16, Jun 2024
Shu Lele was hurt and frowned slightly, and soon he came and hugged him with a low cry, "Don’t! Hold me tight! Hug me! "

There is an idea in her mind now, that is, to seize the man in front of her, and only with him can she resolve her pain and save herself from fire and water!
Shu Lele tightly entangled NingYi dust theory, such as don’t let go.
Her face became more and more red, her eyes were filled with a touch of terror, and her red body began to tremble uncontrollably.
Ningyichen knows that this is the extreme manifestation of her poisonous hair. If she doesn’t detoxify, I’m afraid this life will be reimbursed in front of her.
Ning Yichen hugged her when she couldn’t come, and then she fell down on the couch and let go of the bed curtain with a wave of her hand …
In a daze, Shu Lele seems to have had a long and distant dream, in which a pair of arms are holding her to wander and jump in the sea …
Hehehe. Did she become a fish?
Shu Lele suddenly woke up from a dream with a smile
But why is her body so painful? From inside to outside, it seems like being run over by a car. Generally, there is no place to feel good.
She gasped and scolded, "Did I die again, Lord Yan?"
Shit! I won’t let her die. It’s so hard, you know?
But somewhere on the body is cool, like peppermint.
What … what’s going on here?
She hurriedly pulled open her eyes.
What caught your eye was a suspicious bloodstain on the bedclothes, which was a mess.
Memories were fixed in last night ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
Oh, my god Kill a thousand knives and phoenix in the spring and autumn! What did he do to her?
Shu Lele covered her face with an earth-shattering scream "Ah-"
Feng Chunqiu, your grandfather! How can you do that to me? How could you? How can I meet people after you let me?
Will it be soaked in pig cages?
There are thousands of grass mud horses in Shu Lele’s mind. I really want to travel back to yesterday again
Ziziphus jujuba heard the noise and rushed in, sipping her mouth and laughing. "Miss, you are awake!"
Ziziphus jujuba? She won’t be harmed by Feng Chunqiu, will she?
Shu Lele slightly loosened her fingers and quietly took a look at Ziziphus jujuba. Look, she is full of energy and smiling, only slightly relieved.
But Ziziphus jujuba is fine. She’s fine!
Falling into the heart and being hung in the middle, Shu Lele sobbed. "What about Ziziphus jujuba? It must be very uncomfortable to soak in the pig cage!"
Shit, shit! Let’s run!
She suddenly got up, but only to find that the wound touched her body, causing her teeth to grin and almost fainted.
Nimafeng Chunqiu didn’t torture people as much as you did!
Shu Lele bitterly accused Feng Chunqiu of evil deeds in her heart with a snot and tears.
Ziziphus jujuba hurriedly held her and looked at her naked body. There were many hickeys everywhere. I couldn’t help but gasp. Master Emma was a little fierce last night. Look at the torture of the young lady!
She was deeply sympathetic and said, "Miss Shi told you to take a bath after waking up and then apply some medicine. It will be fine in a few days."
Master Shi?
He knew so soon?
Shu Lele plunged into bed and turned green.
NingYi dust hair so heart to her? what does he want to be? Shu Lele seemed to see a tall green hat on his head, and the face of the hat could not be darker.
Emma! He’s not trying to cure himself first and then humiliate him severely, is he?
Maybe he will give her a piece of paper and return her directly.
Woo hoo ~ ~ ~
She doesn’t want to be soaked in a pig cage, and she doesn’t want to be taken home so shamelessly. She regrets it, okay?
Shu Lele cried while beating her chest, but Ziziphus jujuba got a fright. Miss Shi Ye was so stupid, wasn’t she?
She was busy reaching out and tearing it apart bit by bit, being tightly grasped by Shu Lele and being carefully asked, "Are you all right, miss?"
"I have something!" Shu Lele suddenly thought of a problem with a pain in his heart.
With a faint face, he asked, "What else did Master Shi say?"
"It’s gone!" Ziziphus jujuba was confused and tried to think, but at first it occurred to me that "by the way, Master Shi also said that he was going to leave for a few days and asked the young lady to rest at ease and not to leave the house."
"He left?"
"hmm!" Ziziphus jujuba nodded and suddenly bowed their heads and smiled. "Miss Shi Ye is very kind to you! When you have a baby, you will like Miss even more! "
Small world? Wait! Shu Lele seemed to have a flash of light in her mind. She suddenly grabbed Ziziphus jujuba and asked with trembling hands, "What happened last night? You told me! "
Nima is not Ning Yichen, is it?
Ziziphus jujuba has a black line all over her face. No wonder the young lady is so weird. She is the root and can’t remember what happened last night!
God, just do it!
Ziziphus jujuba had to repeat what happened last night. At the end, she added, "Miss Shi asked me, too. I guess he didn’t go to bother Prince Yan, did he?"
But Shu Lele’s heart problem is not here now. Her heart was with her last night. Who is it really Ning Yichen?
In my mind, it seems that some fragments are being connected in series, and my memory is gradually revived.
It seems that she threw herself at Ning Yichen last night, right?
Shu Lele was a white and fainted directly.
Ning Yichen returned to the government after three days.
Shu Lele didn’t even let him enter the house when he was killed. Ziziphus jujuba blocked the door with tables and chairs, and then hid in the bed with his face covered.
What a shame! She won’t see him again! He will laugh at her vigorously!
Can Ning Yichen Xu Ren be stumped by just a few tables and chairs?
It was just a moment, and he entered the room and opened the Shu Lele quilt.