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"Ling eldest brother, it’s very kind of you to say this! Your Song kingdom is indeed a ceremonial state and those barbaric Mongolian Tatars. That’s a far cry from it! " Yan Hong Shouxu finally believed that Ling Feiyang was sincere, and his eyes were shining with excitement. Even the name of Ling Feiyang was changed to "big brother"

Ling Feiyang Song Dynasty was a teacher’s talk, which naturally carried a lot of weight. Zhao Quan, the little emperor of Song Dynasty, would certainly follow Ling Feiyang’s proposition to formulate a national policy and get Ling Feiyang’s promise. Yan Hong Shouxu was finally completely relieved to order people to replace the table tea and get the wine that had been in Xu Guo Palace for decades. Ling Feiyang pushed a cup for a change.
Ling Feiyang is not too interested in drinking, but since Yan Hong Shouxu warmly invited Ling Feiyang, he was disrespectful. After three rounds of drinking, Yan Hong Shouxu suddenly caught Ling Fei’s whisking and said dimly, "There is a saying in my heart that I really can’t spit it out. Over the years, I have never forgotten Miss Mu in my heart, but she always refuses people to stay away. You are her good friend. Can you tell me for me if she can change her mind …"
Yan Hong Shou-xu’s words made it difficult for Ling Feiyang to get up immediately. Although Yan Hong Shou-xu has been pursuing Mu Nianci, Ling Feiyang heard from Yang Kang that Mu Nianci didn’t like Yan Hong Shou-xu at all, and he escaped from his pursuit and went to Russia for thousands of miles.
As the saying goes, "it’s hard to pick flowers but not sweet, but it’s hard to insist that marriage won’t be round." Ling Feiyang is of course white, but now he has to help himself to persuade Mu Nianci Ling Feiyang to recognize this matter in his heart, which will never be less difficult than his one-on-one teaching honour person.
"Brother Yan Hong, you want me to help you persuade Miss Mu, but first you have to tell me why you like Miss Mu so much?" Ling Feiyang asked Yan Hong Shouxu tentatively.
"You wait!" Yan Hong Shouxu walked into the room drunk and walked out again after a long time, but he was holding embroidered shoes that looked very ordinary and there was a big stain on the upper.
"Do you remember these embroidered shoes?" Yan hong shou Xu asked ling Feiyang
"Of course I remember! Isn’t this the time when Miss Mu competed to get married and you snatched the shoes from her feet? " Ling Feiyang said
"Eldest brother, do you know that I have treasured this shoe for four years and will take it out every day to have a look at it and smell it?" Yan Hong Shouxu went on to say, "But that day I went out of the palace to return the embroidered shoe name to Mu girl Yang Kang, the dead girl, who actually beat me out with this shoe!"
How do you say "Yang Kang is also your own sister how to become a’ dead girl’ …" Ling Feiyang thought about Yan Hong Shouxu but continued, "It doesn’t matter if her shoes hit me, but it happened that she threw them into the next sewer. Look at this stain. I have washed it dozens of times and I can’t wash it off …"
"No wonder this shoe returned to Yan Hong Shouxu’s hand. It turned out that he picked it up from the gutter … He was an emperor and washed a dirty shoe dozens of times …" Ling Feiyang thought to himself and asked Yan Hong Shouxu, "Do you like Mu girl because of her shoes?"
"Yes!" Yan Hong Shouxu suddenly put embroidered shoes on his nose and sniffed a few times, showing that he was very intoxicated. He said, "It smells so good, even though Miss Mu is still so sweet after all these years …"
Yan Hong Shouxu sniffed and suddenly stuffed embroidered shoes in front of Ling Feiyang’s nose and said, "Come and smell it and see if it smells good?"
Ling Feiyang shrank back in fear and hurriedly said, "I don’t smell Yan Hong’s brother. You are so spoony …"
"Jose girl, if you are willing to marry me, I will immediately seal you as Queen Xu Jin Guo … although I am weak in water, I will take you for a drink … eldest brother, please help me …" Yan Hong Shouxu said suddenly burst into a dead drunk.
