11, Jul 2024
"Day to accompany me to walk outside! I haven’t visited the lake for a long time. Why don’t you take advantage of the day to visit the lake? "

Feng Jiang Yi looked away from her book and looked at her side. She often missed her and held her hand.
"Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, Xuan Dance will probably come back. Please bear it again. When Xuan Dance comes back, let him see that your child can feel at ease when he goes out like this."
"I don’t think there is anything wrong with myself. Please show me again!"
She held out her hand and handed it to him. "I’ve been sitting here for days and I’m going to get moldy."
Feng Jiang Yi smiled at the woman who had been lying for several days and put her hands in her hands and smiled at her gently.
"Don’t you have me with you? If there is no problem after seeing Xuanwu, I will take you out for a walk, go shopping, visit the lake or eat outside, but try to eat in Xiangfu as far as possible. Now everyone is from our side and I am not afraid that they will spoil it. Let me have a look and eat again! "
Acacia often knows that Feng Jiang’s clothes are definitely not so accommodating, and Nai Yi smiled and agreed.
After Xuan Wu comes to confirm that there is no problem, she will go out for a walk again. After all, it is their first child, and she has no experience. It is also good to pay more attention at this time.
"Well, then … you can take me out for a walk after you make sure my children are all right!"
She sat up and felt that besides some morning sickness these two days, she had a poor appetite and drowsiness, and there was nothing wrong with it.
But these are normal phenomena!
Phoenix crimson clothes immediately nodded and let her sit down.
"I promise you! Let Xuan Wu come back and let him live in. After we get married, we moved to another garden. Let Xuan Wu live in and wait for you to give birth to the child safely. "
A woman giving birth to a child is equivalent to having a ghost door and a mysterious dance, and he can feel at ease a lot. Then find more experienced midwives to wait for the necessary mother and daughter to be safe!
"Master Xiao Jia Dagong Xiao Mu Xiaogong Xiao Jin is here!" The twelfth lunar month sounds from outside.
Feng Jiang said, "Treat me well and I’ll be there in a minute!"
"It’s the handmaiden who knows!" The twelfth lunar month should be the way
Feng Jiang’s clothes are often lovesick, so the bed should stop it immediately.
"You’d better rest in your room. I’ll go and see that Xiao Jin is too noisy in case I disturb you."
"Xiao Jin, although noisy, is also measured. I’ll go and see if there is news of Snow Lotus!"
Feng Jiang’s clothes made Chang Xiangsi lie flat and covered her with a quilt before saying, "Stay in the house until I come back. Don’t get up without my permission. I’ll treat Xiao Mu and Xiao Jin!"
He also wants to show off his daughter with Xiao Mu!
I often miss him so much that I no longer insist on watching Feng Jiang wear her robe and leave the house.
She took a chat and turned it over.
In the cold winter, Xiao Muxiao was well served in the house. They didn’t wait long before they saw Feng Jiang’s clothes coming.
Xiaomuchao looked behind him and didn’t see Chang Acacia.
Although Feng Jiang Yi has now been demoted to the common people, after all, they also have some friendship, although not good, but after all, they are often homesick and familiar with each other
Xiaomuxian got up before he could open his mouth. "Did you hear that Acacia was pregnant with my daughter before congratulating him? As it happens, Acacia has promised to marry me, and the wedding day is still being selected. When I choose a good day, I will definitely send the invitation to Xiaofu in person! "
Xiao Mu knows that they will give their marriage as soon as possible when they have children. Now, although he is a little uncomfortable in his heart, he will not feel too sad after all.
"I really heard that Acacia was pregnant. Today, I came to congratulate Himself, who has always been attached to Acacia, and brought him here! By the way, how did Feng Gong know that Acacia must be a daughter? "
It is reasonable to say that this child has just been pregnant, even if it is a doctor too much, it can be diagnosed as a man or a woman, but it is possible if it is a mysterious dance!
Feng Jiangyi laughed when she heard this. "Because I like my daughter, my daughter may be lovesick!" "
Xiao Mu also smiled. "I heard that my daughter follows her father and daughter, and my daughter is more like my mother than my father, but princess royal is somewhat similar. If Acacia is a daughter, maybe you will be more similar!"
Daughter like him?
Although Feng Jiangyi prefers her daughter’s lovesickness to be similar, it is not bad if her daughter is like him. Lovesickness is the first beauty, but he is the first male!
Anyway, if their daughter cares who she looks like!
"If my daughter is as beautiful as mine!"
Feng Jiang Yi smiled into the seat and saw Xiao Jin’s sad little eyes looking at him. He couldn’t help but raise my hand and pat his little head.
"What’s that look?"
Xiao Jin sat on the stool with her feet still out of reach, shaking her short legs and still staring at him plaintively.
"My eldest sister-in-law daughter one thousand like me? It looks good like me! "
"What did Hu say?"
Feng Jiang garment glanced at him "my daughter things can you pull? And Xiao Jin called her a sister-in-law again. Do you believe me? "
"I want to see my sister-in-law!"
Xiao Jin is not afraid of evil forces. Seeing that Acacia didn’t come out, she was a little worried.
Feel the phoenix crimson clothes show displeasure at this time. Xiao Mu is worried about Xiao Jin’s trouble and sits in the two of them.
"Himself is young and stubborn. Please don’t take his words to heart!"
Then I patted Xiao Jin’s head. "How many times have I told you that I have to call Sister Acacia, why can’t she make progress?"
Xiao Jin turned her face in grievance and pouted with a red mouth.
Xiao Mu looked at Feng Jiang’s clothes and said softly, "I came here today, except that Park misses his lovesick sister. I also have something urgent to see her. I hope Feng Gong will arrange it!"
Feng Jiang’s clothes naturally won’t directly make Xiao Mu feel homesick. "If you have anything to find me, you will become homesick. Now you are pregnant and have morning sickness and drowsiness every day. You are resting at this time. If you really have to see her, wait for a while!"
Xiao Mu thought that when a woman is pregnant, she must suffer a lot, and some people are distressed and often lovesick, but she can also endure it.
However, since Feng Jiang Yi said so, even if it is true, I will not reluctantly see her.
"Since Feng Gong said so, I’ll visit her another day!"
Xiao Mu took out a small exquisite box less than a slap from his sleeve and handed it to Feng Jiang’s clothes.
"That’s so … then you give this thing to her personally. This is what she asked my mother for. Ms. Li tried to get it from my mother!"
Xiao Jin hummed at Feng Jiang’s clothes.