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Suddenly all the questions in Ling Feiyang’s heart have been answered!

In 1147, Yuanlaichao was born at midnight with thunder and lightning, perhaps because he absorbed the energy of heaven and earth. Yuanlaichao had a special skill since childhood, which was to control the human energy field.
Yuanlaichao’s childhood personality was very kind, which once enabled him to revive dying people several times. People who didn’t understand science all thought that he could communicate with ghosts and gave him a nickname called "Ghost Warrior".
In 159 AD, Yuanlaichao’s father Minamotono Yoshitomo was killed in the Pingzhi Rebellion, and his mother became a prostitute. He himself was exiled to Izushima. In that year, Yuanlaichao was twelve years old, and his mind was greatly traumatized and his personality became distorted.
"My innate ability to save people is not as good as to kill people!" Yuanlaichao has been working hard for 20 years and finally found an opportunity to reorganize the army. With the help of his half-brother, Yuanyijing, he successfully defeated Ping.
In 11 * * A.D., Yuanlai Chao treacherously killed his own brother Yuanyi Jing, but he didn’t win the hearts and minds, although he finally got the whole day as he wished.
In the ten years since Yuanlai came out as a shogunate general, many just men came out one after another to discuss Yuanlai’s injustice. Although Yuanlai suppressed it repeatedly, it also knew that its political control was in jeopardy.
In 199, Yuanlai made an amazing decision to maintain his rule, that is, cheat death!
Yuanlaichao lied that he was seriously ill, and entrusted the shogunate generals with the military duties. After three months, Jiulaijing announced the death of Yuanlaichao to the people of the country. Although Jiulaijing had no great achievements, it was not as notorious as Yuanlaichao and was reluctantly accepted by the people of Fusang. Because everyone had died, the unrest in the country gradually subsided.
From then on, Yuanlaichao hid behind the scenes, but it still manipulated the nine Lai Scriptures. After more than 20 years, the shogunate was still in the hands of Yuanlaichao. Mongolia formed an alliance, kidnapped Song Guotai, and sent troops across the sea to slaughter the people of Song and Jin countries. These actions were actually Yuanlaichao’s idea.
After Yuan Liuli returned to China to see Emperor Shunde, Yuan Laichao was surprised to find that this female ninja looks surprisingly similar to Yuan Yijing’s wife Shizuka Gozen!
Shizuka Gozen was the first beauty of Fusang country in those days. Yuanlaichao once coveted her, but she loved his brother. Yuanyijing Yuanlaichao immediately sent someone to investigate the origin of Yuanliuli and finally found out her true identity. It was Yuanyijing and Shizuka Gozen granddaughter!
Yuanlaichao has killed hundreds of people in Yuanyi Classics, and now it is found that there is still a monkey. Of course, we must exterminate the roots! The ninja was sent to assassinate Yuan Liuli, but Yuan Liuli was saved by the boat Masao!
Yuanlaichao immediately found out that Nayomasuo accepted Nawahara’s entrustment to hide the source glass in the Igawa Valley, so he ordered Jiulai Jing to behead Nayomasuo and show it to the public. Yuanlaichao decided that Master would take revenge and Ling Feiyang broke into the general’s house together, and made nine Lai Jing Yuan Lai Chao. Worried that Jiulai Jing would tell his undead story, he ordered Fujita’s ten soldiers to kill Jiulai Jing.
In Yuanlaichao, ten soldiers of Fujita were instructed to take over the post of shogunate general, but he also knew in his heart that now the Song army had arrived in the city because of the disparity between the two sides. If they confronted each other head-on, Fuso would definitely be wiped out.
Chiba Changyin was the first warrior of Yuanlaichao. He was loyal to Yuanlaichao. After his death, Yuanlaichao imprisoned his soul with his own powerful energy field and granted the spell of "Necromancer Curse" to fight against the Song army. Yuanlaichao ordered Chiba Changyin to return to the battlefield and called up the shadow corps again.
The soldiers of the Shadow Legion were all one in a hundred with super-effective stimulants. The fighting capacity was extremely terrible. Several raids on Song Jun wiped out a total of more than 30,000 people, and even Marshal Zhou Qian of the West Route Army of Song State was killed. However, Marshal Yang Miaozhen Cong of the Red Coat Army came up with a way to deal with the Shadow Legion. In one battle, more than 30 black soldiers were wiped out and six prisoners were successfully captured.
