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Lei Dongduo didn’t mean it first. He looked at Guti, who was sitting opposite him. Guti lowered his head. He saw the other person’s head at a glance. He couldn’t help frowning when he looked at the blond ironed long hair and the post was combed into a ponytail.

"When did you come?"
"From the time I was born, my eyes closed when I died, and then I was born by my mother when I opened my eyes." Guti naturally died, and this indifference also made Lei Dongduo disapprove of frowning. Guti’s eyes were sharp and his hands shook when he saw Lei Dongduo’s expression.
"Well, I’m flying from Argentina to Terry." Lei Dongduo didn’t experience the period from his death to his rebirth, and he didn’t want to talk to anyone.
Guti raised his head. "That’s not a few years."
Lei Dongduo nodded. "I wasn’t used to it at that time, but it’s all over."
"Oh," Guti knew that Lei Dongduo had always been good, and he definitely didn’t want to say more about the new birthday.
Had said their respective situation two people fell silent again.
Lei Dongduo hesitated. "What are your plans?"
"going?" Guti is a little puzzled.
"I mean, are you going to be a woman after this rebirth?" Lei Dongduo tried to keep her face calm and hide her embarrassment.
"As you can see, I’m going to enter the entertainment circle and I’m still successful. There’s no way to let Real Madrid have no women’s football. This is probably a punishment for my delay in accepting other people’s opinions and setting up a women’s football chairman in Real Madrid." Guti looks at his future. After all, he has adapted to his identity for almost 20 years
Lei Dongduo somewhat disagrees that "the entertainment circle is not suitable for you"
Guti looked at him puzzled. "What doesn’t suit me?"
"Actresses there often have to wear revealing clothes and can’t refuse to be intimate with the opposite sex when filming …" Lei Dongduo thought of himself in the film and saw those shots, and he increasingly disapproved of Guti’s continued development in the entertainment circle. He didn’t want to see Guti appear on the screen one day and have a touching bed with a male star in front of the camera. He knew that it was still a man, and Guti must not accept such a day.
"That’s enough!" Goody didn’t know where he got his courage. He interrupted Lei Dongduo’s words, "I don’t think I can’t adapt to entertainment life."
Lei Dongduo tone much a few minutes serious "I think you can’t adapt to that kind of life you …"
Guti completely broke out "you! You admit it! Always like this! What Hernando Lei Dongduo is always right and what Goody is always wrong! What? " He shouted at Lei Dongduo and shouted out what he had wronged in his life. What he did was wrong in Lei Dongduo’s eyes?
Looking at Guti in a bad mood, Lei Dongduo looked slightly moved. He strode up to Guti and hugged him tightly in his arms despite Guti’s resistance.
"Let me go!" Guti came from his chest with a crying voice.
"I’m sorry!" Lei Dongduo held Guti in her arms and patted Guti’s thin back with thick hands.
When he was sorry, he completely detonated Guti’s emotions. He cried in Lei Dongduo’s arms
There is no sound in the quiet room except low crying.
☆, Chapter 36
Guti couldn’t help crying because of Lei Dongduo’s words. This generation was regarded as harsh, accused and wronged by their idols, and this generation was crying when it became a woman.
Lei Dongduo was startled by Guti’s endless crying. Why didn’t he know that Guti was very thick-skinned before? Did she become a woman and her lacrimal gland became very developed? He was going to get some paper towels for Guti, but he was caught by Guti’s claws and couldn’t move. If he took out his strength to face the opposing players on the court, he would surely tear Guti away from himself. But now Guti is not what he used to be. Lei Dongduo actually showed a rare gentleman’s side to Piguti wearing beautiful women.
Guti cried for a long time, and a lot of grievances disappeared in his heart, and his reason gradually returned to the furnace. Then he was surprised to find that his face was wet and that position was actually Lei Dongduo’s chest. He cried on Lei Dongduo’s chest for so long, but Lei Dongduo didn’t throw him out.
Think of this Guti a loose hold Lei Dongduo garment hand whole person back accidentally tripped over the sofa behind a body fell back.
"Look out!" Lei Dongduo immediately lifted Guti’s waist with the load to help him stabilize himself. In fact, Guti’s back is a sofa, and it won’t fall out if he falls down. But Lei Dongduo just helped Guti involuntarily.
In Lei Dongduo, he helped Guti sit on the sofa and said "thank you"
Lei Dongduo didn’t talk, but turned and went to the other room.
"it’s over!" Guti is crying psychologically. He must have pissed off Lei Dongduo! So what should he do now? Leave Lei Dongduo’s house immediately?
Guti didn’t know whether to say goodbye to Lei Dongduo or to leave Lei Dongduo at once. At this time, a hot towel appeared in front of him.
"Wipe your face." It turns out that Lei Dongduo just went to the bathroom and twisted a hot towel for him.
"Thank … thank you." Guti took the towel in her hands and held it in her own hands as if she were holding some treasures and looked at Lei Dongduo stupidly.
Lei Dongduo wanted to sigh. Isn’t rebirth still able to lower people’s IQ? Isn’t it smart before Guti? Some of him took the towel directly from Guti’s hand and then gently applied it to Guti’s face to wipe his face. This kind of work is strange to him. He did it when the children were very young, and it has been a long time since he did it to people.