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The little girl looked at Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Bojing and said, "Hey, fortunately, there are two more. Would you like to play with me?"

At this time, a figure suddenly appeared outside the realm of heaven, staring at the forest for four generations. Namikaze Minato Naidao said, "This place is really strange. There are forests everywhere. There are all kinds of monsters everywhere, and the deeper it goes, the more dangerous it is. It’s really strange. Forget it. Let’s find those two little guys as soon as possible. They were sent together but they were separated in the passage. I hope they are okay." Then Watergate continued to look for it and let out its spirit to perceive around, hoping to find the lost Uchibo Meihua and Hyuuga Hanabi.
Just when Watergate was trying to find fireworks and graces, he suddenly felt something was wrong, so he just dodged without thinking. At this moment, a ground thorn came out directly. Fortunately, Watergate was hiding fast, otherwise it would have been drilled.
Watergate watched warily as a huge figure appeared in front of Watergate and said, "Man, do you know that you have broken into the sleeping place of the great dragon Kate? You disturb my sleep and punish me. I will forgive you if you hand over all your belongings. Otherwise, hehe, you can try the dragon anger."
The first time Watergate met bijuu, there was such a horrible smell. Watergate immediately got ready for the battle. Watergate asked Kyubi no Youko, "Do you know what this is?"
Kyubi no Youko despised a Watergate and said, "This is the dragon. You should know it. Didn’t a younger brother of yours, the Uchihiro family, just get the Red Dragon Emperor? Have you forgotten? "
At this moment, Watergate realized that he had got the Red Dragon Emperor. Although this creature is somewhat different from the Red Dragon Emperor, it is really like Watergate. He looked at the dragon in front of him curiously and said, "Don’t say it’s really like what I was worried about at that time. I haven’t seen the Red Dragon Emperor carefully. Now I think back. It’s really true. Is this the dragon?"
Kyubi no Youko has been arguing that everything in Watergate is good, but it hurts his wife too much. Except Xinyi Village, the Watergate is all around Jiusinai. When it was about to be sealed in the next year, Watergate was small. It was only knowing that Jiusinai was pulled out of bijuu and would soon seal the ghosts. He said that he was sealing himself, but he was actually trying to find an excuse to go with Jiusinai. Jiusinai’s double suicide was a real story.
In fact, there is one thing that Kyubi no Youko has been afraid to tell Watergate, that is, after he was pulled away from Jiusinai, actually Watergate wanted to re-seal himself into Jiusinai at that time, and Jiusinai would not die together, and they would all return to the original. Kyubi no Youko would not say this, but it is also the same as other bijuu in bijuu. Does Kyubi no Youko and Watergate know that it is impossible to say now at that time? What’s more, if Watergate knew what a stupid thing he had done, everyone would be embarrassed, wouldn’t it?
The dragon named Kate stood there angrily when he saw that Watergate had not moved for a long time. "Are you flouting the great dragon? I want you to know what it will be like to despise the great dragon Kate. "
Kate read a few strange notes in her mouth, and Watergate felt that the natural chakra around her was extremely unstable, and a strange trajectory started to run. Then Watergate found cracks on the ground, and then the earthquake left Watergate in a hurry. Just after Watergate left its original location, there was a huge crack on the ground, and magma in the crust was sprayed out, and suddenly a sea of fire appeared in front of Watergate.
Watergate exhaled and said, "It’s really dangerous. Is this magic? It’s really horrible. "
In fact, Kate’s ground fissure is not so terrible. It is just magma that causes such a terrible scene.
Watergate pulled out his own bitterness and said to Kyubi no Youko, "Nine Lamas, we don’t have so much time to make a quick decision." At this time, the blood in Watergate began to boil. This is the first time since rebirth that we are ready to fight.
Kate, the dragon, immediately laughed when she saw Watergate’s sharp eyes. "Why are you going to resist the great dragon? You are looking for death."
