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Mahad gave Amina a a cold look and said, "Don’t forget that you are also an assassin trained by me."

Amina gave him a proud reply and sneered, "But now I am also the messenger of the true God."
Mahad stared at Amina’s beautiful face for a few times and simply ignored her. She turned to Qi Yufeng and others and said, "You have passed the final test, young assassins. At sunset, you will swear to the old man in the mountains and become our brothers."
"That’s impossible!" Amina once again screamed sharply, "They belong to Kerman, not the vulture nest."
Mahad resented looking back at Amina, but her eyes contained a gloating expression and said slowly, "This is the will of the old man in the mountain."
Amina suddenly heard this sentence, and her body suddenly trembled as if she didn’t believe it, and she stepped back three steps in a row. She kept a close eye on Mahad’s expression as if to see if he was lying, but her rock-solid expression finally defeated her. She gritted her lips and went out after all.
Mahad then left four people and followed him out of the hospital. Everyone bowed to him at the door. Mahad ordered a servant to "arrange a dormitory for the four of them near my residence."
The servant at the door took orders and led a group of people gradually away.
That night, Qi Yufeng and others swore to a huge statue that Mahad Amina had been quarreling for a long time. After all, she took Sun Ruilai, Sha Zhen and Zhu Xiong back to Kermanga for training.
Qi Yufeng, on the other hand, was left in the vulture’s nest. That night, he went back to his room and stared at the beautiful scenery in front of him. There were many clear flowers in the streams and pools, and there were many beautiful people coming and going, but he looked at the moon with a hole in his eyes.
Chapter one hundred and one A bloody battle exotic levy quartet
Qi Yufeng closed his eyes at the back of the camp alone as if everything in the world was locked in the moment he set out.
At last, Mahad broke his peace of mind.
"The assassins, it’s your turn! The strong who conquer this wall will triumph and the weak will ascend to heaven! "
Qi Yufeng opened his eyes for the first time.
In the east, the sky is shrouded in smoke and dust, and the unknown big city can vaguely see an outline in the wisps of smoke.
The battle reverberated in the middle of the city, and the killing and dying screams from Assassin fighters and wall guards were mixed in the battlefield of swords and swords and bloody pieces.
Another new reincarnation is glorious.
Mahad and several other Assassin leaders watched the movement on the west hill.
"It seems that the assassins are very brave this time, and you have trained them very well." An emissary complimented Mahad, saying that others all agreed with them. They all felt very happy when they watched the assassins rush towards the city gate with the idea of killing all their opponents in their minds.
"The Mongolian white-account khanate will eventually collapse and one goal is to teach and that limp!" Mahad said confidently.
Other assassin masters have talked personally. Although they agree with this view, at this time, the "lame" force still has more power than the Assassin faction. If you want to completely eliminate other forces, there is still a long way to go. Now Mahad soldiers have become too fanatical and adventurous.
A horn sounded like a retreat. Qi Yufeng glanced at the front and was so frightened that he couldn’t even hold his spear. The enemy suddenly jumped into a damaged arrow tower and then used his posture to go back to the rear against the surging crowd and silently left the battlefield
Mahad saw him walking slowly back alone with his mouth wide open and his arms wide open. "You are like a god of war!" "
Qi Yufeng, without saying a word, went to his corner and closed his eyes silently.
For three days and three nights, they repeated this process, siege vehicles, towers, ladders, while the other side used bows and arrows, long knives, kerosene, Qi Yufeng rested for dinner and then killed people again and again.
Until the fourth day, Mashhad was finally attacked by Assassins, and the city was littered with corpses.
Qi Yufeng felt the breeze caressing the tower and saw a lonely eagle hovering high in the distance. Suddenly, a rabbit poked its head out of a hole outside the city and sniffed the smell, hoping to smell the food. Because of the huge noise of the war, it had not gone out for four days.
The eagle immediately caught a glimpse of it and plunged its wings close to its body. When it was about to hit the ground, the eagle slammed his wings and flapped the airflow to catch it.
Just as it was about to pierce its sharp claws into the rabbit’s back, suddenly the eagle felt a little dangerous. It flapped its wings to avoid it, but a strong palm had seized it and it was already dead when it was grasped.
Qi Yufeng let the eagle look up and looked back at the tall wall. Did I dive from such a high place? His heart suddenly felt anxious.
At the wall, other assassins were afraid, and their eyes stared straight at him, full of surprise and fear.
"He must be the chosen one of the true gods."
"It’s as brave as Artell."
Amina went to the wall. "Did he jump from here?"
"That’s right," an assassin respectfully saluted her. "He was like an eagle, and he was faster than the eagle. In the blink of an eye, he somehow went past us and grabbed the eagle by the neck."
"He couldn’t do this when he attacked the city a few days ago, but now he seems to be getting worse." Another assassin looked at Amina with some fear.
Amina nodded thoughtfully and then pointed at the assassin and said, "This is the true power of God! He has received the gift of the true god, so that you can fear the gods and be taught by the true god, and sooner or later you will get this power. "
Without saying a word, she turned and walked away from the wall.
All the columns in the city were tied with a prisoner. They were all covered in wounds and bleeding. Once they were all noble officials, the priests seized the land with blood and fire, but now everything is reversed.
In a courtyard garden, Qi Yufeng waved a double-edged sword and cut the three wooden figures in front of him into pieces and then stayed there.
"Good," Amina clapped her hands. "I can’t teach you anything anymore. Now you are stronger than all Hashshashin (assassins), including me and Mahad."
Qi Yufeng turned to stare blankly at Amina’s eyes, and there was a trace of doubt. He didn’t know what this true angel favored himself so much, and he didn’t know that he had such great power.