japanese Expeditionary Force, Junichiro Junichiro, who was named as the commander by the memory demon king, sat aside and watched the once-alive and out-of-breath prime minister after reading the newspaper Junichiro brought, and he was bored for a long time and spit out two words, "It’s over."
At this time. If there is a senior manager of the maritime entertainment empire here, he will refute his fallacy, "Japanese militarism and right-wing forces are not worried about the Yamato nation." Instead, they are worried about their power and that they will work hard for Bai Ji’s three meals a day. Under the three systems. There are only corporate managers, no politicians, no parliamentarians, only companies and anyone. Only through our own efforts can we have a good development, and under the system of everyone judging, this development is guaranteed to be a good development. It is not to grab the interests of others and expand the development of Bai Ji. Under the three-system system, everyone knows that as long as they work hard and keep pace with each other in intelligence and strength, everyone will have a chance to get ahead. There will be opportunities to integrate into the management or advance to a higher level. From this point of view, how damn the militaristic right-wing forces that killed Ryukyu people and their own nationals for the sake of their so-called land! "
"Prime Minister, I understand what you said, but it has nothing to do with the punishment intervention of the maritime entertainment empire! "Pure dew Ichiro way.
"Yes, Ichiro, you see the power of the maritime entertainment empire. It can be compared with the demons in the northern underworld, and it seems to be getting stronger and stronger recently. Otherwise, it will not change the indefinite destruction intervention into a time-limited punishment intervention. The former is that the strength of the child is not enough, so it will be indefinite, while the latter is something that can be done with enough strength! "
"Prime Minister, you mean that the sea entertainment emperor garden has been enough to put the underworld in the north …" Pure fog Ichiro frightened. Then he made a "cut" action.
"Yes," Zeng Neng nodded, pondered for a while and added, "No one knows more about the maritime entertainment empire than I do. They changed their intervention from destruction to punishment, just like I want to attack Ryukyu, and they are all doing their own thing. Therefore, Ichiro, I can’t live. With the intervention of punishment, I will not die at the hands of my own people, but also at the hands of others. This point was already thought of when I asked you to go to the North American continent and ask for land from the northern underworld. "Speaking of which, I was able to live and suddenly seize the hand of pure fog Ichiro." But you and the expeditionary force will be fine. You have never thought about Ryukyu, and the maritime entertainment empire will not find you trouble. You are safe, and our land acquisition plan can be said to be successful. The North American continent, Oceania, Korean Peninsula and Southeast Asia are all in our hands now. You should take good care of the people, hold these places and don’t lose your land. "
"Prime Minister, I will!" Pure case Ichiro cried, "Bage, I’ll talk to you about it. Let him send an expert to protect you! “
"It’s no use, Ichiro, remember, I don’t want to conflict with the maritime entertainment empire in the future." At this point, Zeng Neng stood up and said, "I will resign from my former post. You can wait until the new parliament is established before holding the general election."
"Yes, Prime Minister!" Pure fog Ichiro replied, but his heart was a sneer. "There is no conflict with the maritime entertainment empire, and it will be the result. If they win, so strong power, of course, I submit. As for the general election, Prime Minister, it will be exempted and everything will be returned to His Majesty the Emperor. "
Perhaps it was the statement of the maritime entertainment empire that angered the Chronicle Devil, perhaps it was Junichiro Ichiro who fulfilled his promise for help, or perhaps it was some other unknown reason. The Chronicle Devil let him personally seal the Great Devil and was able to live in the newly selected parliament building of the North Heaven underworld with many prohibitions.
Earlier, when the intervention of indefinite destruction was changed to the intervention of punishment in the Imperial Garden of Maritime Entertainment, it was remembered that the demon king was angry, but he still had to prepare. He knew very well the regulations of punishment intervention, that is, the black armor security personnel of the Maritime Entertainment Empire captured the offender and handed it over to the victim for handling. If this really happens, let a lower life execute a senior demon in the upper heaven in the north, how can it be done? The foundation of the northern underworld will be turbulent from now on.
In the invitation, I was able to live in the new parliament building protected by thousands of high-level demons, and it was an experiment to remember the demon king. He doesn’t believe that anyone can be taken away from the mystery in seven days. In the mind of the demon king, the intervention of punishment and the destruction of the individual are two different concepts, and the sensational effect of punishment intervention is unquestionable, but because of this, its humiliation is unparalleled, and the people in the northern demon world can’t be punished according to this kind of punishment anyway. It doesn’t matter if you get involved in destruction. If you die, you will die. Every year, a large number of demons disappear for no reason, but they are not killed by more advanced demons. It’s not surprising that our own magic bullet is turned to dust and we die quietly. And it’s normal.
This is the seventh day. I was very satisfied that I had been able to live until now, and I was very grateful to the demon king for remembering. Because, if it weren’t for the memory, he would have been caught. In recent days, all the militarists and right-wingers who have entered Ryukyu have not been killed under the attack of the sea entertainment empire behind them. Have disappeared, needless to say, he knew that the maritime entertainment empire was involved in the execution of punishment, and the disappearance of his colleagues made him nervous. He had a vague feeling. The mysterious power of the sea entertainment empire in those days is back.
However, every time he talks about this matter with the Memorable Devil, the Memorable Devil does not agree. It is really not enough to check that he can describe the scene vividly. Remember that the real worry of the demon king is. "Archangel Sir, after a day, you have to go out. The number of people in the northern demon world is small, and it can’t be destroyed because of you. Those dragon-shaped things are not fun. "
I don’t know that he was able to live, but he was regarded as a super experiment by the memory model gentleman 3. The reason why the demon king wants to do this is to try whether the maritime entertainment empire is bragging and dare to run wild in the underworld base camp, and the other is how the maritime entertainment empire will lose face and end up after the deadline. He has been in the source area for several years, and he has learned some ideas of the creatures in the source area, but he doesn’t know that punishment intervention is destruction intervention, and there is no pause in the middle. His joke abacus is well played, but it is impossible to realize.
"Your Excellency, the seventh day has passed for half a day. Look at the source where there are so many bragging creatures!" Remember the magic prince YinYinXiao way.
"Remember your honor. Don’t underestimate the maritime entertainment empire." I was able to live up to the fact that the demon king still put a lot of words in my heart at this time. It’s you who are a son of a bitch. If you don’t think you are a sky, how can my great Japanese empire provoke the maritime entertainment empire? Now I have lost the whole island of Japan, and now I’m still talking sarcastically at the critical moment of the Prime Minister’s life. Hey, I can’t escape, can’t I? At this thought, a very strange color appeared on the face of Zeng Neng, which made it clear that the demon king was full of cunning doubts. "Your Excellency, what do you say?"
"My Lord, the sea entertainment empire will keep its word."
"Good Lord Ben is waiting for them to keep their word!"
Seeing that you can say something that you don’t believe, you have to believe it. I remember that the demon king was both angry and extremely uneasy. The four dragons battled the demons over the North American continent, which knocked out half the confidence of him and other demons. Now, the maritime entertainment empire has rebounded strongly, and he can only shrink his troops, but he dare not attack. The defensive style of the maritime entertainment empire makes the monty flinch. "Maybe, we should go!" He sighed and suppressed this impossible idea. Even if he left, Monty and Devils might not leave for their own beliefs.