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Just one move.

But beautiful.
Everyone saw the sword gaping, and it was so magical that you won by drawing a sword, and it was based on the other person’s psychology. Unless you know it in advance, it is difficult to avoid it.
"Cao Jia Dagong wins!"
Zhen Yu’s three people are all smiling. This Cao Ang civil-military double is really a good match for a younger sister.
"You you you … where did you learn this kung fu? So strange? " Yuan Xi’s calf was numb, and the scabbard hit him. If it is intentional, this Cao Ang fencing can be unfathomable.
"It is still taught by the teacher!" Cao Ang doesn’t forget to give Yuan Xihang a gift. He doesn’t mind his bitter eyes.
Feng Zhang pushed from behind Cao Ang to the front, pointing to himself and nodding desperately to show that Cao Ang said it was good, acting like an amateur actor stealing the camera.
See Feng Zhang so love now Yuan Xi feel throat is sweet, as if to vomit blood.
"Don’t be surprised, Mr. Er, that he learned fencing from Wang Yue and knew who he was?"
shake one’s head
"It’s the Imperial Master!" Feng Zhang said that the emperor meant that although Liu Bian and Wang Yue got what they wanted, the fencing teacher of the emperor was on duty because of Dong Zhuo for dozens of days, and he has never been seen since then. Where does Yuan Xi know?
Feng Zhang’s memory tells him that when he met Wang Yue for the first time before he crossed into this era, he was holding the sword in such a strange way, and the first lesson that Wang Yue taught Feng Zhang was to learn this strange hand gesture when he spent thirty years.
Wang Yue said that when the sword is still in its sheath, no one knows where you are going to attack for a moment, which is the most unpredictable move; And once the sword has been drawn and the enemy has not been hurt, the sword is dead, and even if it finally defeats the enemy, there is nothing to be proud of.
Feng Zhang actually taught Cao Ang this recruit. When he met Cao Ang in Qingzhou, it added up to just over a year. Where did he mainly teach him about people’s livelihood and military and political affairs? Where did he teach him fencing every day? However, it is enough to draw the sword and kick the scabbard.
"Ha ha tso indeed as expected! It’s getting late today, and everyone has packed up the wing. Please leave for a while to freshen up and have a night banquet to celebrate my sister’s good husband. "
Yuan Xi can’t afford to lose this person. Only by relying on two counselors can he barely get up. "Yuan is not as good as people, so leave!"
Zhen Yu bowed before he was busy. "It’s getting late today, and I’m afraid it’s inconvenient for your father to leave at this time. It’s better to wait for us to see you off every day."
Tian Feng and Ju Shou also advised Yuan Xi to look at himself, curled up like two sticks and hurt his leg. He was killed again by Zhen Yanyan, who led him to talk and laugh, and nodded sadly from Cao and Zhang.
Section one hundred and twelve A dark flower?
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Yuan Gu three people which still have what idea to what banquet? Besides, the root of this banquet is that Cao Ang wins, Yuan Xi lies on the couch with a gloomy face and doesn’t talk, while Tian Feng and Ju Shou sigh at the moon outside the window.
"alas!" Tian Feng can’t remember how many times this is. Oh, there are more than 560 times in total.
Yuan Xi, who was extremely upset by the mood, sent dining tables specially by Zhenyu, was so scared that she couldn’t even pick up the broken bottles that she fled in a panic and left drinks overflowing and fragrant.
Yuan Xi thinks more and more, thinking that when the Zhen family saw themselves just like mice saw cats, now with the support of the Cao family, they have grown up in ambition and don’t even send people to clean up!
Listen to the faint noise outside the window, the sound of drinking and fighting, and someone seems to laugh on purpose
Come on, these belong to him! It’s all called Cao’s fault! It shouldn’t be said that it’s Zhang Lai, a local ruffian, a beggar and a gangster!
"Hum! It’s hard to get rid of my hatred if I don’t report it! " Even if Yuan Xi covered his ears, he couldn’t stop the hateful laughter and the magic sound of drinking, which generally stimulated his brain rage. Yuan Xi took his anger on two counselors.
"You! At ordinary times, I always boast that I have no text when I get to the key! You’d better make an idea not to stare at each other and sigh! "
Tian Feng, Ju Shou, what else can you say? Even if you don’t learn enough to lose the warfare, you can’t ask us to be as civil and military as Feng Zhang, can you?
