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"Really? It’s great that Grandpa Teda Hill is fine! " Maya couldn’t help but flash a trace of joy when she heard that TEDA Hill, the giant tree of war, had woken up, but then she also flashed a trace of doubt. Since Grandpa TEDA Hill has been sleeping for so long, why will he wake up at this time?

However, this idea is also a flash in Maya’s mind. Teda Hill, the giant tree of war, is stronger than others. Maybe Grandpa Teda Hill fell asleep by accident.
Feeling the joy in Queen Maya’s heart, Gavin Moonwalker’s face also showed a smile.
"Empress, I have another piece of good news that you should be more happy to hear."
Hearing Jia Wen’s words, Maya’s eyes flashed a different color. Her eyes were fixed on Jia Wen and she asked with interest
"What good news makes you so confident? I’m still depressed. Although Grandpa Teda Hill has nothing to make me happy, I’m still very dissatisfied with your Forest Guard in my heart. "
Mei Ya’s words made Jia Wen’s face smile. He didn’t expect Queen Mei Ya to be so direct and speak out her dissatisfaction with them! However, Jia Wen also reacted. It is better for Queen Maya to say such a thing than to keep it in her heart. In the future, Queen Maya will not use it as a reason for her dissatisfaction.
He knew that Queen Maya also didn’t want them to have a gap because of this matter, otherwise she would never have expressed her dissatisfaction so openly.
Gavin Moonwalker once again looked up and saw her eyes together with Maya.
"I don’t know if Meiya knows Lin Ze?" Gavin is selling it on purpose. He wants to see how Queen Maya will react when she hears the name Lin Ze …
But for a second, he regretted it! Queen Inmaya reacted too much when she heard the name Lin Ze.
After hearing Gavin Moonwalker say the name Lin Ze, Maya jumped out of the window sill with a quiver, grabbed Gavin Moonwalker’s collar and lifted him up.
Maya, this series of movements is going very fast, even if it is the same body, silver moon Gavin Moonwalker has no reaction to come over.
"Is this the strength of Queen Maya?" Gavin Moonwalker’s heart was full of shock. Although he had already guessed in his heart, he still felt that he was a little too cautious before he really saw Maya move.
He claims to be the strongest silver moon in the Moonwalker family, but in this speed, he is far inferior to Queen Maya, who should be the strongest in the dark elves. silver moon, Jia Wen, Moonwalker knows that if he loses the dialogue with Queen Maya, he must have his own epic weapon, the assassin of the dark elves. Queen Maya already has the strength to compete with Umbreon.
"The queen positions can you please put me first? So I can’t talk. "
Gavin Moonwalker looked at a face of excitement awkwardly, and Maya said that he felt different when a big man was picked up by a woman with one hand.
Hearing the words of Gavin Moonwalker, Maya also realized that she was overreacting. She quickly put Gavin Moonwalker to cut her sideburns and calmed down and said
"Sorry, Gavin, I’m a little too excited!" Queen Maya patted her chest and looked at Gavin Moonwalker with a red face and said
"You just arrived in Lin Ze, right? Have you seen Lin Ze? How do you know the name Lin Ze? Is there anything wrong with Lin Ze? "
Maya a series of questions directly hit Gavin, a month walker dizzy Gavin slow slow god looked at Maya with a wry smile and said
"Empress positions I know Lin Ze’s adult and you are not so excited. It won’t be long before you can see Lin Ze’s adult in person! Didn’t you just wonder if Lord Teda Hill woke up? Actually TEDA Hill’s adult didn’t wake up by himself, because Lin Ze’s adult was able to recover because of Lin Ze’s adult’s vitality. Lin Ze’s adult has great kindness to our dark elves. "
"Lin and Lin Ze have come to Andaft?" Maya’s face is full of shock.
"It’s the Queen Lin Ze. It’s you who will come to Andaft with Clent!"
Gavin Moonwalker gave Maya a definite answer …
Chapter 75 The heart knows my heart
At this moment, Maya finally knows what will feel the vitality passing not long ago. It turned out that Lin Ze saved Grandpa Teda Hill!
Until now, Maya still can’t believe that Lin Ze actually came to save herself when she was in crisis! But it’s only been two years. Can Lin Ze really save itself now? Maya couldn’t help but feel a palpitation. Lin Ze, don’t be impulsive because of yourself. Maya definitely doesn’t want Lin Ze to have an accident because of her.
