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"Knicks King Chaoqi new york pointed to the championship!"

"The birth of the new basketball god Kevin is about to surpass Jordan!"
New york Knicks beat seven or six men on the same day, the American media trumpeted the Knicks, especially when the expert Kassem made a prediction in the Eastern Conference finals. Now, seven or six men have lost on the bench in the first two games, which fully proves that his prediction is correct. At the same time, he continues to make remarks that the Knicks need four or five games to win the game. Although Kassem’s prediction is a little early, fans all recognize it in history. The team that can still win the final victory behind the situation is no more than 1
Because the third game was going to the city, Hubie Brown gave the players a one-day holiday after the second game. First, it allowed them to regain their physical strength and relax. Second, it also rewarded them for playing really hard in the second game. When the Knicks heard that they could get a day off, they all cheered together. You know, in such an important game as the playoffs, the general coach will seize every minute to practice tactics. Even if they get it, they rarely get a rest.
Hubie Brown is also in a good mood when he looks happy with his brother. After all, it seems that the Knicks are really assured now, and it is very likely that the Knicks will always rebuild their team status and reach the finals. It is no wonder that the honor falls on him. Old Brown is overjoyed, but Kevin doesn’t think so. Although the Knicks have an absolute advantage now, Kevin doesn’t know that it is absolutely necessary to relax until the last minute. Although the Knicks are really holding them down, Kevin doesn’t think that the Knicks can rest easy so early. Iverson can hurt the Lakers’ head and cut 46 points in the heyday. Unfortunately,
On May 12th, the Knicks arrived in the city, although they were still warmly welcomed by the people of the city, but they were used to playing the playoffs away from home. There was nothing to make a fuss about. As soon as the bus arrived at the hotel, everyone went back to their rooms to rest. In the evening, the Knicks had arranged a training in the afternoon, and the players were in good condition. Old Brown absolutely kept everyone’s physical strength and stopped arranging training before the official game. Since there was no training, of course, everyone fell asleep and looked at everyone’s relaxed and comfortable expression. Kevin didn’t know what to say. When he turned around,
"You …" Kevin one leng.
"Come on! Let’s go for a drink. We haven’t chatted for a long time! " Ewing came over with a smile and couldn’t talk to Kevin. He put his arm around his shoulder and walked upstairs.
"hey! I didn’t say I wouldn’t go. It’s like kidnapping. "
Kevin and Ewing went to the restaurant on the first floor of the hotel and found a corner seat. To their surprise, Ewing ordered two cups of coffee.
"You seemed to have something on your mind just now!" Ewing asked with a smile.
"Nothing is that everyone is too relaxed now. I think it’s so real before the end of the game …"
"Good! I have always been a teammate, and you are the one who has been working hard and boring! " Ewing looked surprised and pretended to know Kevin for the first time.
"… your expression can be a little more fake!" Kevin doesn’t know what to say.
"Ha ha! Ok, a joke. In fact, Kevin, have you ever thought that Mr. Brown, who has been teaching for decades, will not see these problems? " Ewing suddenly asked
"This ….." What Ewing said about Kevin suddenly came in vain.
"Yes, in fact, people have been in a state of high fatigue and tension since the game, Kevin. Do you remember last year when we reached the Eastern Conference finals, when we won the Pacers, but everyone was not happy but depressed? I remember that you had insomnia for several days in a row."
"Well, there is such a thing. At that time, I was inexplicably depressed and I don’t know what the reason was." Kevin nodded. It was true after defeating the Pacers in the playoffs last year.
"In fact, in the final analysis, it is because of the energy problem that the playoffs are round after round. If the team wants to win the championship, it will have to play at least 15 games and at most 26 games. So many high-intensity and intense games will end in two months. Have you ever thought about how much pressure this will cause to people’s spirit?" I saw Kevin just about to answer Ewing and went on talking. "You must want to ask why this didn’t happen last year!" It’s not because Jeff’s teaching ability is poor, but because of the structural reasons. Think about the difference between the Knicks last year and this year. "
"The difference? ….. You mean? Age? " Kevin seems to understand something.
"Yes, it’s age. You should know that last year, except for you, almost all the main players in the Knicks array were in the league. Neither Larry nor I have seen any big waves. Last year, we won the championship ring and we gave our lives. Let alone 26 games, that is, 36 or 16 games. But this year is different. Now, half of the Knicks are recruits’ eggs. Even if there is talent and talent, can you not find that there are a few small ones who have a slight nervous breakdown? Seeing them looking at you, I really doubt whether you were a rookie or not. It was so * * * mature, "Ewing criticised.
"Well …" Kevin didn’t know what to say when Ewing turned the topic to himself.
"well, my dear boss, now you can be at ease!" Ewing laughed at Kevin’s embarrassment, but soon Ewing’s expression suddenly became serious. "Kevin, I have decided that I will retire after the playoffs this year …"
"Little shout what you! To tell you the truth, my body has almost reached a limit, and my skills and reflexes have slowed down. Don’t talk first. Listen to me … This year, I have the highest salary in the team, but I can do something dispensable on the bench like a totem. I am really unwilling, but I also know that I am no longer young. "Listening to Ewing’s words, Kevin suddenly found that Ewing was really old. A few hidden white hairs on his temples and wrinkles on his forehead all told him that this tough guy was a middle-aged man who was only forty years old.
