4, Jul 2024
Bosh took off his black braces, but he didn’t make it to the final Eastern Conference semifinal, and he graduated with honor for the second time.

The score is 16:96. Jackson changed teams to defend the best five players, and there is no suspense at all.
The Heat players gave up their resistance and the score didn’t change. The Nets won 2-0 at home, leading a perfect match.
At the end of the game, the two teams exchanged jerseys, and the Heat players quickly fled the stadium.
Ji Guoqiu scored 2 points, 23 rebounds, 11 assists and 6 blocked shots today and became the best player again. At the moment, he is being worshipped by fans on the sidelines and interviewed by reporters.
Panda interviews usually don’t produce any topics. This guy is so tight that it’s hard for him to fall into a trap.
Other players are different. The most interesting scene of this game happened at the post-match press conference. A China reporter asked Bosh, "If James and Wade fall into the water at the same time, who will you save?"
When many foreign journalists burst into laughter, journalists from China were in distress situation. They didn’t expect anyone to ask such a question, which was too embarrassing.
Bosh immediately felt the power of China’s eternal problem, and after considering it for a long time, he trembled and said, "I will save Wade because James will hug Wade’s thigh tightly!"
The China reporter smiled and applauded Bosh. This silly boy probably doesn’t know what "hugging thighs" means. It’s worth writing.
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-five Neat 2:
"It was a narrow victory until the fourth quarter," Jackson said after the game. "It wasn’t a good game, but we finally found a way to win. This is the most important thing. Now we have to move on."
The Nets can move forward confidently, but the Heat’s hope of promotion may be very slim. In nba history, it is too difficult to advance after falling behind, especially the later the game, the less likely it is to try to make a comeback.
Ji Guoqiu made a point in an interview that he didn’t count until the playoffs went away.
"We know that the away game won’t be like the home game. We need to face more troubles away from home than they do. We can’t lose a game at home." Ji Guoqiu didn’t know if this was a black fox in disguise. It seems that he meant it.
The giant panda is black, and the dead fox says, "If we regard this round of series as a battle, the third game is the most important. If we can’t win the third game, it’s too early to talk about everything." Then he adds, "If the key point of a round of series is the third game, then the third quarter is the key to win or lose a game. Today, we are two digits behind in the first quarter, and the team is behind in the half-court. The third quarter is the key to win."
Phil Jackson is really glad that he came to the Nets to coach the Ji Guo Qiu competition. Ricky is not worried. More importantly, he will not intervene too much in the team operator. Even if he has any opinions, he will give it to the boss in private. So the core and behind-the-scenes boss can’t ask for anything more. Compared with Bass, it’s a world of difference.
The next day, the new york Times once again poured cold water on the Heat. Dasabi wrote in his column that this season, the Heat was always chased by their opponents when they were ahead by a big score and finally reversed. Yesterday was no exception. They once led by double digits but eventually lost.
Eastern Conference Finals: Two scores behind Miami, the cloud has tortured the Big Three. After the game, someone in the Heat locker room actually cried bitterly.
In an interview with the media, head coach Spoelstra admitted that some players were crying in the locker room.
He didn’t know if he was stabbing the Big Three. Anyway, the local media in Miami immediately turned to the Big Three and asked who was crying.
Wade, Bosh and James all refused to talk about the topic, but from the update of Weibo after the game, Wade suspected that the game was out of order. He said in Weibo, "This is that everyone wants to see the world become better because the Heat lost."
Wade has been the leader of this team for the past seven years, and it is his responsibility to come out in the fourth quarter, but now James has taken over all this.
"I’m not saying how perfect Wade is, but unless my eyes lie, Ribed has won more attacks than James in the past seven years," Dasabi commented, continuing to stay away from the Big Three.
Espn continued to play with its best data, and they brought up a data that embarrassed the Heat.
The Heat ranked fourth in the East in the regular season, and the top three Nets and Knicks Bulls were in a mess compared with pk. Their Nets won one of the four wars. Bulls and Celts fought the same four games and won once. There was a slightly better record against the Knicks, but it was also a 2-2 draw.
What about the top four teams in the West? The Heat were also miserable. They were beaten by the Clippers by three points, and the Mavericks lost both games. They won against the top teams in the West or won from the Spurs and Thunder in the first half of the season, but they all won narrowly.
If it seems unfair to calculate only the top teams of the Heat, then expand the scope to all teams with a winning percentage of more than 5%. Except for the Heat itself, the other 14 teams have only 14 wins and 2 losses.
Although many people want to see the Heat Big Three achieve positive results, you’re welcome to say that if the Heat can’t solve this problem like a strong team, not only the championship will be far away, but even the playoffs will be out early, which seems to have become a reality.
A summary of the Heat’s record against top teams in the season
Heat vs Nets 1-3
Heat vs Celtics 13
Heat vs bull 13
Heat vs Knicks 2-2
Heat vs Magic 22
Heat vs Mavericks 2
Heat vs Clippers: 2
Heat vs thunder 11
Heat vs Spurs 11
Wade is right about one thing. Now most fans in the world really want the Heat to lose, but they are very supportive of the Bulls, Knicks, Mavericks and other teams, including the "Big Three" model in the 21st century. The Celtics did not receive much criticism at first, but were mostly supporters.
So what is the reason why the record is not good and the Heat is spurned by the world?
This problem may be known to fans who hate them and the Big Three themselves.
On May 4th, the first two semi-finals between the East and the West ended.
Western Conference Semifinal-Los Angeles Clippers: San Antonio Spurs Dallas Mavericks 2 Oklahoma City Thunder
Eastern Conference semifinal-New Jersey Nets 2: Miami Heat Chicago Bulls 2: new york Knicks
In the semi-final, the records of the four teams are surprisingly consistent, and the four teams are neat. 2: But the most embarrassing thing is that the Los Angeles Clippers have not missed except their other home-court advantage teams. Now there are many fans who want to see the joke of Fox’s brother.
The question of who is more hated by fans, the dead fox or the Heat Big Three, was answered after the Heat: 2. Most of the artillery fire of the media and fans quickly moved to Miami, and I felt ashamed that I couldn’t wait for Zhuxiang to thank the Miami Big Three as soon as I got out of the misery.
I’m afraid no one deserves a beating more than the dead fox in the whole nba on arrogance and big mouth, but his nonsense has made him more popular, especially after losing two home games in a row, which is different from the fact that the Heat Big Three are hated by fans all day.
On May 5, the Los Angeles Clippers moved to San Antonio to prepare for a life-and-death battle.
Before Ji Guo’s shame, he became angry with the media and said, "We will never be eliminated. Spurs veterans are my idols. This is to lose respect first."
Everyone knows that the Spurs have countless enmities with him. It is natural for reporters to ask more questions that the dead fox can say such shameless words.
Ji Guo’s humiliation was finally unbearable, and he was able to take inappropriate tactics and become a timid fox.
"Do you think you still have a chance to win?" Ginobili overreached before the game and came to provoke Ji Guo’s humiliation.
"You’re a bald-headed faggot," Ji Guo said quickly, covering his mouth. He was very cunning for fear of being read.
"What did you say!"
"I don’t talk to gays."
JiGuoShame say that finish suddenly see Duncan and Parker to his contacts with three people that strange eyes let JiGuoShame suddenly gave a shiver, hurriedly back to O’ Neill behind such a sense of security.