29, Jun 2024
Half ring they looked at each other.

The little bird carefully looked at the dish and asked with a smile apologetically, "where’s your arrow, boss?" What did you shoot? "
A Cai looked around with wide eyes and wondered, "Oh, yeah! Didn’t I just shoot that guy? Why didn’t he fall? "
"Ha ha ha ha!" They immediately burst into laughter and love to fight to win, and Kelinger and other sisters laughed and tears came out. It turned out that he had been pretending for a long time and didn’t hit anything.
"Ah, I have no experience in archery for the first time. Please forgive me and just have a look. Don’t take it seriously." A Cai smiled awkwardly.
Ximen Qing laughed. "My former boss couldn’t help thinking that he couldn’t shoot haha."
"Go to hell, you can’t shoot." A Cai recognized something in his words and wanted him to make a fool of himself. "Come and welcome us, Simon, to give you a performance."
Everyone booed and pushed Ximen Qing to the front. Ximen Qing smiled and picked up the bow to look at it without looking at it. "Ah!" An arrow tower is not far away. A leader should pour an arrow right in his forehead.
"What a Simon Arrow!" They cheered together, while others didn’t pay attention to steal the head and wiped his forehead with cold sweat-this ya pervert actually knows how to shoot an arrow and aim at it.
Ximen Qing accepted everyone’s praise with a clear conscience while secretly enjoying an arrow and actually hit the real one. He * * * was lucky.
After the leader-like commanding NPC characters in front of the stockade gate were all destroyed, Al and overlord Xi Chu remained at the watchtower to direct others, and they went to the front to upgrade first. They took their troops to take turns to clean up the injured NPC and kept a certain speed of killing the enemy, so that the pressure on the troops was not too heavy and there was no enemy to kill. This kind of micro-exercise needed their own command.
At the door, the number of NPC thieves at level 4 gradually decreased, and the number of thieves at level 45 rushed in, which brought more pressure to the players. However, the players’ levels can all rise to around level 37, and from the physical point of view, they can still barely block the team from being chaotic, so there will be no big problems.
This battle was deliberately controlled by A Cai and others and became a war of attrition. On the one hand, both sides consumed manpower and weapons and equipment. On the one hand, there were a large number of people with excellent weapons but no combat experience and skills, and there was no chaotic mountain thief team. On the other hand, there were a limited number of people with serious weapons and equipment loss. They needed to pick up weapons everywhere to fight, but they were skilled in commanding a well-organized player team.
Both sides use their own means to achieve their goals in this small area. Mountain thieves upgrade their level by killing players and their position in the cottage. Players upgrade their level, weapons and sects by killing mountain thieves.
The battle lasted for more than an hour, and nearly a quarter of the players died and returned to Wudang Mountain. Also, Qian Shan thieves were systematically slaughtered by them.
A Cai looks at the arrow tower and chats and rushes downstairs to the door. The bandits are on the rampage. A few daring bosses can’t bear the loneliness and follow him into the bandits. But A Cai’s physique is far from that. They can easily beat the bandits to the ground, but other bosses can repel them for a few steps. It’s very hard to fight.
A Cai chopped down a double-edged mountain thief in front of him and laughed. "Be careful, everyone. Don’t go back if you can’t fight."
"Who says you can’t fight!"
Kelinger said after putting down his opponent’s sword with a double sword and a beautiful turn-over serial chop
Ximen Qing, the overlord of the place of Xi, is silent and the little bird and others form a small circle. Autumn fairy tales, butterfly dreams and love to fight will win. When Ke Linger and others get together, they are stronger than Cai and superior in technology. The East Snow is alone, but even if they are one person, the speed of killing the enemy is faster than other individuals. Cai is as fast as lightning, and every blow hits the weakest part of the enemy. No mountain thief can pick up his sword.
The incredible posture of the snow in the east is dazzling. No one can see that his feet are like walking. He steps on strange steps and shakes his body. His long sword slides like a snake in the gap between the sword and the gun. His long sword has never touched a mountain thief weapon, and it always directly stung their necks, arteries and throats, so that the mountain thief could parry it.
While killing the mountain thief, A Cai observed the snow-drifting moves in the East, thinking to herself that the East probably wanted this weapon not to touch, and to compete with herself by means of posture and skills. In the view that the moves were not as good as those in the East, it was necessary to strengthen speed and strength, while thinking that his moves seemed to be more rapid. The horizontal, split, stab and chop were neat, and there was no sloppily.
They laughed as they played.
The overlord of the place of Chu laughed. "Haha, it’s the first time I’ve played so happily!"
Ximen Qing said, "That’s because the mountain thief has no command, otherwise you won’t be happy!"
The overlord of the place of Chu said, "It’s a good thing that we robbed the geographical position in advance or we would be in trouble."
The little bird argued, "I think it’s the big brother who is in command that is the key."
Ke Linger sneered, "If it weren’t for longge hitting the door’ boss’, there would be no direction."
If you love to fight, you will win. The objection is, "Brother Long is not the eldest brother, so it doesn’t matter!"
Autumn fairy tales laughed, "I think it is most important that everyone is the best veteran and cooperate well."
Dream Butterfly couldn’t help laughing. "Sister Qiu, you think no one will offend the tiger balm!"
They laughed, and the mountain thief’s lair turned out to be their training ground.
A Cai listened to their argument with a smile but didn’t participate. He kept paying attention to the fact that it seemed a little different not far away, and it snowed in the East.
But not far from the east, the snow is almost floating with the wind, and the general figure is swaying among the bandits.
It was snowing in the east with half-closed eyes to feel every movement around him as if he had no strength, and his face was lost in an ethereal artistic conception. He seemed to see that the sword in his hand was getting slower and slower, and it was drifting more and more gently, and it crossed the long stroke to the thief’s throat.