"I wanted to work hard in the Knicks for a few years, and then I will leave when you are all mature, but unfortunately my body is no longer allowed. I hope I can spend the rest of my life with my wife and son … I really owe them so much over the years." Ewing also choked up.
"I can understand you, Patrick." Kevin suddenly felt his eyes moist. In front of this man, Knicks almost gave the best youth of his life.
Kevin, you are the best player I have ever seen. You have many advantages, even Michael didn’t have them. I know you can take the Knicks further and better.
"I will, I will." Kevin nodded. He knew that from this moment on, the burden of guarding the Knicks was handed over to him by the tough guy in front of him. Maybe it was a simple entrustment, but for Kevin, it was a man’s promise.
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Olympic news
Although both men are a little disappointed, they still know that they didn’t really go for a drink in the evening game, but Kevin didn’t see that a white-haired figure came out when he and Ewing left. In fact, Old Brown was always by their side.
Maybe it’s an extra responsibility to go back to the room. Kevin didn’t fall asleep, but watched TV and put his video tape on the video recorder to continue studying Iverson because he knew that the biggest variable of seven or six people was Allen Iverson.
Ding dong!
Kevin just looked at the doorbell when it suddenly rang.
"Who’s calling?" Kevin pressed pause and walked to the door.
"It’s Kevin!" Old brown old voice from outside the door.
"Well, coach, please come in." Kevin quickly let old Brown into the house and poured a glass of water and brought it to him.
"Ha ha, I’m not so busy. Actually, there’s nothing to do but want to chat with you. You know people are always busy when they are older. You won’t think I’m an old guy annoying!" Old Brown said with a smile
"It’s my pleasure to be there," Kevin said quickly.
"I saw Patrick coming with you just now. What did you talk about?" Old Brown asked casually.
"Well … this …"
"Why? Is there anything inconvenient to live? "
"Well, Patrick said he wanted to retire," Kevin said cautiously. It is very important for a team to want players to retire, especially for a superstar like Ewing. Once this news comes out, it will be accompanied by many things, so Kevin hesitated before saying this.
"This matter! Did he also tell you? " However, it is obvious that this matter is not so surprising to Old Brown.
"You know? So you agreed? "
"Yes, he told me before the playoffs. Although his departure will make the locker room less of a big brother, he has already made all the preparations, so I have no different opinions," Old Brown said with a smile.
"ready? What is it? "
"Haven’t you already seen it in the hospital?"
"You mean … alonzo! !” Kevin suddenly realized.
"Yes! That’s him. To tell the truth, I think alonzo is a very good player, and I have investigated his physical recovery in detail. It’s unbelievable, but I want to say it’s a miracle. "Old Brown nodded and said that it’s actually very difficult for a team coach to accept a player who had a kidney transplant just last night, even though the player used to be a superstar. You know, kidney disease was a very serious disease in those days. The first consideration for ordinary people with this disease is whether they can survive. I really don’t know how brave Mourning is to return to the game.
"I believe alonzo will do well in the Knicks." Kevin nodded. He finally forgot the unbelievable expression of Mourning covering his head when the Knicks eliminated the Heat in the playoffs in 1999, and the game in which Mourning covered the Mavericks’ shot for the fifth time in the 26-year finals of previous lives and fell to the ground. Mourning scored 6 rebounds and 5 blocks in 14 minutes. He finished his 14-year dream in 14 minutes. I remember the reporter asked him after the game. "Is the championship worth fighting for?" Mourning smiled and answered; "Because I’m alonzo Mourning, that’s why." On December 19th, 2007, the Heat challenged the eagle Mourning to pull his leg muscle while trying to block Mario West’s basket, and immediately fell to the ground in pain. The team doctor quickly asked about the injury. Mourning calmly replied, "It’s all over." When the team doctor tried to carry Mourning off the court on a stretcher, he stood up stubbornly and waved, "No, I can’t leave the court like that." He shouted that his teammates helped him step by step to change clothes. In the room, the audience stood up and applauded to bid farewell to the hero, but the severe pain made Mourning temporarily lose his hearing. He couldn’t hear anything. If the NBA really had a tough guy list, Mourning would definitely be the first in Kevin’s heart.
"Kevin? ? Kevin? ?” Kevin was immersed in his own thoughts. Old Brown shouted several times before he reflected.
"Ah … ah!"
"What are you thinking!"
"Nothing to be embarrassed about. Where were we just now?" Kevin around the head embarrassed to say
"Oh, you mean alonzo. I heard Patrick say that you also agree?"
"Of course, I think it is an honor for the Knicks to invite such a good player. I am looking forward to working with alonzo," Kevin affirmed.
"That’s good. If you think it’s okay, the resistance will be much smaller, so that the Knicks will be more perfect next season." Old Brown nodded with satisfaction
"Oh, by the way, one more thing, there may be a final game after the playoffs. Have you ever thought about it?" Old Brown asked with a smile.
"More important game? What is it? "
"You little boy, have you forgotten what year it is?" Old brown nai asked.
"What year? Two years! Ah … You mean! Olympic Games! ! !” Kevin has been surprised from ear to ear.
"Yes! Don’t say you don’t know what the Olympic Games are in Sydney, Australia in September! "
"yes! Know! " Kevin nodded like a chicken pecking rice.
"Well, the dream four invitation is that every player dreams of seeing you for a generation, and it seems very reluctant!"
"No … absolutely not" Kevin quickly shook his head.