6, Jul 2024
"Qinglong, you are a god beast, not a ghost. Don’t scare people, okay?" She was afraid that she would jump a few times more at the moment when she saw Qinglong.

Qinglong "It’s not surprising to knock at the door in the middle of the night if you don’t do anything wrong on weekdays."
Calm and understated, this is not cute at all!
I don’t know who caused her to do something "bad" now!
The streamer snorted and said, "I’ve got the famous dumpling in the dragon lock map. What are you going to do?"
"Are you all ready?" Qinglong asked again.
The big bright red font bounces out and is red. I am afraid that the streamer will have dyslexia and ignore this sentence.
This line stimulates her eyeballs. It’s important. Please make sure the material is well prepared! The difficulty of the link is 3S. Please think twice! The link is abnormal, please think carefully before making a decision! There will be no reward for completing it! Focus! There will be no reward for completing it! Focus! There will be no reward for completing it!
The bright red font carries a sense of oppression, not to mention unification. I woke up again and again. There is no reward. It is not to let her give up and save Qinglong.
This is the contradiction of unification.
On the one hand, like the mascot Qinglong, there is a self-help program in NPC, which can return files at some time, cover historical information, and even destroy the code, so that it deviates from the game track and returns to normal. On the other hand, the game maker has a monitoring program staring at this self-help program for fear that it will be benefited by others when it happens.
Streamer’s search for ways and materials to save Qinglong comes from the self-help program of self-transportation, which is one of them. Now the warning from Tong Tong belongs to GM, and it has no reward selling point to make players who want to save themselves give up the idea of saving Qinglong, but continue to maintain the invisible peace of Fantasy.
Of course, it doesn’t rule out that it was the back door person who killed God at the beginning.
She knows the pros and cons. She once listened to Xiao Yu’s soft meeting.
"I’m ready," streamer said firmly.
Qinglong means "you are my friend"
You get Qinglong friendship.
Lock dragon diagram, red line scissors, ancient array diagram, Millennium berry, heptachord, and piano score need to be arranged in a row
Qinglong quietly watched the streamer fiddle with these things. "How long do you need to prepare?"
It probably takes … streamer fingers to arrange the ancient array map. I’m not sure. Answer "About an hour?"
"Well, the swarm of ant summoners came to you, so you can rest assured that no one will disturb you here." A claw of Qinglong pointed at the streamer and circled her in a circle, and the streamer was all bad. She was kept in captivity?
There is a gas field gain effect in this circle. After reading it, explain that the streamer heart is as stable as BUFF.
An Ruosu You can see others, but others can’t see, hear, touch and feel you for 99 hours and 99 seconds.
19 unlock
[World] [Smoke blowing] Acacia turns to ash. Do you dare to answer when I call you?
[World] [Flowers, fruits, branches and vines] The dog that kills the gods will bark again tomorrow
[World] [Mountain Village Man] [Flowers, fruits, branches and vines] Who are you scolding? You say that if you have something to do, you will come out to fight. If you don’t have the seeds, don’t talk about it.
The smoke is blowing, and the day-to-day questioning always refreshes the impression of other players. Their announcement of acacia turning to ashes in Guardian pk system came into being. The odds of acacia turning to ashes in large and small gambling games are high, but many players put their money on the face of killing the gods.
Most of the players who have been to Lingtiancheng and the Scholars have seen Qinglong and a majestic head. Compared with selling cute and spoiled beasts for a while … This is a world of looking at faces.
Everyone understands this truth.
Few people think that it is a chance to win for Qinglong by dressing up as a pig and eating a tiger. After all, its attribute is that it can’t get in, make money and treasure. It is said that there are also towns and houses, putting into retirement, and promoting marriage. Guardian has to say that it seems that he should absorb the wealth of all directions. Acacia is the first player in the wealth list of the guild.
But when it comes to attack power …
Even the lovesick members feel that their mascots have no chance of winning against Qinglong. Don’t lose too badly even if you lose less, right?
[World] [Unknown] [Smoke blowing] What’s up?
[World] [Mountain Village Man] Yeah, little puss-head finally came out
[World] [Slow down] Who are you talking about?
[the world] [the past is like a dream] shrinking turtle scolds you!