Kate didn’t finish her talk when she saw that Watergate appeared a force no less than her own, and then a small dagger like a trident shot at her.
Kate slightly raised her paws and flew the dagger over the water gate to Kate’s head. Then Kate just wanted to laugh at the water gate and found that the water gate disappeared. Kate hurried to find its figure. When Kate found the water gate, the water gate had appeared in his head and came to Kate with the one he had bounced.
Kate saw Watergate, which was as bitter as a toy in his eyes, and she couldn’t help but show a mocking expression, and at the same time, she raised her claws and stabbed Watergate.
In Kate’s eyes, this little pain can’t even be scratched by Long Lin, let alone hurt himself. He is laughing at Watergate.
But is this really the case? When Kate’s paws came into bitter contact with Watergate, a tingling sensation appeared. Kate realized that something was wrong and quickly withdrew her paws and retreated at the same time, but it was too late.
See Watergate Bitter scratch a wound along Kate’s talons. The arm extends from the talons and looks at the bleeding arm. Kate is surprised to see Watergate Bitter’s eyes full of horror.
Chapter four hundred and seventy Origin
Kate looked at Watergate in horror and said, "This is power. You can make power. How is this possible? A cowardly human has mastered this. How is this possible?" Kate shook her head desperately and looked like she must be dreaming. This is not true. She is dreaming.
But Kate was doomed to be disappointed. When he looked up again, the Watergate was still there, and he was still struggling with a force to wake Kate all the time. It was not a dream.
Kate slowly recovered from the shock and looked at the bleeding arm. She read a few spells and then a force walked on Kate’s arm. Kate’s arm wound was covered with a layer of rock and stopped bleeding.
After treating the wound, Kate looked at the Watergate and said calmly, "Man, I admit that I underestimated you. Let’s just let it go. I don’t want your body or property. Let’s just leave my site as soon as we haven’t met you."
Watergate shook his head to see Watergate shake his head. Kate immediately angered, "How can you be reckless if you master the power yourself?" Then fight, don’t master the power and you will be your own enemy. If you really want to fight, I may not lose to you, and even if you win me, so what? You will still be seriously injured. Being injured in this forest is equivalent to death. You have to think clearly. "
Watergate shook his head and said, "No, you misunderstood. I have no intention of fighting again. I will not be violent if I can solve it peacefully."
Kate frowned. "Then what do you mean?"
Watergate laughed. "I do have a few questions I want to ask. I’ll leave after I ask them."
Kate asked doubtfully, "What is it?"
Watergate asked, "I want to know where this place is and have you seen two little girls who are almost eleven or twelve years old, and one of them has white eyes."
Kate looked at the water doorway in surprise. "You dare to go deep into this place without knowing where it is. I really don’t know whether you know or not, but it’s no wonder that you dare to come in without knowing where it is. But I still want to say that you are too risky because it’s not as simple as you think in this forest. There are many unknown dangers and many horrors because you said that I have never seen those two little girls."
Watergate heard from Kate’s tone that he didn’t lie to himself. He probably didn’t see the fireworks and graces. Kate said that the forest was very dangerous, which Watergate also agreed with. After all, he met Kate when he first came in, but Watergate didn’t pay much attention to the danger here because he believed that he could escape by flying Raytheon even if it was really dangerous.
Watergate’s accomplishments in Ninjutsu have long been superb, which is different from Naruto, a beginner who can fly Raytheon at high speed. Even if Watergate is blocked, he is confident that Raytheon can break the blockade.
But Kate didn’t know it. Kate couldn’t help but say, "Don’t underestimate the forest. Like me, the forest is at the lowest end. There are many horrors here, especially the cracked beast. If you meet it, even if you are strong, it won’t be because the magician will kill it. Magic is effective for the cracked beast because they live in turbulence."
Kate’s words finally caught Watergate’s attention. Watergate asked curiously, "What kind of monster can endure this crack beast and live in turbulence?"