Ling Feiyang has long heard Yang Kang say that Mu Nianci likes himself, but Ling Feiyang’s sister is enough for him now. He really didn’t see Mu Nianci infatuated with Mu Nianci according to his own intentions. Ling Feiyang decided to try to say that Mu Nianci tried his best to promote their marriage.
Ling Feiyang immediately came to Yang Tiexin’s residence after leaving the palace, and Yang Tiexin has not seen Ling Feiyang for three years. He couldn’t help but feel excited and pulled Ling Fei to whisk away and ask questions. It took Yang Tiexin a long time to remember to call Mu Nianci out. Mu Nianci was secretly delighted with his head down and playing with his skirts. Does it look like a Jianghu chivalrous woman Yang Tiexin? He immediately found an excuse to leave them at home.
"Jose girl, I came to see you because there is one thing I want to discuss with you." Ling Feiyang said.
"You say …" Mu Nianci ling float in the sky is to her relatives and friends red face minced.
"I think Yan Hong Shouxu is actually not bad …" Ling Feiyang went on to say, "He has told me to make you a queen of Xu Jin Guo …"
"Did Yan Hong Shouxu send you as a lobbyist?" Mu Nianci suddenly raised his head and looked at Ling Feiyang with amazing eyes!
"That’s not …" Ling Feiyang hurriedly said, "But Yan Hong Shouxu is really infatuated and can be picky about appearance, person and status …"
"Ling float in the sky do you want me to become a song and Jin marriage transaction? I tell you that although Wan Yan Shouxu is an emperor, I don’t like him. I don’t even like him a little. Your idea is simply an idiotic dream. It’s ridiculous! " Mu Nianci Xiumei frowned at Ling Feiyang and shouted, "I don’t want to see you again. Get out!" to be continued
Chapter 546 Ghost extinction
Ling Feiyang tried to fix Yan Hong Shouxu and Mu Nianci, but he was strongly opposed by Mu Nianci. Without saying a few words, he was driven out of the house by Mu Nianci.
Mu Nianci doesn’t want to be the queen of Xu Jin Guo because Mu Nianci already has another person in his heart.
This person is Ling Feiyang.
Ling Feiyang actually knows this in his heart, but he really doesn’t have much time to think about these children’s affairs now. Ling Feiyang just returned to his residence and saw a man falling from the sky.
The man was able to descend from the sky because he rode an eagle.
This person is the "flying ninja" Da Zhenxiang!
"Ling Shaoxia, I have never had a chance to see you again in this life!" Dazhenxiang looks exhausted. Just seeing Ling Feiyang, he fell from the eagle’s back!
Ling Feiyang hurriedly asked him to hold his mouth. "Big brother, aren’t you with General Wang and Marshal Yang? How can you come to Zhongdu alone? "
"General Wang Marshal Yang … they are all dead! Song Jun fifty thousand red coat army has been wiped out … "Da Zhenxiang is not proficient in Chinese and looks very sad.
"How did that happen? What the hell is going on here? " Ling Feiyang heard Dazhen Xiang’s remarks as a bolt from the blue hit the top of his head!
"Three days ago, General Wang and Marshal Yang learned that the Sino-German campaign had decided to launch a general attack on Zhongxing House to completely destroy Tuo Lei’s 100,000 Mongolian troops," said Da Zhenxiang. "However, when the official army and the Red Coat Army tied up in Malanhua prairie, a strange sight suddenly appeared in the sky!"