Smoke blown up, not much said. Once again, the invitation of Guardian pk was sent out. When the announcement was made, the World Channel was as silent as it was for a long time, or the phrase "Little puss-head scolds you". Almost everyone held the mentality of watching good plays and raised their eyebrows to wait for acacia to turn to dust.
[Unification] [Acacia to ashes] The guild was invited to launch the Guardian pk Competition, which will be held in three days. Guardian of both guilds will appear in the main building of the guild today. Interested players can visit the two guilds and vote for their favorite Guardian successfully. Guardian will get a mysterious gift and have a chance to extract orange materials. For details, please go to the np taming orcs in front of the Guilds of Acacia to ashes.
After the announcement was rolled for three times, the world channel boiled up and brushed "Acacia turned to ashes and was invited!"
There is also a lot of words such as "It’s always said that lovesickness is a coward’s face hurts?"
Acacia to ashes guild high-level players are all in this meeting room. It’s a song and a peach blossom. He agreed to this Guardian competition. He looked at the unknown eyes and touched his nose. He felt relieved. "I agreed to the invitation and felt that the whole person was much easier."
"I didn’t expect to have three days to prepare for the competition," said one member.
"Just because we still have three days of guild activities, we will improve its strength in batches. This Guardian competition is very important. We should try our best to make a final sprint after acacia turns to dust." Unknown said.
Other players also know in their hearts that if they lose this competition, their morale will be severely hit, and they will usher in the first time that members of the guild have retired. The pressure is so heavy …
Members have a dignified atmosphere. doype = "e/javarip" > reads;She’s about the size of a streamer. She was kicked out by the deity. She must be dissatisfied with the deity. She wants to play tricks. She’s here to arrest people.
Angry sister’s head is smoking, so she’s not human!
Finally, I met time and finally found my sister saying, "Did you see anyone else when you came?"
"No, just me."
It’s a pity that you can’t see the encounter time, but you can’t go out of the circle by waving a small flag in front of the streamer. She is not dead enough to appear in front of these two members of the gods, and she has been preparing for it for so long. She is not going to give up at the end of the day.
When I met time, I squinted, then I went over and stretched out my claws to pinch my sister’s face left and right.
"What are you doing!" Sister got angry, took away the encounter time, and added her as an enemy without saying anything about releasing the skill attack.
"I pinched my face. Is it necessary?" I was angry when I met time. When I ran to add blood to myself and hide from my sister’s skills, my sleeve flew out of my sleeve. Five or six small swords were aimed at that sister.
"Hehe" sister dodges.
Two younger sisters, you come and I go with gorgeous moves, but when we meet, pk technology is not as good as that of my sister. After only three or two efforts, she was controlled by her sister. She didn’t know what control skills were, so she was controlled by her sister before she ran ten feet.
Encounter time lying dead, didn’t immediately go back to camp to resurrect, didn’t resurrect in situ, and white words floated out, constantly cursing my sister
Kunyu, the younger sister, summoned Qinglong and went back to meet her when she was done.
Scold the man for leaving, met time without asking for trouble, and waited for a little while before returning to camp to resurrect.
After watching this farce, put away the melon snacks and continue to toss the array.
the next day
The streamer got up before 5 o’clock. At this time, most people are still immersed in dreams. Night cats can’t be ignored. It is best to hack into the fantasy database at this time.
Sneak up the door, close the curtain room, throw out the light, cover the lamp, and the light is warm and soft, filling the whole room. She changed her ip, forged her identity and sneaked into the database.
"Why does it seem that there are insects?" Liuguang didn’t even think about getting rid of the "worm" before entering the database, then getting familiar with it and removing the firewall, and then adding a firewall temporarily.
The speed of the streamer is amazing. On this day, she specially changed a programming keyboard, which was almost hidden by her.
There was a loud noise in a dark room. Through the dazzling brain screen, you can see someone with their backs to their brains grabbing a bench and slapping it on the sofa to vent. Just that noise accidentally hit the table next to the sofa.
"Niang! It’s you again! " The man gnashed his teeth, and he was stopped by the magic firewall outside the door for so long that he had a clue. Try again tonight to see the result! Suddenly, the screen went black, and it felt bad. It was that person again!