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Kabi played a scene and said, "Who says you’re not an idiot? Where on earth do you get confidence? The whole galaxy knows that you are an idiot! "

"Ha ~ ha ~ ha ~!" Regardless of what others think, they burst out laughing in the locker room.
After the hemp rat closed his mouth, his face quickly became very serious. Even Kabi couldn’t think that the other person’s face became so fast, so the white hemp rat guy still had something to say.
Hemp rat deliberately said softly, "Have you forgotten? This game is Roffman’s farewell. After the game, he will go to Portugal to play football. If it were you, would you like to miss this game? "
Marmot said the reason why he didn’t want to miss the second key of World War I today. The meaning went straight into Kabi’s heart. Roffman, the vice captain, once said that the most insignificant parting in the world is to leave the team and vote for another one.
At present, Kabi’s attitude towards people is not as good as Roffman’s, but he is very vain when he says what he means. The deeper Kabi thinks, the more he thinks that this battle must be won, and he will come to Roffman to practice it.
"pa ~ ~!" High-five. There’s nothing to talk about. Everything is in my heart.
Kabi went back to his dressing room, put on his wrist guard, jersey, ball pants and goal socks, and then he wanted to go to Roffman. The other party gave him a very formal farewell, but he found at a glance that Roffman was not in his dressing room.
The locker room is not as easy to find as anything in the museum, so Kabi saw Rove mansker standing in front of Coach Coboni in a regular way, and several people talked so carefully that Kabi couldn’t hear him.
Kabi ignored these equipment and then said it again. When he put on his two-legged combat boots, he suddenly heard someone clap his hand to signal all the players to win at once.
"Let’s stop things first and I’ll say something first."
Kabi didn’t raise his head when he heard the sound, but he knew that coach Coboni was going to speak, and that clap of hands was also from coach Coboni.
Coach Coboni stood in the center of the locker room, and the vice captain Sk Roffman stood in front of him. There was no noise in this locker room, every time coach Coboni was about to speak.
Coach Coboni said in a steady tone with his hands on his back, "Everyone knows that the vice captain Roffman’s team will go to Portugal to play football after this game. This is his farewell venue. After discussion, several of us decided to let Roffman be the captain of today’s game. You must understand this thing."
After coach Coboni made a speech, his sharp eyes swept all the players. No player would object to his own arrangement, which made coach Coboni very satisfied. He just liked the way the players felt from themselves
However, it was another clap of the palm of your hand and it continued. It was Tusk who started clapping his hands to signal that all teammates should give them to Roffman.
In a few seconds, the team stood up and clapped loudly. Roffman smiled and moved his hand to give thanks
Maybe Kabi clapped louder than anyone else, even if it was trivial to leave, he really left the team and voted, but at this time, Kabi felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.
In a short time, the stadium executive came to knock on the door to signal that Granada could send its captain to submit the squad list. This work was done by Tusk, but he didn’t do that today. He just walked up to Roffman in a few steps and said
"Captain! It’s time to submit the squad list. Go! " to be continued
Chapter two hundred and ten tribute
When I first joined this club, I was 24 years old. After playing here for a year or two, I would be taken seriously by the big clubs, but I never thought that I had played for Granada for six years.
Before the game, Roffman was going to be the captain to lead his teammates to finish his last battle. He played for Granada in the last battle, and he wanted to win more than anyone else.
Similarly, before the game, Roffman had tightened the captain’s armband. He spoke to the team members, but he didn’t say much, and it wasn’t complicated. A few simple words seemed to be a greeting and thanks, but that was just like his character.
He stretched his back and printed the No.4 jersey, then hung his head slightly and glanced at it. It was difficult for others to guess what he was thinking because of his mottled face. However, even though he was wearing the No.4 jersey after joining Porto, his only certainty was that it was two different feelings.
"pa ~ pa ~ pa ~"
Three loud palms were photographed by Roffman, and every player could feel that the palm was particularly crisp and loud, so everyone was shocked and Roffman clapped his hands.
"good! Go out and win the game back! " After all, Roffman was also a vice captain in the past, and everyone can see that he has no shortage of leaders, and that style has never been lacking.
Roffman was the first player to walk out of the locker room. He seemed to be full of energy and could cope with two games a day. It was winter when the players’ tunnel was swept by the cold wind outside from time to time, but he didn’t do any warm-up. He didn’t need these. He was already hot.
Roffman is shaking his right foot gently, so he is used to shooting the ball with his right foot. His head is very white. Not only are his teammates ready, but he is also ready to win the last battle for himself.
Several referees stood in two queues, and everything was ready before they left the team. After dozens of seconds, the staff of cames Stadium gave instructions that the two teams could enter the stadium. A total of 22 players from one or two teams took a step.
The starting list has been in the hands of the on-site announcer, who has read the starting list of this game through this time. After reading the name of’ Roffman’, fierce applause rang out around the stadium.
I don’t know how to lead his teammates forward. Roffman seems to feel a sore throat. He deliberately swallowed his saliva. In a few seconds, he blinked five or six times. After he led his teammates to line up in unison, he scanned the audience in front of him and finally swallowed.
The fans of the home team almost stood up and gave the palm to Roffman in three minutes. It’s even more thief. You can’t stop on the sidelines. The coaching staff of Granada team also gave the palm. Soon the visiting team La Coruna was also infected and gave a palm to pay tribute to the opponent Roffman.
After all, it was a game. After a few minutes, the ball rolled and rolled in La Coruna. Just after a game, Granada, the home team, was about to face the opponent’s first attack.