After all, there are more than 1,000 people in the Shadow Legion who can’t stand this kind of fighting and attrition, and they will never dare to attack Song Jun rashly again. Just when Yuanlaichao can do anything, his special collar makes him feel an extremely huge energy field!
This energy field comes from the seabed near the coast of Yokohama, which is a kind of natural energy field, which is trillions of times more than the human energy field! Yuanlaichao immediately came over in vain. This must be an undersea earthquake!
This kind of submarine earthquake with a very close coast will definitely trigger a tsunami!
"Lee, this tsunami wiped out 200,000 Song Jun!" Yuanlaichao immediately came up with a coup!
However, Yuanlaichao’s coup was once again seen through by Ling Feiyang!
Now Chiba Chang Yin has been beaten by Ling Feiyang, and the legion has also been defeated by Song Guo’s master, Yuan Laichao, who has no chip income and personally stepped out!
But he is still full of confidence in himself! He will rely on his own powerful strength to destroy the 130 Song masters!
Ps: It turns out that Yuanlaichao is not dead! The mastermind behind the war finally surfaced, and all suspense and questions were explained at this moment! Ghost fighters with the ability of ghosts and gods actually want to kill all the 130 Song masters present! Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
The phase history involved in the chapter is all taken from the Japanese history "Tale of Genji", which originated from the Yuanyi Classic of the Lai Dynasty. This section of indian runner has also been in Japanese people for thousands of years.
Chapter 34 Ling Feiyang VS Ghost Fighters
"A total of one hundred and three … it’s really not easy to kill so many people at a time …" "Ghost Warrior" Yuan Laichao counted all the masters of the Song Dynasty and said airily.
Yuanlaichao actually wanted to kill all the 130 masters from Song!
"The old man you don’t talk big here! Let me learn it first! " "The King of Wrestling the Monument with Great Strength" Ju Meng was impatient and stepped towards Yuanlaichao!
"In a hurry to die? Then I will become you … "Yuan Laichao’s voice did not fall, and his body suddenly fell to the ground and he was dead!
"This old man will also curse the necromancer!" Lin Cangtao, the Huashan Sect "Zi Xia Flying Sword", couldn’t help but cry.
"That’s natural Chiba Chang Yin necromancer spell or I gave it to him …" Yuan Laichao’s voice seemed calm but Lin Cangtao fell to the ground and died!
Ju Meng and Lin Cangtao’s death almost deterred all the Song masters! But it didn’t scare ling Feiyang!
Kang Long has regrets!
Ling Feiyang stepped forward and hit Yuan Laichao with a palm!
On the ninth floor, it is better to support this move, "Kang Long has regrets" and is stronger than before! However, in the face of this amazing palm power, Lai Chao did not hide or flash, but waved his arm gently! This palm immediately disappeared like a mud cow into the sea!
"You are Ling Feiyang?" Genlaichao suddenly eyes flashing slowly said
"Not bad!" Ling Feiyang said the second palm and played out!
Hidden dragon! No!
Yuanlaichao gently pushed Ling Feiyang’s palm forward and immediately dissolved his body and stepped back one after another!
"You can’t beat me!" Genlaichao said flatly
"If you can’t fight, you have to fight!" Ling Feiyang has climbed high and the third palm has hit again!
Fei long is in the sky!
Yuanlaichao’s figure floated back like a ghost and easily evaded this palm. Ling Feiyang’s fourth palm hit again!
Ling Feiyang used the dragon’s 20 palms to launch a continuous onslaught on Yuanlaichao, but it was not a killer for him!
Six dragons circling!
Ling Feiyang has used the 27th palm!
Yuanlaichao still gently waved his arm to form six dragons and disappeared in the middle!
Lohan and dragon!
This palm is just the last palm of the dragon’s 20 palms!
"Come on!" Yuanlaichao’s face turned out to be a little excited. Finally, he stopped blocking and dodged, but greeted him with a palm!
"bang!" Yuanlaichao stood still, but Ling Feiyang’s body was rocked out and landed on the ground three feet away!
Ling Feiyang’s twenty palms have been finished, but the roots have not hurt Yuanlaichao, but the wind has fallen!
"Ling Feiyang, my palm can kill you, but I didn’t do it. Do you know what it is?" Yuanlaichao suddenly asked Ling Feiyang
Ling Feiyang wants to speak, but his chest is full of qi and blood, but Lai Chao has already added, "You are good at martial arts and I admire you very much! My right-hand men Fujita Shibei and Chiba Changyin were both defeated by you. If you are willing to take refuge in me, I will spare your life if I work for you! "