Kate shook her head and said, "No one knows how the crack beast came to this world. There was no such thing as the crack beast in this world. They lived in the virtual world, but just after a terrorist guy appeared thousands of years ago, this kind of fate appeared in this world."
Watergate frowned. "Do you know who the scary guy is?"
Seeing Watergate’s curiosity, Kate couldn’t help but say, "This secret can’t be revealed. That horrible guy’s name can’t be cursed. See there?" Where that orchid shine. "
Watergate finally saw where Kate pointed, or rather, in this forest, no matter where you are, you can see the dim light. Watergate used to be a miracle of nature, but now it doesn’t seem so. It’s a person.
Kate sighed with emotion, "I remember that I had just come here as an adult to experience the forest. At that time, I met a man with armor, a white robe, a silver waist and a tangdao teenager. Oh, by the way, tangdao told me that this kind of knife was called tangdao in a friend’s hometown, and I didn’t know what to call tangdao."
After listening to Kate’s words, Watergate already had a hunch about who that person was. Watergate asked, "Where is it coming?"
Kate continued, "At that time, I was just an adult and I didn’t know how terrible the world was. When I saw that young man dressed in extraordinary clothes, I started to rob him."
Hearing Kate’s words, Watergate suddenly spoke with a black line on his face. "Who gave you confidence and courage to rob him? It’s a miracle that you are alive now."
Watergate looked at Kate with a strange face and said, "It’s a miracle that you are alive now. It’s a miracle that he didn’t kill you according to that guy’s personality."
Kate didn’t realize what she said when she heard Watergate. "Yeah, it’s a miracle. I think it’s incredible now. Well, wait a minute. You said you knew him according to that guy’s personality. Do you know who that horrible guy is?"
Watergate Nai nodded and said, "You know, if I guess correctly, I will be here. It’s also that guy Jay. Come on, let’s not talk about this. What the hell did he do here?"
Kate withdrew her surprise and said with a heavy expression, "He broke the shackles of heaven here, but it was also a sword to break it. But the sky directly cut the forest in two, breaking the main channel leading to the outside world, which made the heaven lose its connection to the outside world. People who want to go out from the day after tomorrow can’t go in and out as freely as before by sending an array or other means. It is also that the sword broke the virtual beast and made it appear in a place where the world can’t get close to the dim light. That’s the sword cut out, where it is connected with the virtual beast and where it haunts."
Watergate didn’t think it would be like this. Watergate smiled and said, "Thank you for waking up. I’ll pay attention." Then he disappeared in an instant.
Looking at the disappearing Watergate, Kate murmured, "This forest is going to be quiet again. I’d better find another place to sleep." Then Kate turned and flew to his cave.
After Watergate left Kate’s site, he continued to look for fireworks and graces. In this issue, Watergate also encountered Warcraft several times, but because Watergate was too fast, these Warcraft saw a yellow flash and then saw nothing, and they were dazzled.
Watergate flies all the way, Raytheon moves all the way, perceives and looks for fireworks and graces, but I don’t know if it was a mistake or something. Watergate accidentally broke into one.
Looking at the scenery in Li 1, Watergate suddenly froze, looking at the mountains, flowing water, clouds and smoke around it like a fairyland. Watergate said strangely, "What is this place so beautiful? I am still in the forest. But what is this scenery? Is there such a place in the forest that is very different from the forest? The forest is deep and dark, but here it is surrounded by fairy dust. It is two worlds. What is going on?"
I really can’t figure out why Watergate began to explore in this world. After some exploration, Watergate found that this world is not very big, at most, it is as big as the country of Poland. When other places are white and near, there will be a force to push him back. After trying it several times, Watergate found that even the blade of Watergate’s new society can’t cut through Watergate before giving up.
Watergate guessed, "this one is a kind of rule, which stipulates that there is the boundary of this place, but there are buildings there. What the hell is going on?"
Watergate observed and explored for a long time, but found nothing. Just when Watergate was about to give up, suddenly Watergate seemed to find something and came to this and the O center of the world.