9, Jul 2024
When this word comes out, it will be a whole training ground

However, even if this move is very good, there are players who have forgotten where they entered the training ground without even remembering their roots in the dormitory where they were born.
There are few or many people in many dormitories.
The dormitory with few people is crowded with dozens of people … not only the players but also the soldiers, who also need to go back and let their hands recognize their faces.
There is only one team and one soldier left in the whole training ground.
The nine obedient players across the forest are a little gloating at this time … No matter what kind of society gloating, there is no shortage of people.
Lin roared, "What are you laughing at … soldiers should be like soldiers to do their own things! The Ministry has just set me up! "
Lin’s prestige in this squad has been established, and all of them immediately continue to listen to Lin’s password with a straight face.
Only after a series of simple military training did so many teams appear in the training scene.
Still, I can hear the roar of those soldiers.
"Where’s your hat?"
"Where are your clothes?"
"Give me ten laps …"
"Do you know what attention is?"
"Know not to know which direction is left? Which direction is right? "
"Give me ten laps …"
"Want to talk to me? No problem, we have time. We will continue when you all know to stand at attention! "
"Don’t run? Ok … Then you can enjoy the sunshine here! "
"The game? This is the army. You are a soldier, a battlefield, not a game. What qualifications does an unqualified soldier have to wear armor and what qualifications are there for the battlefield! "
"It’s bold to dare to do something to me!"
Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.
What is the duty of a soldier?
The first is a slave command, the second is a slave command, and the third is a slave command.
Obedience is similar to obeying the command base.
These nine special players are secretly glad to have touched a good teammate and Lin is also glad to have touched a group of obedient players. If they touch other normal players, even if he is professional, he can judge the rules of this game and it is impossible for other players to listen to himself.
Rows of players running on the training ground runway.
At this time, Lin Cai turned to his team instructor to report that "the report chief team should be completed by 1 person to 1 person!" Please indicate! "
From the beginning, soldiers kept a relaxed posture and did not move, and their facial expressions changed a little, so the base was unchanged.
The soldier raised his right hand in front of his eyes and saw a timer in one hand. He said to Lin, "Return to the team!" "
"Yes, sir!"
Lin turned and ran to the team to stand right inside.
The soldier said coldly, "Thirty-nine minutes and forty-seven seconds is a record created by my team, but fortunately, this record will soon be broken by other teams … Let’s run ten laps first!"
"Yes, sir!" Just when everyone else was puzzled, Lin hurriedly shouted, "Turn left and run away! 121121 … "
Running … For players, this is a game. Running is not tiring at all.
But Lin is very strange … The player is the player, the character is the character, and the player has nothing without a title on his head.
And there’s no, there’s no data, there’s no unified display … It’s like this is not a game. Is it still a game without data?
After ten laps.
Lin led the team to close again. "Report to the Chief Executive that the team should be closed to 1 person! Please indicate! "
The soldier said to Lin, "You are the captain of this team from today!"
"yes! Sir! " Lin replied.
"Now return to the team!" When Lin returns to the team, the soldiers face Lin Ling and "turn right to the target armory and run away!"
In the envious eyes of everyone, the forest belt led the team to follow the soldiers running towards the barracks armory.
At this time, the whole training ground is like a picture that Lin has seen in the game news. The whole training ground is in chaos.
When entering the armory, Lin’s teammates looked around with curiosity, surprise and magic in their eyes … all kinds of strange eyes.
A large number of ordnance weapons, such as guns, cannons and sabers, are neatly placed in various positions in the armory, and their eyes are on these ordnance weapons.
There is a quartermaster in the armory besides weapons and ordnance.
Line up in the armory and wait for the soldiers to give orders.
The soldier and the quartermaster had a procedural dialogue before turning to Lin and saying, "Go and get the wisdom brain first!" "
"yes! Sir! "
Lin woke up suddenly after his habitual answer … Zhinao, a term often seen in novels, appeared in the future this year or earlier.
The human brain is very powerful, but it is absolutely impossible to make it profitable, even after years. With the rapid development of science and technology, human beings need to remember to master more and more things, and with the development of science and technology, there is an auxiliary human brain.
The most basic function of wisdom brain is to record some audio-visual images, which can be read at any time. Having a telephone system can communicate with others to lose data … In this army, the most important function of wisdom brain is to start the armor and run the armor control program.
Lin, stay calm and go to the quartermaster. Okay.
The quartermaster pointed to a huge egg-like inspection instrument on one side and said to Lin, "Go inside! Just answer according to the instructions! "
After the answer, Lin went in and the huge egg slowly closed.
I’m very curious. God Lin is engrossed in waiting for what will happen … It’s a pity that high-tech instruments don’t need what Lin does. It’s good to stay still.
"Drip body data scanning … after scanning, the data is entered into the wisdom brain binding!"
"Please enter your brain code!"
Code name … Lin leng once in the army directly call names rarely base will have their own code name is tantamount to the name in the game.
"Code repeat Private, please choose your wisdom and brain style. You can choose the style ring, bracelet, necklace and earrings!"
"Please leave after the wisdom brain is successfully received!"
The egg-shaped instrument came out of the instrument wearing a black necklace. This necklace pendant is a small rectangular black metal sheet.
Then the other nine players walked into the egg-shaped instrument one by one and received their own wisdom brains one by one. They also received wisdom brains in the same style as Lin, which were necklaces.