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Cabby taxi driver signed his name and took a photo, and then paid the fare according to the rules. Then he found the emergency parking space as soon as he got on the bus. Something was wrong here because he saw a 55-ton trailer and was about to tow away his blue SUV.

Kabi pouted and hurried forward to ask for negotiations and told the trailer workers that he was the owner of the off-road vehicle, but then a traffic policeman came out with a dignified face and pointed to Kabi and said, "Are you the owner? But do you know that this emergency parking space allows parking for one hour? It’s already out of time. I don’t want to know where you went just now, but it’s also a good thing that you arrived in time. I have to inform you later through the transportation department, and I have to tell you for sure that you are not only fined 1,000 euros, but also that we will tow away your car. Would you please pay the fine to the transportation department four hours ago before you can take away your car? "
Kabi almost fainted to the ground. Instead of answering the traffic policeman, he said that the bad day is finally over! to be continued
Chapter three hundred and fifty-two Final torture
There are more and more dark high-speed roads around the class peak. The two trunk lines are very busy, either to the east or the west of the city, and the cars are driving at high speed without interruption, turning the two trunk lines into two dragons.
The most unusual thing is that the emergency parking space, Kabi’s blue SUV, was hooked by the trailer and then hung on the back of the trailer. This beloved car looks like a fat pig that is about to be sent to the slaughterhouse. Naikabi doesn’t want to look at it again. It’s a long sigh.
While the traffic policeman was going through the detention procedure for the illegal off-road vehicle, he didn’t know what was written on the list, and the motorcycle walkie-talkie was talking to the other party, so he stood next to the mounted policeman. It was only when Kabi listened that it was clear that the mounted policeman was getting the details of the joint work from the Transportation Department.
Soon, the three workers in charge of the trailer informed the Mounted Police whether it was possible to deliver the car to the illegal parking lot of the Transportation Department after the procedure of towing the hook chain was completed, but the Mounted Police did not respond when it did, but stared at Kabi and said, "Sir! This is a highway section. What means of transportation do you have from here? "
Seeing two trunk trains coming, it was already dark, which made Kabi feel very anxious. In fact, there is no way to get out of here, but if you want to call a taxi, I’m afraid it won’t take half an hour to get there, so it’s the rush hour of the day
"Officer! I’ll call a taxi myself and just wait here myself. "When Kabi said that, he had already gone to find his mobile phone in his trouser pocket.
I didn’t think the mounted police smiled and almost didn’t spit out directly. He waddled up to Kabi like a child who was about to play, and said, "Sir! I believe that until now, you have not clearly understood that the’ emergency parking space’ is here to park, not to let people stay. Do you still want to be punished enough? "
There is always a gap between citizens and law enforcement officers, and Kabi doesn’t make sense. He secretly scolded "Mom! If you hadn’t detained my car, would I still be waiting here like an idiot? "
After the dark scold, Kabi’s intuition was relieved, so he replied, "Officer! I don’t allow anyone to stay on the white highway, but I can’t walk back to the city on foot. Then why don’t I take a trailer back to the city? "
After that, Kabi and the Mounted Police both took a look at the trailer. The 55-ton trailer had already started the engine and wanted to go to the Transportation Department for a job quickly, when the Mounted Police shouted, the trailer driver poked his head out.
"Do you have any seats in your trailer? Our off-road vehicle is going back to the city! " Mounted police chuckled after shouting and was teased by Kabi, who was naturally unhappy. He also secretly scolded "Fuck you! Mr. Motorcycle! "
Unfortunately, the trailer driver replied, "There are three of us. The quorum of this trailer is also three officers! Why don’t you let our off-road vehicle go back to the city by your police motorcycle? "
Before the Mounted Police could reply, the trailer driver stepped on the accelerator and dragged it like a scrap metal blue SUV and soon disappeared into the dark of the highway. At this moment, the Mounted Police turned around and said to Kabi, "What’s up? You heard that, didn’t you? There is no trailer for you. I don’t know if there are any family members or friends nearby. You can ask them to come and pick you up as soon as possible, which will shorten the waiting time. Besides, you can’t stay here alone in the emergency parking space. I can watch over you for the time being, but I have to wake up at last. Isn’t it my duty to accompany you here to blow your hair? "
It’s true that the traffic policeman is like the ultimate bastard in the villain, but he doesn’t have to force himself into a dead end, does he? First, he is not allowed to walk back to the city on foot. Second, he is urged to send someone to pick him up quickly. Are you going to disturb the idiot? "
The Marmot Villa is full of super sports cars. Kabi "hissed", thinking that he swore to break up with all sports cars in the afternoon. It was definitely fast and efficient for Marmot to drive a sports car to pick him up, but didn’t it make him slap himself?
