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The cat struggled to get rid of Longye’s big hand. It always had a bad feeling when it saw Longye’s mouth smile

The cat struggled to get rid of Longye’s big hand. It always had a bad feeling when it saw Longye’s mouth smile

Back on the ground, the naughty panda immediately wanted to run into the forest, but Garchomp stopped him with a wave of Longye’s hand

The naughty panda tries to put on a scary face and stare at Garchomp. However, it is not intimidating to make such an expression with its small body
"Naughty panda, let’s have a fight with me in Garchomp"

Seeing that the human made up his mind not to let himself away from the naughty panda, he bit the leaves in his mouth and then pushed his hands forward, and a vicious wave hit the road in Garchomp

Garchomp slightly bowed his head and spit out a dragon fury, which quickly suppressed the evil wave attack, and then this dragon fury quickly approached the naughty panda

The naughty panda quickly reversed a somersault to avoid the dragon’s anger. It waved its fist and quickly rushed to its opponent

Garchomp put his arms across his chest, and his arms were as hard as iron fins, which easily blocked the naughty panda’s hand knife attack

"Garchomp made a dragon claw!"

Garchomp quickly waved his right arm and shot the naughty panda in the earthworm field. Seeing this situation, he directly threw an elf ball out

The elf ball hit the naughty panda on the head, and as soon as it hit the naughty panda, it was sucked into the elf ball and fell to the ground. The elf ball kept flashing and finally it was completely quiet

Bend down and pick up the elf ball, Longye. He finally got the first elf in Carlos area

"I haven’t received an elf for a long time, but it’s a good thing that I’m not rusty in throwing the ball." Longye praised himself

"Come out, little guy"

The naughty panda who was released from the elf ball was unhappy and turned away from Longye. Obviously, he was very upset about the fact that he had just been defeated very easily

From the battle just now, Longye knows that this naughty panda is a little weak, but Longye doesn’t care about it

First of all, he likes to make his elf strong by himself. Secondly, it doesn’t matter whether the naughty panda looks so cute or not … r
"Come on, little guy, try this snack." Longye handed the cake in his hand to the naughty panda

When asked about the sweet smell of cakes, the naughty panda couldn’t help turning around. As soon as it grabbed the cake from Longye, it ate it in one gulp


After dim sum won the favor of naughty panda, Longye finally got what he wanted. He enjoyed touching naughty panda head for a long time

A naughty panda tried to stare, but as soon as Longye touched its head, it immediately smiled. The head seems to be a reflection area of naughty panda’s smiling face. If you touch this place, it will smile involuntarily.

Long Ye, Nazi and Meow Meow continue to March to the nearest Gumu town, but before they get out of the forest, a strange-looking man suddenly appears and stops them

This face is wearing a smiley face mask, but the left eye of the mask is painted with a tear drop, which looks very strange. His hand is playing with this cursed doll line puppet, and his clothes are very similar to the shape of the cursed doll

The appearance of this weirdo makes Longye feel very disobedient. It’s a pet elf world. What makes this person’s shape remind him of Naruto?

"Please stay, two." The masked man spoke. "Is this gentleman wearing an evolutionary keystone?"

"That’s right. Do you have any advice?" Longye held his arms to see what the hell was going on
"Take it easy" The masked man fiddled with a middle-line puppet, which sounded like a line puppet performer faking it. "I’ve been with two people since Dr. Fatong Institute. Ge should also be a trainer with mega evolutionary elves. I want to have a competition with you. If Ge loses, give me your evolutionary keystone and super-advanced fossils."

"What if I don’t want to compete with you?" Longye sneered. It seems that the other party is definitely premeditated for a long time. Otherwise, how can it be monitored in Dr. Fatong Institute before

I think it’s also true that Dr. Fatong studied mega evolution in the whole Carlos area, and stared at others without knowing how many
"Ha ha ha ….. you’re really cute." The masked man suddenly controlled the line puppet in his hand and made a pinch. His voice suddenly became very scary. "Now that you have become my chosen target, there is no choice.

If you choose to compete with me, you may still be safe. Otherwise, my little baby may attack you as elves. Alas, I don’t know what effect this stroke of doom will have on human beings. "

The masked man threatened to make Longye frown. He was not afraid of the other side, but surprised that the chase for ultra-advanced fossils in Carlos area has become so crazy that he openly threatened trainers with evolutionary keystones and ultra-advanced fossils and then robbed them through battles.

This kind of trip is unimaginable in other areas

Perhaps it is because Carlos is the birthplace of mega evolution that people here have such a strong desire for two kinds of stones

"How are you determined to compete with me?" The masked man made that goosebumps sound again

"What if you lose?" Although the eyes of the predecessors have been disgusted to the extreme, Longye is not in a hurry to start work

"Ha ha ha what a naive idea. How about letting you go if I lose?" The masked man sneered

The performance of the masked man made Nazi want to teach him a lesson directly. Longye reached out and stopped Nazi. "Don’t be angry, let me play with him."

"Come out, Aerodactyl!"

"It’s a surprise that it’s not a Carlos regional elf, but no matter how hard you struggle, it will be my baby’s curse doll performance."

Judging from the mask man’s dress, Longye has already guessed that he made the elf. After seeing the curse doll, he guessed it was right

This is a mega evolutionary elf contest, and Longye grabs the key stone pendant of evolution on his chest. "Free your strength, Aerodactyl mega evolution!"

"Interesting and interesting performances officially curse the evolution of doll mega!"

The evolution key stone of the masked man originally hung in his hand to curse the doll’s neck. He put both cross lines in his left hand and grabbed the doll’s neck with his right hand

Energy resonance appeared in two elf bodies at the same time. After a few seconds, Aerodactyl and Cursed Doll both completed the mega evolution!
Chapter 637 mega against
After mega evolved, the super curse doll looks like wearing a wide robe with many zippers, bright red claws and a body sticking out from the zipper. Although it is a ghost elf, it has super attack ability.
No wonder that masked man is so confident in himself.
Like the masked man, Longye is confident in his super Aerodactyl, and his body is covered with all kinds of sharp rocks. The length of super Aerodactyl has increased to an astonishing five meters, and it is full of deterrence just there.
"Super curse doll shadow ball!"