This shows that La Coruna’s army is surging and its attack speed is very fast. Besides, this team has a poor record in the season. At present, it is only four points more away from the relegation zone, but they are more anxious to win than Granada, the home team.
Beasts are terrible, but they are hungry after a long time. Beasts are even more terrible.
Half the players in Granada retreated step by step, but the opponent’s ball took the lead, which coincided with the fierce attack of the opponent, so the players in Granada had to wake up.
"On the right! Right! Hold it! " Roffman roared out of Kabi’s ear and ran a few steps faster.
Although Granada didn’t leak the defensive gap for the time being, it didn’t prevent the visiting team from looking for any profit opportunities. At this time, the visiting team was about to break into the right and block the defense before Roffman ordered Kabi to start first.
A few seconds later, the visiting team player who was holding the ball lost speed and was pressed by Kabi. Fortunately, he lost his balance and reacted too fast. He gave the ball out when he was about to resist.
Ready to meet the ball, the enemy member is quick to say that stabilizing the ball is a sure thing. After a second, he will stabilize the ball. Just after unloading the ball, Kabi entangled the enemy member and ran forward again, as if to turn a route to meet his teammates.
"Shh ~ ~! Here! " If he shouted a ball, the enemy was very understanding and gave the ball with a swish.
At this point, the live commentator said, "Yes! A short offensive is as flexible as another way to complete it! "
When two enemy members cooperate, it is really worthy of praise. Granada players are not stupid. How can they continue to run wild after a few defensive steps?
Several main attackers of Granada team did not retreat deeply and became standby. At this time, instead, Roffman Kabi was in charge of strangling the three main enemy players before they got close to the edge of the restricted area, so Roffman Kabi had a timely performance.
It’s not hard to imagine that compared with all kinds of wars in this field, Roffman went more fiercely than Kabi, and it was Roffman who was rushing to make up for the interception. He didn’t lose speed, and the enemy member was a coping, which made the balance between the enemy and the member difficult to grasp.
One second or half a second, a perfect shovel appeared. It was from Roffman’s right foot that the enemy with the ball was hard to defeat Roffman. The second was already defeated.
The ball bounces a few feet away in a low arc. Kabi is ready to grab the ball for a second before another enemy. What should he do? Kabi is very clear
If you want to get home with profound skills, then every part of the stadium will be your own performance venue. That’s what Kabi thinks. As soon as he decides not to speed up the attack, he will give a killer skill in the same place.
Nearly 40 meters, a direct ball went straight to Granada’s chief striker, and the striker started at a place that seemed to be half a step behind. Everyone agreed that Granada’s striker would not only break through offside success, but also probably create a single-handed opportunity himself.
Suddenly, before the single-knife scene appeared, there was another fierce clap. It seems that the fans didn’t even pay close attention to the upcoming single-knife scene, so they just took a loud clap.
This moment is the fourth minute of the game, and the fans’ tribute is still to Roffman, the Roffman wearing the No.4 jersey to be continued.
Chapter 219 Sick Cat
When the reasonable defensive action is ineffective, then the opponent who is attacked everywhere will make some small moves. At this time, La Coruna plays such a role. Granada is not a super team, but they often make La Coruna breathless.
The home team’s left, middle and right attack lines are manipulated and flexible by Kabi Machu and others, and La Coruna has suffered a lot. After all, they are not the super La Coruna in previous years. They can slaughter their opponents if they want to work harder.
Granada was willing to play the role of butcher, but it was a pity that it missed two excellent opportunities. Kabi was picky about the striker’s teammates. Although they kept the ball steady, the goal was not very disappointing. Even though the goalkeeper of La Coruna lost his defense at half-time, the shot by the Granada striker was simply nonsense.
The second golden opportunity missed was even more infuriated. Coach Coboni was still spitting and cursing on the sidelines. Although he didn’t name anyone to scold, a player wouldn’t feel relieved when he heard it. The players were also short of breath because of this missed opportunity, which was related to distance.
The ball was sent out by the right-wing machete in a picturesque arc, and the expected landing point was accurate. At that time, the striker who was preparing to catch the ball was very fast and took advantage of the negligence of trying to attack him. The two enemy guards acted quickly and ran without offside, but they also grabbed a head start.
Everything is ready, but the result is that the home fans can’t see the distance difference accurately with the naked eye, but the live commentator explained after the slow mirror playback that "the Granada striker has tried his best to get forward, but his toes are still about a centimeter behind the ball. What a pity!"
The live commentator didn’t have a ruler. He said that he was a centimeter short to express himself more clearly. The ball passed the striker’s toes, which made coach Coboni not want to bear the second time, but he had to breathe a sigh of relief after being seen by La Coruna players.
The past is no longer in my mind, and coach Coboni has also stopped talking. The old man is so calm that you can’t imagine that he just cursed people. From time to time, he waved his hands on the sidelines and called out a lot of temporary war passwords. That look turned out to be very confident.
Although the legal time of 25 minutes has passed and the two teams are recording each other, but completely calm down, coach Coboni has seen through the opponent’s tactics in the face of this battle, convinced that it is timely for the team to record, and intuitively said that the odds of winning this game are very high. Go! Go! A group of little bastards! "
Naturally, the players can’t see through coach Coboni’s confidence that he will win the game, but even so, they dare not slow down half a step and try to plan new offensives again and again before La Coruna comes back to breathe.
The scene is more painful for La Coruna fans than to see that their love for the team is no longer super. Even a middle-class team like Granada can be presumptuous. It is difficult for them to have some sadness in their hearts except to continue to love the team and cheer.
The super laco that beat A Milan in those days can’t come back after all