The more you think about it, the more wrong it is. Kabi immediately rejected the idea. He then thought that Mr. Nejas was not in Spain, and it seemed that he was very sad to ask Pebé o to come and help him. Besides, he also cried in the afternoon, so Miss Edith was left.
Unfortunately, Kabi still thinks that it is not feasible to unite Miss Tis. First, he has really left the’ Young Players Management Team’. Second, if he has alarmed the team staff, he will definitely be laughed at by his teammates if he is in a highway dilemma today.
The deeper you think about it, Kabi intuitively feels that the highway is like a maze with no exit, and the traffic policeman next to him also poses a very annoying gesture, which makes him feel extremely uncomfortable. If it is not the law that has been charged with assaulting a police officer, Kabi really wants to rush and then a right hook.
Very nai kabi was said a sentence "officer! It seems that I can take your police motorcycle! Please do me a favor! "
The Mounted Police looked at Kabi with an idiot’s eyes. He snorted and said, "Sir! My motorcycle is a’ police motorcycle’. Ordinary citizens are not qualified to ride it, and some of my motorcycle tools can’t be contacted by ordinary citizens. For example, are you white with a backup gun? "
"I am white! Very white! " In fact, Kabi was so angry that his head was white smoke. When he suppressed his emotions, it suddenly occurred to him that law enforcement officers were most afraid of citizens complaining about themselves because it would delay his promotion opportunities, so Kabi was about to complain about the mounted police.
Things got into a dilemma. Kabi almost went to the joint hemp rat again, that is, at this time, there was a flute in the rear. Kabi leaned over and almost fainted to the ground. Then he immediately scolded 1 "Mom! What a narrow way to go! How did you meet him again? "
The newcomer was the traffic policeman who issued a speeding ticket to Kabi at noon. The two mounted policemen tortured Kabi to death. After meeting, they hid aside and apparently exchanged things. It took about five minutes for the two mounted policemen to turn around at the same time.
The mounted policeman who gave Kabi a speeding ticket first came over and faced Kabi like a lamb, and then said, "I just heard my colleague say that you violated the traffic rules and stopped illegally. It seems that the speeding ticket at noon didn’t serve as a warning." Really? "
Although the mounted policeman was wearing a pair of sunglasses at noon, Kabi also knew that this guy was indeed a speeding ticket mounted policeman, but he was tortured by a bad day and almost lost his energy, so he didn’t answer the mounted policeman’s question directly but said, "Officer! Could you please arrange a car for me and take me back to the city? "
See this mounted police "hum" a said "please rest assured! I’ve always attached great importance to the cooperation between the police and the people in punishing things, and you haven’t caused us much trouble. There is our police patrol car patrolling nearby. I’ll call a patrol car on the intercom and send you back to the city, okay? "
Kabi has no choice. He knows very well that the European golden boy is going to take a police car to be continued.
Zhang 353 wears police fans.
Even if an ordinary citizen is asked to take a police car, it tastes bad. After all, not everyone wants to take the police car. If it is a good person who has been determined to join the police force since childhood and vowed to eliminate violence, then Kabi’s treatment will be very suitable for him at this time
Kabi is not a good material to join the police force. He has no inclination to join the police force at all. He is a very simple football fan, so simple that he has won the European Golden Boy Award. It is the reality that he has been tortured for a long time and his breathing is hard to control. It is also his only choice to get into a police car.
The police car carriage is so cramped that it seems that you have to take a breath without taking a breath. There are also paging machines in the carriage that come from time to time to arrange calls from some police headquarters. All this makes Kabi feel confused. If it is not a police car, I am afraid he will stamp his feet in the carriage.
Called by the two traffic policemen to pick up officer Kabi, a young man who is now in charge of the police car, and Kabi secretly looked in the rearview mirror and estimated that the other person might have just graduated from the police officer school because the young man’s face was full of tender and he didn’t even have a hairy beard.
It’s absolutely wonderful for Kabi to escape the blame and ridicule of the two mounted police officers. Although it’s a shame to get into the police car, it’s better than staying in the same place and being teased by others. Besides, the night has started on the highway and a cool breeze is blowing from time to time. If he stays there for a long time, maybe Kabi won’t be able to attend the training class.
After a while, seeing that the highway section is about to end also means that Kabi can return to the city and stop a taxi from the police car, and then it will finally be a formal end. This terrible day is also thought by Kabi who is in the back car. When he is still looking forward to the car, there must be no tabloid reporters nearby.
Seeing that the police car just turned into a fork in the road, the downtown area is 500 meters ahead. Kabi stretched out his head from the back of the car and found it difficult to squeeze out the smile. He said that after the police car stopped, he didn’t even want to say how far he ran out of the car.
