14, Jun 2024
When the audio was finished, Chu Yun was speechless. How could the light source bead be?

Chu Yun wouldn’t have expected that the Baal sword would have a sixth pearl.
When the light source bead enters the evil spirit sword, the light of the heart sword gradually weakens and disappears.
Suddenly, there was a sharp pain in my head. Chu Yun felt as if there were several things going inside.
"Brother will get well soon …" The heart worried that she looked pale at the moment as if she had recovered from a serious illness.
Chu Yun closed his eyes and covered his head. Several pictures were displayed in his mind.
"I am the only evil god who breaks the sky with one sword!"
It’s like an ancient battlefield, where a huge shadow hangs over the sky as if it could swallow everything. In this shadow, a man is holding a sword.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
The male sword wields a sword, and heaven and earth are like a split.
Crack, kill and chop!
Absolutely frozen!
Burning and slashing!
Crazy thunder and anger!
Brilliant soil thorn!
One by one, the skills hit, and the shadow kept shrinking, which was very strange
Then the scene changed, and it was still the man who was a girl in white in front of the man.
The girl’s pink jade carving is as beautiful as an elf, but she cries in tears.
"Light source bead into …"
Seeing the man controlling the light source, the beads entered the little girl’s body. At that moment, the little girl was radiant and formed a terrible energy storm.
Chu Yun covered his head. When memories poured into his head, he seemed to have passed through more than a dozen worlds.
Many memories, but they are all broken and incomplete.
"Brother, do you remember?" The heart just stared at Chu Yun with tears in his eyes, which made people feel distressed.
"I am an evil god!" Chu Yun murmured that when the light source bead entered the Baal sword, many memories were awakened, but they were not complete, as if a thread was needed to keep everything together.
"Brother …"
The heart directly rushed to hug Chu Yun, and the tears were as endless as the river overflowed.
"Happy son …"
Although many memories were not summoned, he knew his origin.
I am an evil god, and my heart is a little girl who gave her light source beads to protect the whole world of The King.
The women around me don’t know what happened in the clouds and fog.
Bang bang bang!
At this time, the screen in front of the black dragon was broken.
"Jie Jie Jie Jie Jie Jie Jie Jie Jie …"
The black dragon is so eerie and grinned as if the sky were in his hands.
"My heart, you wait for me to meet him again …" Chu Yun patted his heart and said softly.
"Well, brother" is relieved that the return of Chu Yun light source beads will not win, but at least it will not lose.
You know, the light source bead is not comparable to the other five beads.
Chu Yunfei came to the opposite side of the Black Dragon the next day, and they looked at each other again, and there was a terrible spark in their eyes.
Because of the broken memory, Chu Yun didn’t know that the armor cover of Light Immortality had the effect of 【 Evil God Slashes Light and Chops 】.
So he looked up as quickly as possible.
[Baal Sword] (residual) weapons; The level-I sacred equipment requires exclusive candlestick, no discarding, no trading, no dropping and no stealing. Magic attack power +1. When an attack hits the target, it will trigger 5 times of damage. I don’t know where it came from, but I know that its power can destroy everything, but it is currently in a state of deformity.