Yuan Xi has almost heard his cerebral blood vessels expanding rapidly and then exploding with a bang. He even imagined that Feng Zhang and Cao Ang were surrounded by a big bowl of wine like everyone arching the moon, and then they spoke ill of themselves with great contempt …
People just like to make trouble for themselves.
"I am angry with me!" Yuan Xi limped with one leg and pulled out his sword, so he rushed out of the door and didn’t know who to cut.
"Calm down!" Two original hand-tied counselors rushed to hold Yuan Xi’s arms tightly, and Yuan Xi sadly found himself unable to earn both of them!
"It’s not too late for Gongjun to take revenge for ten years. Go back to the local master and make a decision!"
"Ten years, P ten years, when Zhenluo has a child!" Yuan Xi thought that Zhen Luo’s flower-like face horse would be kissed by Cao Ang’s smelly mouth all over, and his heart was as anxious as burning five organs.
"Public security because of a woman and waste event? Now Cao and Yuan belong to an alliance, so you can’t be impulsive. If your master knows that you will be responsible for the public and don’t know the general idea. "
As soon as Yuan Shao and Yuan Xiyuan were angry, they fell to the ground like a balloon that had been exhausted. He was not as smart and handsome as his eldest brother Yuan Tan. His third brother, Yuan Shang Yuan Shao, has always been false to him. He wants to add some weight to Yuan Shao’s heart by taking Zhen’s family this time. Now everything is over!
Yuan Xi drops his sword and sighs. The sword lies across the overflowing wine.
I don’t know how long it took Yuan Xi to hear someone making a big noise in his ear.
Yuan Xi skidded to sit up. The two counselors reacted slowly. Don’t worry. He was taking a nap at the couch with him.
The sound is getting louder and louder. It seems that someone is arguing around the main family hall.
This even woke Tian and Ju.
"Go out and have a look" doesn’t know what happened, but as far as the current situation is concerned, nothing will have a worse result.
All the way, I met this time to watch the fun. Some guests saluted the three Yuan family members. Some of them wore Chinese clothes and shoes and ran out to watch the fun. Although it was impolite to run around the host’s house in the middle of the night, the quarrel was so big that people itch.
Passing through a row of cornices and a pond-side promenade, the reflection of the moon in the water stung people’s eyes, which made Yuan Xi even more annoyed and anxious
The quarrel is getting bigger and clearer. One is Zhen Yuyin, the other is Zhang Fengyin, and the other is a clear female voice.
Isn’t this the master bedroom?
There was a row of people in the outer circle, most of them were Zhen Jia Ya Huan, and many of them were still whistling, saying something and some guests in Chinese clothes were curious and pointing.
When I saw the three Yuan family members coming, everyone split up like a flood, revealing disputes. The two protagonists were Zhen Yu and Feng Zhang.
There is a woman next to her who is about fifteen years old. Although she is shining in the moon, she has outlined a beautiful outline that fascinates Yuan Xi. Who is Zhen Luo?
Will see ZhenYu change the day that FuWeiWei mew slave sample face is angry and disappointed color gas extremely corrupt, pointing to Feng Zhang hopping foot scold a way "shame! Shame! A high court official and a state parent in Qingzhou Pastoral Hall have actually done this kind of stealing jade and fragrance! "
Yuan Xi’s head is about to blow up and steal jade? It won’t be me, will it?
I saw Cao Ang blushing like a tomato with a face of embarrassment, saying that he was not going.
Feng Zhang’s clothes are nothing but a pair of shoes. They are neat, with no belt and long hair. Like a Sue beggar, it’s not difficult to turn over his nostrils in the face of Zhen Yuyi’s words and accusations. "Alas, the family doesn’t talk about two things. Now we are all in-laws. What can we say? Will everyone be upset in front of so many people?" It’s just that I was drunk and touched the wrong door. Besides, I touched a few little girls, which will definitely make such a big noise? "
After saying his word, I didn’t see a little maid with a pretty face but crying pear flowers and rain. She also ran out of the house crying with messy hair and disheveled clothes.
Yuan Xi relieved it’s okay that it wasn’t my little Luo Er who got drunk for half a day and touched the wrong bed. The little maid was given to her by Zhen’s family to serve her. It is estimated that her hand is not two. The maid shouted for help and Feng Zhang caught it red-handed
"You! -"Zhenluo was so angry that he couldn’t even say anything, pointing to Feng Zhang’s nose with a piece of green onion and jade, trembling with strength.
Yuan Xi took a look at Zhen Luo. It’s beautiful. Suddenly he was elated. A big man’s psychology of shaking down a peg or two in front of his right girl arises spontaneously.