Da Zhenxiang’s eyes were extremely frightened, and it seemed that it was still a long time before he continued, "At that time, it was noon, but the sun suddenly disappeared. It became dark, just like at night, a dark cloud suddenly floated from the west. This dark cloud was extremely huge and almost covered half of the sky. General Shi Xuan led the former Red Coat Army to enter the coverage of this dark cloud first, and tens of thousands of soldiers actually disappeared one after another …"
"What does it mean to disappear?" Ling Feiyang immediately asked
"These soldiers’ bodies are like ice cubes falling into boiling water or iron ingots falling into the furnace, and all parts of them are decomposed and disappeared in a flash …" Da Zhenxiang said in shock. "General Wang and Marshal Yang saw that the dark cloud fluttered at once and ordered the army to retreat, but the speed of this dark cloud was much faster than that of the army. Marshal Yang, the Zhongjun of the Red Coat Army, soon arrived. Knowing that it was difficult, he immediately ordered me to escape from the news station, so I flew forward with an eagle and was finally not chased by this dark cloud. However, when I looked back from high, there was no ground.
"Did Yimei, General Wang, Brother Tang, General Sasaki, General Shi and these 130,000 Dasong soldiers die like this?" Ling Feiyang’s grief-stricken heart was stunned and speechless!
"By the way, when I looked back at the eagle’s back, I saw an incredible thing!" Dazhen Xiang suddenly continued, "There was a black figure in that dark cloud! This black cloud is at least 200 feet from the ground. This man’s feet on the cloud head are even higher than my goshawk! "
"Is that really a person? Have you ever seen it clearly? " Ling Feiyang asked puzzled.
"That is definitely a person! I practiced eagle-hunting, and the ninja’s eyesight was ten miles away. At that time, this dark cloud was less than five miles away from my goshawk. I will never be wrong! " Dazhen Xiang said with great certainty
"Where is this person? It’s just a walking monster!" Ling Feiyang thought to himself, "If he is really a person, who is he?"
"This religious leader not only has the world’s first martial arts, but also has a more powerful energy field, and he can use extremely terrible spells. His unique trick is’ the extinction of ghosts and gods’. Even the real gods or demons may resist it!"
"When he made his move, the whole world was dark and the ghosts were crying. Fortunately, Fiona Fang Shili people were left with corpses, even trees and weeds dried up and died!"
At this moment ling float in the sky suddenly emerged in my mind these words.
On the same day, Ling Feiyang was controlled by the two-seat cardinal Antonio in the Holy Roman Empire, and fifty years later, he witnessed the final outcome of the demise of the Southern Song Dynasty, and these two words were exactly what Ling Feiyang said to him.
"The general character of this demon must be the religious leader Hawthorne!" Ling Feiyang suddenly realized in his heart!
"This Hawthorne is the last enemy in this Song-Meng war! His spell "the extinction of ghosts and gods" can actually annihilate hundreds of thousands of troops in the Song State with one hand! If you go on like this, I’m afraid all the headquarters of the Song Dynasty will die, and there will be no suspense in the destruction of the Song Kingdom! " Ling Feiyang thought of here was chilling in my heart!
"Ling Feiyang, have you given up?" In the face of such a horrible enemy, Ling Feiyang suddenly remembered that he had questioned himself in the future!
"No, I didn’t give up. Although I can’t beat him, I still have you! All I can do until now is wait for you here! " Although that Ling Feiyang has reached his twilight years, he is still full of confidence in himself when he was young!
Ling Feiyang knows that these two Ling Feiyang are actually the same person. This confidence is not others’ confidence in themselves, but their own confidence in themselves!
"Since confidence is still there, so is hope!" Ling Feiyang thought of here and decided to be calm and calm to face the biggest enemy in his life!
In the next few days, hundreds of scouts sent by Yan Shouxu to Zhongxing Mansion also returned one after another, reporting the unfortunate news of Song Junjun’s demise to everyone. Soldiers from Song and Jin countries and martial arts heroes claimed to sacrifice Ling Feiyang and immediately did two things. The first was to inform Yan Shouxu and Meng Gong about it and let them hold their horses for the time being. The second was to command all martial arts experts in the capital city to wait and see, and never make a move.
Ling Feiyang arranged these two things and left Zhongdu City alone to ride a little red horse to the original Xixia kingdom, Zhongxing House.