"Lin, Lin Ze ok? His vitality saved Grandpa Teda Hill without any sequelae, right? "
Maya has turned her attention to Linze’s dissatisfaction with the Forest Guard, which has long been forgotten by her …
Seeing the performance of Queen Maya like this, Gavin Moonwalker was also relieved. As he had expected, Queen Maya would no longer care about what they had done before after knowing the news of Lin Ze, but some made him feel surprised. After asking Lin Ze’s body, Queen Maya consciously retreated to the "elf eye" window and looked at Gavin Moonwalker with a sad face and said in a low voice.
"You, you hurry back and tell Lin Ze to leave Andaft quickly! Tell him I have nothing to do. Elder Shaphron is afraid to do anything to me. His strength will be even more dangerous here. "
But MeiYa sound just fell a more spiritual sound from behind MeiYa rang out.
"Master why let Lin Ze go even if you want to go, you also want to see him? After all, we haven’t met for two years, and I miss Lin Ze very much! "
Who’s talking? Gavin Moonwalker stared blankly and glanced around consciously. Did he realize that there was a second person in the Queen’s Palace? But where is she hiding? What, he didn’t see it?
But for a second, in Gavin Moonwalker’s stunned eyes, he was startled to see a girl with two pairs of cicadas and exquisite black hair like a leprechaun has appeared on the shoulder of Queen Maya.
This, this is? Gavin Moonwalker’s mouth is almost open …
"Heart, don’t you know that Lin Ze is very dangerous in Andaft? I know you miss Lin Ze very much, and I tasted it, didn’t I? But Elder Shaphron was able to make TEDA Hill’s grandfather feel awkward. Once he knew about Lin Ze, he wouldn’t worry about Lin Ze. After all, he is not a dark elf. Don’t hurry back. "
It seems to confirm that Gavin Moonwalker guessed that there was a dark dagger in Maya’s hand, and the glittering skeleton at the bottom of the dagger exuded a fascinating light. This is the epic weapon that flowed in the dark elves-the assassin has no doubt. Gavin Moonwalker has been able to confirm that this goblin called Heart is the assassin’s mind.
"Don’t master don’t want to see Lin Ze? In fact, you have been praying in your heart to see Linze? " The assassin’s heart was not obedient to Maya’s orders, and she still sat on Maya’s shoulder and pulled her hair and said
MeiYaQiao face a red, but then with a straight face tilting face to the heart and said
"Heart, you’re not me. How do you know what I’m thinking? Anyway, hurry back and don’t get me into trouble! "
As she said, Maya reached out and grabbed her shoulder, but since the heart is an epic weapon, how can it be easily caught by Maya? When Maya wants to start work, the heart has already flickered her two pairs of wings like cicadas and flew to the middle.
"How could I not know what the master thought? The master also underestimates me. Hum! "
Said the heart directly flew to Gavin Moonwalker’s head frowned and asked Gavin Moonwalker.
"Now that Lin Ze has come to Daft, how is he now? My master is very worried about Lin Ze. Please tell me more about Lin Ze. "
Hearing her heart say that, Maya’s face is red again. She has exerted the elvish power to seize her heart. Although she is an epic weapon, she has exerted the elvish power in Maya, and she can’t escape from Maya’s clutches in the end!
After being caught by Maya, my heart looked at Maya with bulging eyes and said carelessly
"Master doesn’t want to see Lin Ze. I still want to see him! I haven’t seen Lin Ze for a long time, and I don’t know what Lin Ze has become. Master don’t go and let me go alone … "
After listening to the heart, Maya suddenly felt a burst of air blocking her heart and wanted to see Lin Ze. Didn’t she want to see Lin Ze? It’s really too critical in Andaft, Dark City. If Linze really comes to save her, it’s very likely that even he will be in danger. Anyway, Maya doesn’t want Lin Ze to fall into danger because of herself …
Seeing that Maya’s face changed a little, her heart consciously covered her mouth, and it was true that what she had just said was a little harmful to Maya. Maya wanted to see Lin Ze, but she had her own thoughts and knew that what she said was sexual. When Lin Ze came here, she might be discovered by Elder Shaphron and Maya could not leave this queen’s palace because of Elder Shaphron’s prohibition. If two people really want to meet at all costs, it is very likely that they will both fall into danger.
But don’t really let Lin Ze so divorced? There was a flash of sadness in my heart, but then this sadness was dispelled by a firm determination. I don’t know what heart believes that Lin Ze will never obey his master’s words. He will never leave Andaft easily.
"Master, do you really think Lin Ze will listen to you from Andaft? If he is really afraid of danger, how is it possible that you came to Dark City? "
Hearing the words from my heart, Maya’s face also shows a little uneasiness. Yes, Lin Ze’s personality has already decided, so how can things change casually?