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Level 4 Dolan quit the door, the clockwork with the talent rune method is strong, and the basic point shield of E skill has 96 points. What’s more, the clockwork E skill can cause 75% damage to the shield of the passing target, which also hits both the fisherman and Amu.

In this way, the little mermaid suddenly knocked out Leona’s shield, but there was not much blood, and the clockwork was very close to the tower after flashing.
The fisherman knew that he couldn’t kill Liana if he didn’t hit it, but Liana was a brittle mage after all, and there was a few blood left. The fisherman still had to fight for one, so he hung up Liana and lit it to continue to draw A.
But soon he found that his own blood volume was not much.
After winning Leona Q and E, Wei Q was added, but it happened that the female Han Wei had another trick, E skill, which could penetrate the target and cause damage to the enemy behind the target.
Wei Wei seems to be hitting Amu Mu. In fact, the target choice is still located in the small fish.
Leona’s two-level Q has been reduced by the talent rune D for more than 4 seconds, and D has not improved at this moment.
However, Lu Zhan was very decisive. He started the W skill in his own body and directly hit the fisherman who posted his output.
Command pulse!
This skill does harm to the little fisherman, and at the same time it increases the movement speed of Leona, and reduces the speed of the fisherman. Leona took the opportunity to retreat and tied the little fisherman in her busy schedule.
The distance between the two people has been pulled again. Liana has entered the defensive range of the defensive tower.
At this time, the little fish found himself in a dilemma, and both Q and E mobile skills had fallen before him, and he had two choices.
Either flash to follow up and continue to attack and kill Leona while being killed by the tower, or flash back and let gank return this time, but Wei is behind, and he may not be able to escape.
The fisherman finally chose the former, and he flashed and followed Leona again.
This time, Lu Zhan didn’t choose to escape. He chose to fight hard with the little fisherman.
He is confident that he can kill the little mermaid because he has seen the blood volume of the little mermaid.
How long can one or two bloody little fish people last in the hands of level 4 Leona?
That depends on how many skills this Leona still has.
Lu Zhan already has a Q skill, level 2 Q, which can hit more than 1 drop of blood to do magic damage. Lu Zhan also has a ignition, which can do a lot of damage every second even if he doesn’t jump enough to ignite the whole body.
Lu Zhan can also hit a flat A before the fisherman’s shot. This flat A is a layer of passive damage, which is also sufficient.
You know, Liana’s passivity can hurt the same target through Ping A, which is one reason why Liana can say that Ping A hurts several APS the most.
But these do not necessarily ensure that the killing of the little fisherman Lu Zhan has another last resort, that is, the defense tower damage.
The reason why he walked back was not to lead the little fisherman to the tower, but he didn’t even think about lighting it, because Wei had given up Amu to kill the little fisherman after he hit Amu with W skills.
Chapter 51 Brush linear sheet
Why do people like double-row so much is because double-row can ensure that one teammate is not pitted and thus improve their winning rate.
Obviously, alfalfa can’t fight ad, and she doesn’t fight wild or pit.
She appeared in the middle of the road at the best time and chose the right target to attack.
She appeared from time to time and all her skills were used to make Lu Zhan be able to kill the little mermaid.
Lu Zhanli Anna really lived up to her expectations and successfully killed the little mermaid through Q skills, flat A and defensive tower damage.
But Wei made up the last head and counted it in the wild body.
Liana can persist in the attack of the little fisherman for so long, and she ate a blood bottle with him. There is also a blood bottle that can recover 1 point of blood per second. Although it was reduced by half by the little fisherman W, this seemingly insignificant blood recovery just made him lucky that Liana had more than 2 points of blood left.
A detail can determine the success or failure of a battle. Many people don’t know how to eat a blood bottle when they fight with others, and finally they almost die of blood.
However, this little fisherman didn’t forget to eat the blood bottle, but his blood bottle had already passed when he was suppressed.
Lu Zhan clearly considered this point when calculating the blood volume, and then he chose to stop fighting after entering the tower attack range.
I love you, carrying a red and blue buff, dare not give it away easily. Lianata returned to the city to make up for it herself. The soldiers in the middle of the meeting were harassed by Wei. Seeing that his blood volume was not much, he chose to go back to the city and continue to hang out with wild monsters.
In another city in this country, Peng Peng’s head is a bit awkward.
This time, it’s not that gank’s teammates don’t give force to Amu Q, which is very accurate. If the output of Amu is not high, it’s up to the fisherman to fight.
However, the fisherman was first determined by Wei, then slowed down by Liana and played by his opponent.
The most tragic thing is to let Liana go with dozens of blood.
"This wave of mistakes wait for me to kill him again! Opposite this level opponent later must be careless "bitter fleabane bitter fleabane bitter fleabane said with a smile.
Roommate nodded and continued to envy watching.
But in his heart, he knew that it would not be so good to kill him if he was suppressed this time.
After all, he belongs to the wandering hero level 6, and then he can make up for it by swimming and collecting a few heads.
The money is not enough to shine, and I can buy a blue crystal with a sigh, and the increase in classics is depressed and comes to the line.
The line of soldiers has been crushed to his tower. Fortunately, he can happily take away this wave of soldiers without Liana. He has E skills and his ability to clear troops in the Little Fish Tower is still very strong.
After a wave of soldiers cleared the bitter fleabane bitter fleabane, the fisherman took two steps forward and suddenly "sou" a ball jumped out of the grass in the river.
Peng Peng’s hair waved the platinum player’s extreme hand speed, which made the fisherman twist to the side and missed the ball. Liana didn’t mean to continue attacking or press W, but chose to go back to the line.
Peng Peng’s head had a narrow squeak, and he almost lost his blood again.
But in a short time, he found out that something was wrong again, and Leona had no way to support what she was doing in that grass just now.
Anyway, it’s not good to recruit soldiers. Pengtou decided to take a look at his F4.
Sure enough … ……F4 is gone.
Pengpengtou has an impulse to scold her. Are you doing this? This Liana not only won’t let herself mend the line, but also won’t leave F4 for him!
In S3 season, the pace of the game is getting faster and faster. Except for a few people who play wild like Nunu, others tend to play wild and gank rather than brush their own wild monsters, which gives them a chance to brush wild in China.
In many large-scale competitions or high-end rankings, after the first wave F4 is beaten, it will become a long-term single-family pig raising whenever it wants.
In the high-end ranking, the first one to win the legion shield is the first one to finish the team’s dedication, and the economy is second only to the helper.
Although Hou Lu Zhan will occasionally beat passers-by, after all, competition is his goal. Xia Lingyao asked him to brush wild according to the requirements of his career
League of Legends is an easy snowballing game. The loss caused by a wave of F4 being taken away is not the tens of gold coins, but the opponent has more gold coins. If you calculate your own loss, it will be twice the value of F4.
Peng Peng’s head is a headache, so it can be even worse.
I love you, a wild man, never qualified in the middle road again after eating a loss. He sometimes buried himself in training and sometimes went to other roads to mix his experience. He planned to wait until his sixth grade.
However, Peng Pengtou, after all, was very experienced and soon chose the obscene tower to replenish soldiers. How much can the Qing soldiers clear?