Kabi definitely has speed on the court. He once fell behind the enemy and won the ball by 20 steps when he took part in the quick counterattack, but he finally put his feet on full horsepower, not only firmly controlled the ball, but also threw the enemy a dozen steps away.
So Kabi is very funny. He is ready to let the police car run out from the bottom of his heart once it stops. He is thinking that when the police car moves again, he will let himself run 50 meters away.
The police car finally came to the downtown area, and there was a traffic light crossing the intersection in front of it. At this time, the red light was on, so the police car stopped slowly. Kabi was like a thief. He sneaked a glance at the corner of his eye and prepared to explain to the police officer quickly, then immediately pulled the door and rushed out.
“1~~! 2~~~!” Kabi mused that he wanted to let everything move for two seconds when he counted to three, but things suddenly changed because when he pulled the door lock forward, he found that the damn door was locked.
Then it means that Kabi needs to formally inform the police officer if he wants to leave the police car base. As soon as the button for opening the car door is beside the police officer, Kabi can’t jump over and start the door lock by himself, which is even worse if he is misunderstood and grabs the police gun.
"Uh ~ ~! Officer! Excuse me, can I get off here? " After that, Kabi found that his throat was extremely dry and coughed, and then he found that his throat was so dry and spicy, like a string of peppers was eaten.
How do you know that the young police officer answered quickly, but the meaning of the words was a little strange? "Sir! Uh ~ ~! Or should I call you Kabi? If you don’t mind, can you stop getting off so soon? "
After listening to it, Kabi felt a chill in his back, saying that he would not take himself back to the police station, would he?
"mom! Am I just speeding and stopping illegally? It’s not so serious that you should take me back to the police station, right? Isn’t this bad day fucking over yet? " Kabi mused that his breathing was out of rhythm, but the main thing was that he hadn’t realized that his mental state was almost broken.
"Officer! I just broke the traffic regulations. According to the traffic laws of the European Union, I don’t need to go to the police station to negotiate, do I? " Kabi stood up and leaned towards the driver’s seat, holding the young police officer’s chair tightly as if he could scratch it with a little carelessness.
However, the young police officer turned out to be a burst of laughter, and his attitude was much milder than that of the previous two mounted police officers. Although he didn’t take the initiative to talk all the way, at least he and Kabi were close to each other in the same year, and there were always some similarities in the same year. When Kabi saw each other smile, he immediately relaxed.
"Officer! What are you laughing at? Since I don’t go to the police station to negotiate, I’ll leave the car here. Please unlock the car door. "Kabi said that the other party was smiling and said that things were not so serious, so he simply asked for his own truth.
But the young police officer didn’t unlock the door immediately, but waited until the street lamp turned green and started the police car again before saying, "Do you know? Kabi, when our company asked me to pick someone up in the emergency parking space, I swear I never thought it would be you. Thank God! It’s great to give me such a good opportunity to see you at a glance and communicate with you at close range! "
Kabi hesitated to "oh" a nerve line and was hit again and again. He thought about it for a few seconds before opening his mouth and saying, "Are you a Granada fan? Right? "
"no! Strictly speaking, I’m a fan of yours. I’ve been enjoying every game. That volley was really beautiful! At that time, I was so excited that I almost fell off the sofa! " The young police officer said that it is not difficult to imagine how happy he is to get along with his idol at close range!
After listening to it, Kabi was completely relaxed. Since he happened to meet his fans, he was not nervous everywhere. Seeing that Kabi fell back in the trunk and took a deep breath of the atmosphere, his limbs became soft and he almost wanted to pass out.
At this time, the police car entered the downtown area, and the young police officer didn’t mean to stop. He was explaining, "I didn’t talk when I was on the expressway just now because I found that the two traffic police teams were always behind us. You must understand this, right? After all, I am a newcomer who just graduated from the police academy. Naturally, I am cautious everywhere. I dare to talk to you when I get to the urban area. "
"Well ~! I understand! " In fact, Kabi, who was half paralyzed in the trunk, didn’t want to see those two traitors and mounted policemen who were so unbearable because they remembered that they had been blamed and teased.
Then the young police officer said, "Please rest assured! Idol! After you sign my name and take a photo for me, you can leave the car at an intersection and want to take you home directly, but that seems a little sensitive. That’s it! " to be continued
Chapter three hundred and fifty-four Still breathing
When Kabi transferred to a taxi and went back to the residential building, he wanted to yell at the dark sky with the intention of venting all his dissatisfaction with this bad day.
But the bright street lights are awake, and he will never allow him to do this at this time because it is quiet all around, and several residential buildings are built here in all directions. If he is unwise, he will really go to the police station.
Kabi went to live in the stairs lobby. Intuitively, his feet were like tied lead blocks. Every step was extraordinarily heavy. At this time, the security guard guarding the lobby greeted him, but he responded simply and perfunctory.